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4 December 2012

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went to Cambridge late last week and, whilst they were there, William REALLY threw some petrol onto the baby rumour fire!

Someone in the crowd gave him a babygro, featuring a 'Daddy's Little Co-Pilot' design - on receiving it, Prince William said, "I'll keep that!"  Of course, that meant Kate was preggars and all the royal baby brouhaha kicked off again.

If you weren't really paying attention it would have easily passed you by, but the pair of them haven't been able to look at a baby since they got married without someone printing a baby rumour story.

What CANNOT pass you by now is the news that Kate really is expecting their first baby!

The news broke yesterday afternoon and you cannot move for hearing about the Royal baby that's on the way - if you're easily bored then you may want to avoid any radio, TV, online or printed news because it's going to drive you MAD.

Apparently, Kate and William were hoping to keep their baby news to themselves until Christmas Day but horribly severe morning sickness - Hyperemesis gravidarum (our very own Luschka can tell you all about what that's like!) - thwarted their secret surprise as Kate was admitted to the King Edward VII hospital yesterday lunchtime.

An official statement was made at 4pm; the Queen and Prince Philip were told only an hour beforehand; Prince Harry is currently serving in Afghan', so he was sent an email and, according to reports, Mr and Mrs Middleton were told they were expecting a grandchild at the weekend - mainly due to the fact Kate was staying with them when she started to become very unwell.

In a statement issued by the hospital, Kate's responding well to IV fluids to prevent dehydration and will be kept in for a few days more, at least, as a precautionary measure.

I had very mild morning sickness when I was preggo with all three of my children, that was horrible enough - feeling as though you seasick, on a boat you couldn't get off - but it was only for a couple of hours first thing in the morning, for the rest of the day I felt right as rain.

Hyperemesis involves throwing up around the clock, not being able to keep anything down at all, AND it can last for the entire duration of the pregnancy.  FORGET THAT!  NO thank YOU!

I think the Royal baby news is fabulous and I really hope that Kate feels much better very soon. The other thing that's really made me smile is: this baby will be third in line to the throne...even if she's a little girl; hurrah!

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  • LuschkaPP
    Urgh. I've been having hyperemesis gravidarum flashbacks all day. What people need to understand is that it is not just throwing up. It's throwing up ALL day long, every day, to the point of vomiting blood, tearing your esophoegus, ripping stomach lining. And it's unrelenting. It's the world's worst hangover 24/7. I feel so sorry for her - at least I was able to hide away at home for the 20 weeks I threw up 10 - 20 times a day!

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