Celebaby: Peter Crouch Becomes A Daddy

19 March 2011

celebabyAbbeyClancyPeterCrouchYou can hear the chants from the Spurs terraces now can't you - "WHO'S THE DADDY!!!"

Peter Crouch became a daddy for the first time on Monday night, when his Abbey Clancey gave birth to their daughter.

Sophia Ruby weighed in at 7lbs 9ozs and both mum and dad are still high on the amazingness of it their new parenthood.

Radio One DJs Chris Moyles and 'Comedy Dave' did a marathon radio show in aid of Comic Relief (Red Nose Day was yesterday in case that managed to pass you by somehow) and Abbey phoned in to chat with them.

"I'm as delirious as you," Abbey said to Chris, "'I've been up about the same amount of hours as you, 'cos I can't stop staring at my beautiful new baby.

Pete's fab, he just feels on top of the world, he's so happy.

You know I didn't feel any pain through the labour because I had an epidural. But when she actually came out it was horrific!"

Abbe has, reportedly, discovered that motherhood is tiring (should we tell her that this bit is the easy bit...?) and is looking forward to getting back to looking and feeling glamourous asap.

When she was speaking to Chris on Radio One she shared, "I've got my stylist Angie Smith round and we're trying all new clothes for my new body without my big massive bump; we're having a girly night. I'm sick of having Primark leggings on."

Ooooh I remember that feeling well, although I really drew the line at Primark...

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