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25 June 2011

celebaby25JuneThe Jackson Kids

It's coming up to the two-year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death so the Jackson kids are popping up in the papers again.

They're looking so grown up these days; happy, easy going and relaxed are also words that can be used to describe them.

They were photographed making their way to the cinema earlier this week and Blanket (I wonder if he'll decide to change his name one day; I wonder if I would if my parents had called me Blanket...?) was wearing a rather fab' t-shirt that said:

"Plans for today: Wake up, Brush teeth, Be AWESOME!"

I'm going to make that my mantra of the day - so far I've managed two out of three; the awesome is still to come!

Rod and Baby Stewart

Whilst it only seems like yesterday that Michael Jackson's death hit the headlines (well ok, maybe a bit longer than yesterday), it feels like ages ago that I told you about the arrival of Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster's new baby, Aiden.

There hasn't been much seen or heard of Rod's seventh child since he was born just four months ago, but he was out and about with his parents yesterday at Salon Prive - a luxury super car event that was being held in Northumberland.

Rod loves fast cars and has a stereotypical red Ferrari so perhaps he was there looking for a custom car seat to fit it, I doubt your bog standard Graco seat does.

I wouldn't drive around in a red Ferrari for love nor money; seriously, I'd rather not have one at all than have a red one. Besides, I'm a Lamborghini girl so I wouldn't be seen dead in a Ferrari anyway *grin*

More outings for Willow Sage

Willow Sage Hart has been out and about with her parents, Pink and Carey Hart, again.

This time she had lunch with them and Pink's mum; I love that they're taking her out and tweeting about how happy they are, I'm not a huge Twitter follower - I have enough trouble keeping up with my own life - but tweets like this will warm the cockles of even the coldest hearts...

We are absolutely blissed out in love over here! To our fans and friends all over the world, thank you for all of the prayers and well wishes throughout this time in our life! Carey is a natural, (I knew he would be) and I finally found out what love really means.

Everybody say 'aaahhhhhh!'

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