Celebaby: Kelly Osbourne Proud To Be Ozzy's Daughter

5 December 2013

Kelly Osbourne took to Instagram to congratulate father Ozzy on his 65th birthday.

Kelly shared this cute snap from her childhood, along with the caption:

"Today is my Dadda's birthday! Happy birthday Dad I am so proud to be your daughter! I love you sooooo…"

The Daily Mail reports:

"While the birthday was a big one for Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy, meaning that in the UK he can get a bus pass, he wrote on his Twitter page that he didn't want presents but instead encouraged fans to donate money to Britain's Royal Marsden Cancer Charity."

"He tweeted: 'I’m using my bday to raise money for @royalmarsden! Give a gift and donate to help cancer patients here http://shrd.by/A8Ttyn.'"

"Ozzy previously revealed that he was stunned he has survived for so long, describing himself as a 'medical miracle' after surviving decades of substance abuse."

"He said: 'Every time I have a medical, they say, "There is nothing wrong with you", and they are shaking their heads as they do it.'"

"However, Ozzy added: 'Mind you, I tell my kids that they have to be careful nonetheless. I don't want them thinking they can do whatever because they've got some Osbourne gene that makes them superhuman.'"

Happy Birthday, Oz!

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