Celebaby: Miss Cameron's Mince Pies

28 January 2012

Nancy Cameron

I'm not a huge fan of David Cameron; I am a fan of business though and subscribe wholly to the view that instead of waiting for a job to fall your lap, you should have a bash at unleashing your inner entrepreneur and forge your own path.

So I had to smile when I read that David Cameron's eight-year-old daughter, Nancy, asked if she could make mince pies on New Year's Day.  She was told she could, did and duly sold them to her dad's protection officers for £1 each - move over Mr Kipling, Miss Cameron is coming through!

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has possibly been the subject of a similar number of preggy rumours as Beyonce.  Well the 'Jen's pregnant' rumours are circulating again for three reasons

  1. she's just bought a new house that has a nursery in it (shocking)
  2. because she's still going out with Justin Theroux (shocking!) and
  3.  because she's pulled out of work and isn't going to commit to making any movies for who knows how long, because she needs a break (outrageous!)

Maybe I missed the lesson where 'I need/want' a break' actually translates as 'I'm pregnant but not going to tell anyone' - must make mental note to self: don't tell anyone you want a break, they'll think you're expecting.  Perhaps tell them you're expecting - they'll never believe you, think you're losing it and will suggest that you take a break!

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