Celebaby: Mariah Loves Jenny, Beyonce Loves Ketchup

10 November 2011

Mariah Loves Jenny

Mariah Carey has become the latest post-preggars celebrity to become a Jenny Craig ambassador and credits her whopping 70lbs weight loss to the diet. Mel B also decided the best way to shed her baby weight is the Jenny Craig 'have all your calorie-restricted meals delivered to your door' way - I told you about it, briefly, last month.

Call me an old cynic, if you will, but whatever happened to taking responsibility and good old-fashioned 'sorting it out for yourself'? I tipped the scales at 14ish stone when I was pregnant with my youngest, am now a dress size 6 and not once did a Jenny Craig meal pass my lips.

*Beware, rant coming up!*

The thing that really sticks in my throat (good job there aren't any calories in ranting!) is the subliminal message, which seems to be becoming an ever-louder whisper, suggesting you can't do it on your own, that you NEED Jenny (or any of the other meal delivery schemes) to do it for you; so that you don't have to think for yourself or need to take responsibility for your diet and lifestyle.

Do you know how much it costs to live 'the Jenny Craig way'? Let me tell you, £10.50 a day! That works out at £325.50 for a 31 day month on food, just for YOU (that £10.50 a day is actually for 28 days AND excludes delivery charges - I read it in the small print), great for celeb's with money to chuck around but affordable for Joanne Blogs? I don't think so.

Climbing off my skyscraper soapbox now and waiting for the Jenny Craig fans to come and 'get me'

A bottle of ketchup for Miss Knowles please!

The latest news from Beyonce's pregnancy world is her craving, desire, in fact NEED for tomato ketchup! Whilst you think she might be asking waiters for another bottle of Kristal, she is more likely to be asking him to pass the ketchup.

Speaking to, the classy publication that is, Closer Magazine, she says, "I don't know if you'd call it weird, but I'm having ketchup with everything. I mean, I liked it before I was pregnant, but I now literally won't eat anything without it!"

I can relate to that, to a certain extent, I'm partial to the odd dollop of tommy sauce; one of my ex-sister-in-laws used to wallop ketchup all over her Sunday roast, I'd never seen such sacrilege, then or since!

It'll be interesting to see whether her pregnancy cravings disappear or stay once the baby's born. I had a real thing for pilchards (in tomato sauce) toasted on muffins when I was carrying my youngest son, I decided to revisit that particular taste sensation not so long ago and it just wasn't the same - I was most disappointed.

Now someone send that pop star diva a bottle of Heinz!

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