Celebaby: Harper Beckham - The Most Powerful Celebrity Under 25

13 September 2011

celebaby13SeptemberHarper Beckham

Certain people in the world have clearly gone mad!

We've all heard of the Forbes 100 Rich List (and would like to be on it) but have you heard of the 'Most Powerful Celebrity Under The Age Of 25' list?

No, I hadn't either and, at just over two months old, Harper Seven Beckham tops that list of 100!

It's also known as the 'Hot 100' so Harper now has the dubious, and very wrong sounding, title of being the 'hottest celebrity under 25' - we can only hope they mean hot as in 'hot property'.

Also on this bonkers list are Zuma and Kingston Rossdale (Gwen Stefanni's sons) with Suri Cruise coming in fourth.

Justin Bieber, Rhianna and Lady Gaga are also deemed to be hot/powerful celebs.



Staying with crazy, Beyonce is experiencing some v e r y strange pregnancy cravings; I only ever wanted pilchards toasted on savoury muffins.

Apparently, she's dipping bananas in tomato ketchup, eating bounty ice creams with hot chilli sauce, oreo biscuits with gherkins (now that really IS gross) and having croissants with melted Dime bars in the middle for breakfast!

Oh and it's all washed down with ginger ale and crushed ice - I wonder if that ginger ale is helping to stave off any feelings of morning sickness?  Diet ginger beer was the only thing that worked for me.

Did you have any weird and wonderful pregnancy cravings?

If you did, let us know!

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