Celebaby: Grandmother Jade Jagger Is Having A Baby

1 April 2014

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Wowza, guess which famous Granny is pregnant?!

None other than Jade Jagger!

Nope, this isn't an April Fool, either. The 42-year-old mother of two and daughter of Mick Jagger announced the news via Instagram back in February.

Alongside posting the snap above, she wrote:

"Proud to announce this granny is going to be a mummy I'm 6 months pregnant so it's a double whammy"

The Daily Mail reports:

"Jade - who is mother to daughters Assisi, 21, and Amba, 17 - announced her pregnancy last month, revealing she was set to welcome her third child at the same time as daughter Assisi gives birth to her first."

"Sharing a snap of her baby bump on her Instagram page, she said: 'Happy to announce this granny is going to become a mummy I'm 6 months pregnant xx double whammy this year.'"

"Last year in an interview revealing Assisi's pregnancy, she told Hello! Magazine: 'The women in our family just tend to have children young, it runs in the genes."

Can you imagine being pregnant at the same time as your daughter? That's pretty Rock n' Roll.

This is Jade's third child but her first with husband Adrian Fillary.

Assisi's baby will be her first child, and Assisi is due before Jade, which means Assisi's little one will be older than his or her aunt or uncle. Pretty cool for the kiddos, and we bet the babies will love growing up with one another for company.

Congrats, ladies!

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