Celebaby: Mummy Two

17 May 2012

Let's see what you all think about the latest celebrity mummy spat - in the mummy corner we have the mother of cricketer Shane Warne's children - Simone Callahan and in the 'mummy two' corner we have Liz Hurley the step -mother to be.

The threat of alleged potential war between the two is due to Shane's children calling Liz Hurley 'mummy two' and Simone doesn't like it.  I can't say I blame her, I've had direct experience of my teenagers calling another woman 'mummy' - I can't even begin to explain to you just how painful that was, luckily it was relatively short-lived and thinking about it some 12 or more years on still makes my blood simmer gently (it used to BOIL!).

Simone has allegedly warned Liz to 'back off and stop playing mum' to her children, although I can' t find a direct quote of her saying those precise words.  What she has been quoted as saying, in response to Liz Hurley announcing to the world that Simone's children call her 'mummy two', is this...

"I can’t control what people say, but it’s just disrespectful as far as I’m concerned.  She is not their mum and the kids know exactly what the situation is."

I agree, I think it is disrespectful and that the title of Mum is sacrosanct - if they want to call her something other than Liz, then a special name just for her could be thought up, but mum...that's just for mum.

What I can't get worked up about though is the children having a good time with Liz, either on her own or with Shane.  Yes, I'm sure it hurts, but rather that and know your children are happy whilst they're away, than have them hate the 'step mother' and be miserable.

It's got to be tough for the kids - they clearly like Liz and if she's invited them to call her mum, then

a) they might want to and will now feel bad that it's upset their mum or

b) they weren't sure but didn't want to hurt Liz's feelings and will now feel bad because news of it all has upset their mum

Ultimately, if it was instigated by Liz then I think that was wrong, grossly insensitive and selfish; if it was instigated by the children, then a very gentle explanation that it was a 'lovely and touching thought but the name 'mum' is just for their mum, and perhaps coming up with a special name just for her' would have been the kindest and least inflammatory option all round.

What say you?  Mum just for mum?  Or get over it, it's really not that important?

What do you think?

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