Pizza Hut Promotional Code: 50% Off £40 Order

21 September 2012

Pizza Hut Promotional Code: 50% Off £35Got a couple of teenagers in the house? A few pre-teens? It's been a long hard week. You might be, like me, considering putting your feet up and just NOT cooking at least one night this weekend. Well, use this Pizza Hut promotional code to get  50% off orders of £40 or more.

Click here to use your Pizza Hut promotional code

  • Discount: 50%
  • Minimum spend: £40
  • Promotional code: DMF19LKRL
  • Expires: 31st October 2012

To use this coupon code, buy your pizzas. On the final page, headed ‘Here You Go’, before you get to checkout, enter it in the voucher codes box. The discount will appear immediately on the page.

It worked on two pizzas, both with stuffed crusts. One was a steak supreme and the other a vegetable supreme. I added some extra toppings so the total bill came to £41.08 but the code took this down to £20.54.

However, when I tried to make it up to £40 with two pizzas and a side of cheesy nachos, the code wouldn't work. This will apply only to pizzas I'm afraid.

Thanks to mrsprox at HUKD!


  • schao
    it works for me, as long as you dont buy any deals, combo deal, you will get 50% over £40, I order 1 Large stuffed crust, 2 single hot wing, wedges, nachos, and others I cant remember, all together come up to £40 and some penny and I paid £20.47 !!!
  • LynleyOram
    That's interesting - I wonder if I accidentally ordered a combo deal (just did it all seperately so didn't realise). Thanks for letting us know.
  • babyblue1
    It worked for me, @LynleyOram I think you probably had combo's, which will void the code.(_;) thanks HUKD
  • MusicManiac
    Used this voucher on 9 Nov 12 and it still worked. 50% off £46 - woopee
  • LynleyOram
    half priced pizza! Always good. Thank for letting us know the code was still working.
  • babyblue1
    This code still works, today is the 4th time I've used it in just over a week! my cookers broken lol.
  • LynleyOram
    Yay! Although probably not a good thing that your cooker is broken!

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