Celebaby: Welcome to the world Aiden Stewart!

19 February 2011

rodStewartPennyLancasterRod Stewart and Penny Lancaster are proud parents once again!

Rod, 63, and Penny, 39, have welcomed son, Aiden, into the world and are said to be 'happy and thrilled' - well they're not going to be anything else are they.

This little lad is Rod's eighth child and Penny's second and is the result of three failed rounds of IVF treatment.

Much is being shouted around in the media at the moment that IVF wasn't intended for rich men to indulge their fatherhood fantasies late in life and that it's wrong, another IVF example cited was Elton John.

Yes, young Aiden will only be 17 when his dad hits 80 years old and even if I do have any opinions on that fact, it's none of my business. What if he was conceived naturally? Would that make it better for the journalist spouting poisonous twaddle?  I suspect not, perhaps they'd like an age cap on when men and women can become parents!

On a more amusing note, I received a press release from a betting company yesterday who are giving various odds on the future career of young Mr Aiden Stewart, who was less than 24 hours old when it landed in my inbox.

Here's what you can bet your money on (seriously, do people actually DO this?)

  • Have a number one hit single before 2030 16/1
  • Footballer 10/1
  • Singer 3/1
  • Model 8/1
  • Actor 8/1
  • Other 1/2
  • Represent the Scottish national football side 25/1
  • Represent the English national football side 66/1

Odds on Rod still rocking on in 2030 to see his son hit number one in the charts? He'd be 92 by then. Pretty good I reckon, he's a bit of a legend and I've had enough of writing people off as being 'old' when they hit 60.

Congrats from everyone here at PlayPennies to Rod, Penny and all the family.

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