Celebaby: Nowhere-To-Be-Seen-Nancy

12 June 2012

Unless you were off the planet visiting the moon yesterday you'll already know what today's Celebaby is about *grin*

So, we've all dreamed we've left our child(ren) somewhere and gone off without them and woken up in a blind panic, to breathe a huge sigh of relief when we discover everyone is still safely tucked up in bed where they should be - when I had my first son, I dreamed I'd left him in his pram in a shop in town and had gone home without him.

But how many of us have actually done it? Actually left a child behind somewhere and gone off without them without realising?!

If you have then you now have the Prime Minister, David Cameron, and his wife, Samantha, for company.  It came to light, yesterday, that their eight-year-old daughter Nancy was left behind at the pub local to Chequers (the country residence which comes with the job) when everyone else went home without her.

Dave and Co, plus two other families and their children, had walked a couple of miles from Chequers to The Plough at Cadsden for a quick pint before going back to the PMs place for lunch.

A team of protection officers with cars drove everyone back with a mix of kids and adults in various cars.  It wasn't until everyone was back at Chequers that it was noticed Nancy was missing - she'd nipped off to the loo without telling anyone and arrived back at the table to discover everyone had gone!

Nancy reportedly asked the landlady of the pub, "Where are my parents?" She was then looked after and helped out the bar staff whilst she waited to be collected by her mum.

I'm undecided as to whether this whole incident has been blown out of all proportion by the media because of Nancy's parentage; I have to wonder how many times this happens each year across the country - maybe not that many, but who knows as they don't tend to be reported by the press.

Did it make me chuckle? Yes, not because a little girl was left behind in a tucked away country pub but because of the field day the political cartoonists are going to have with this one - what a GIFT for them.

Chin up Dave, things can only get better (as the Labour party once said!).

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