Celebaby: Bits And Pieces

18 May 2013

There have been a few Celebaby bits and pieces I've been meaning to tell you about - none of them are earth shattering news, but they've all made me smile one way or another, and for various reasons.

So, as we know, David Tennant and Georgia Moffatt are expecting their second baby together; well, I had to laugh at speculation in the press that the couple might have been giving clues as to the gender of baby number two, based on what they were wearing!

David was wearing a BOY LONDON t-shirt and Georia was wearing a navy BLUE maternity dress, when they paid a visit to an Early Learning Centre store. WELL, that must mean they're expecting a little boy then! I mean, surely they didn't just grab something out of the wardrobe to wear that day.  DAFT!

Britney Spears has recently revealed she'd like to add a little girl to her family of two boys, with her new man. She also mentioned that she wouldn't be surprised if they don't follow in her showbiz footsteps, saying, "They do like attention, so I think they would probably be a little good in the limelight. We're taking baby steps at this point as far as agencies and stuff like that goes, but they're little comedians, so we'll see."

Frankie Sanford (one of the Saturdays, in case you didn't know) still hasn't had her baby yet - it feels like her pregnancy has gone on FOREVER. And did you see the picture in various newspapers of Kim Kardashian's very swollen feet, bulging out of a pair of clear shoes?  It was quite gross, and enough to put you off your lunch!


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