Celebaby: First Look At Robert Downey Jnr's Latest Jnr

5 May 2012

After the endless stories, tweets and tales about Jessica Simpson's pregnancy and new arrival, I think it's rather fun that Drew Barrymore is still saying nothing in response to the pregnancy 'rumours' that have been flying around for the last month or so.

Don't you think it's refreshing that she's just carrying on with her daily life, going about her normal business without pandering to the demands of anyone else who WANT. TO. KNOW!

It's getting pretty obvious that she is expecting, either that or she's been eating vast quantities of cakes and ice cream to start looking as round around the middle as she does.  I'm rather hoping she doesn't say anything at all, that appeals to my sense of privacy humour.

Another star who kept his baby excitement as under the radar as he could, is Robert Downey Jnr.

A few months ago it was announced that he and his wife were expecting; a while later Mr D Jnr let it slip that their impending arrival was a little boy - he jokingly said that he was in big trouble after that faux pas.

His wife Susan, later, said, "I could never really stay mad at him, but I can tell you it genuinely wasn’t something we planned to reveal." OOOPS!

Well, after appearing on the Jay Leno show, Robert may be in trouble with Susan once again.  Their son arrived very quietly (it completely passed me by!) and young Exton Elias is already eight weeks old!

Asked if he had any photographs to show, Robert said, "I would get in huge trouble.  I have to exercise just a little restraint. I'm sorry. I mean... if you want me to, I will."

The photograph was shown, to which Robert commented, "He's so darn cute, isn't he?! 'You get one, that's it. Unless of course you want to see the other one!" 

I have to admit to having a bit of a crush on Robert Downey Jnr, he's good looking, he's hauled himself out of the gutter and, I think, is just an all round FAB guy; it's lovely to see him happy and back on the top of his game.

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