Celebaby: Is Kim and Kanye's Baby Named North West?

27 June 2013

New mum Kim Kardashian has been eerily quiet on Twitter and Instagram since giving birth to a baby girl ten days ago, but it seems the reality TV star isn't simply all caught up in mum mode or desperately trying to catch up on sleep.

According to tabloid newspaper reports, Kim has been busy trying to catch her friends out by sending 'fake' baby snaps to them in a bid to weed out anyone who might attempt to sell the pictures to the media. Now said fake Kardashian baby snaps have popped up on gossip website TMZ. Oopsie. Someone won't be getting a card from the Kardashians this Christmas.

As for the baby's name, it seems we were poorly informed and the celebrity couple have officially plumped for calling their little girl North West. (Frankly we're surprised they didn't go for Knorth instead...)

Also doing the rounds of the celebrity gossip mill is the story that Kanye popped the question to Kim in the delivery room (watch this space for confirmation of that little nugget of news) and that the couple settled on the name North for their baby because she represents their highest point together as a couple. That's gonna be awkward if they ever have another child...

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