Celebaby: Lily And The NHS

15 January 2013

SO, it's official - Lily Cooper has had her baby, she is a little girl and her name is Marnie.  It's also official that Lily is less than impressed with the after care she's (not) receiving from the NHS and has decided to use the power of Twitter to bring it to everyone's attention.

It would seem that her post-natal care and midwifery visits are somewhat lacking, and whilst she's not laying the blame at their doors at all, she's clearly NOT happy:

"'So after speaking to the Brent midwifery team at 7 this morning, I was told to stay in all day and someone would be over to weigh my baby and do a jaundice assessment as I've been a bit worried."

"Waited all day, and nothing, not even a phone call. She'll be a week old tomorrow."

"I don't mean to moan and I know how over stretched the health service is. But I can't help but think about how mothers with less support, both financially and emotionally are meant to cope. "

"What if I was having real problems. I haven't been able to get an answer on the phone."

"I know it's not the midwives themselves' fault, they are generally angels, but surely we can do better than this."

Her tweets have divided people into two camps - and I'd be interested to hear whether you fall into either of them:

  1. Lily pays her tax and National Insurance like anyone else and so, like everyone else, is entitled to be cared for under the NHS; and
  2. Lily has pots of cash, can afford private midwifery care and, in fact, should do so to free up NHS midwives for those who can't

There is actually a third camp that you might belong to, and that is: I couldn't care less, one way or the other.

If you're in the same boat as Lily, here's the current advice given by the Royal College of Midwives:

Any woman should reasonably expect to know when they will get their first visit or phone call from a midwife within a couple of days of being discharged.  We would advise any woman who doesn't have that information to contact the maternity unit directly

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  • magicbeans
    good on her for using the NHS. generally they are great and if she is using twitter to vent there is nothing wrong. she has more than paid her fair share in taxes for the care she deserved. if the staff are falling behind then they should be made aware; not that she should be told to go elsewhere!

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