Celebaby: Beyonce Baby Bump V Hardly There Baby Bump

6 October 2011

Beyonce Baby Bump

Beyonce's latest video clearly reveals that her baby bump is coming along rather nicely.

After what felt like years of pregnancy rumours, which were always fiercly denied, Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z recently announced they were expecting a baby.

In her latest video, Beyonce turns to the side and cradles her stomach along to the lyrics, "I'm trying to make us three from that two."

When any A-list celebrity baby is on the way the media rumour mill loses all control of itself and this time is no exception.  Rumour has it that this Beyonce baby, due in the Spring, is a girl but there's no real information as to what sparked off that little whisper.

Well, there's a 50/50 chance it'll be right!

Una Healy's Hardly There Baby Bump

I'll forgive you for not knowing who Una Healy is - I only know of her because she's the other half of Ben Foden who's an England and Northampton Saints rugby player - she's one of the band member of The Saturdays.

Still none the wiser? Just switch on Radio One, you'll hear one of their songs before too long.

With Ben down in New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup, it was left to Una to recently announce that they are expecting their first baby.

It's been rather amusing reading the press comments, subsequent to her announcement, on her various premier/public appearance outfits, "No maternity dresses for Una," is the general theme.

Well DUH, media people, she's no more than about 16 weeks gone so what do you expect to see?  A six-month preggars belly appearing overnight?!  Please.

So far it's all going well and she's having an easy time of it; speaking to More! magazine recently, she said, "So far my pregnancy has been easy. I've not been sick, I've just got an amazingly sensitive sense of smell. I can't bear strong cheeses."

She's also tweeted about early pregnancy tiredness, "I have fallen asleep in between every interview today! Literally! Really getting the hang of this "sleeping on the road" malarchy!"

Can we tell her that you don't spell 'malarkey' the way she did...?  Or am I just being picky now?

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