Celebaby: Double Trouble!

18 May 2010

We're going to be seeing double in today's edition of Celebaby!

I went to school with two sets of identical twins and I always fancied being part of a matching pair - can you imagine the trouble and fun you could get up to if you have a body double! Brilliant!

Twins run in my family but the buy-one-get-one-free  gene has been skipping the generations, so you can understand why me and my cousins were a bit twitchy when it came to the first scan!  So far, we've all escaped unscathed and I've nothing but admiration for parents with twins or more - can you imagine!?

Double Joy for Chris Daughtry

ChrisDeannaDaughtry Daughtry is currently my music of choice in the car.  For the uninitiated, Chris Daughtry was the fourth place finalist in season five of American Idol and with the band that subsequently formed has gone on to have massive world-wide success.

He's been married to his wife, Deanna, since November 2000 and they announced yesterday that they are expecting twins at the end of the year via a surrogate. Deanna had to have a partial hysterectomy four years ago so the babies were conceived via IVF and will be carried to term by a gestational surrogate - how amazing!

Chris has released the following statement on his website...

"Deanna and I are overjoyed about this double blessing. Thank you for your expressions of love and support and for respecting for our privacy during this special time."

When the twins arrive in November they will join Chris and Deanna's other children, Griffin and Hannah.  We wish them all the best!

Marcia Cross - 'Breastfeeding twins is a big job'

marcia-cross-240I already want to run for the hills at this point!  Can you even begin to imagine the coordination and planning that needs to go into breastfeeding twins??!!  Someone give this woman a medal! Marica and all multiple breastfeeding mums for President!!

Her twin daughters, Eden and Savannah, are now three years old but with hard work and dedication Marcia says that breastfeeding twins is doable.

“The fact that I was doing two was a big job.  You had to prop them up on pillows and get them just right and then switch them!”

Desperate Housewives actress Marcia also had the help and support of a nurse who encouraged her to keep trying and a result the girls were breastfeed babies for four months.

When asked during a recent interview whether she fed the girls when out and about, the answer was no but not because of social pressure...

“I didn’t feel sexual about my boobs at that point. I think there’s … this allure that it’s a sexual thing to other people, but I’d be like 'walking through the house with my milk jugs'...you don’t feel sexual at all.”

My word, if the thought of all that doesn't turn you into a desperate housewife then nothing will!

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