Clothes Maternity And Toys Up To 50% Off And FREE DELIVERY @ Jojo Maman Bebe

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 9 July, 2014 at 9:53 pm

Clothes Maternity And Toys Up To 50% Off And FREE DELIVERY @ Jojo Maman BebeJojo Maman Bebe have up to 50% off online at the moment, and instore starting tomorrow. There are fabulous sale items in children's clothes, maternity wear and toys. Delivery is free too, so the price you see is the price you pay.

Whatever what you need you're sure to find something you like in the JJMMB sale. There are children's items starting from £2, and tights from £3. There are swimming pants and costumes from £5.

Maternity tights start from £4, bras from £7 and clothes from £10.

If you're buying or looking to buy, it's well worth a browse as there's loads here for really good prices.

Personally I'm loving the Le Toy Van chocolates for just £7! That's half price and I love it! What a fun gift too.

Thanks to edandhen at HUKD

FREE! £1 Off Bepanthen With Printable Coupon

by Luschka van Onselen in Freebies on 9 July, 2014 at 9:14 pm

FREE! £1 Off Bepanthen With Printable CouponIf you head over to the Bepanthen Facebook page and like it, you'll be given a form to fill out with your details, and they'll send you a £1 voucher to use against a tube of Bepanthen. There's not much info about which sizes you can use your voucher on - they come in 30g, 50g and 100g, but £1 is £1, whether you use it on the £2.99 or the £6.19 tubes.  Previous experience tells us you may need to do this from a computer rather than a mobile device. 

Bepanthen Protects Bepanthen works by forming a transparent, breathable layer, helping to protect even the most delicate skin from irritants and rubbing. Bepanthen is so gentle, it can be used at every nappy change to help the most sensitive of skins, including that of premature babies.

Bepanthen contains Provitamin B5 which helps sensitive skin to repair its natural protective barrier while keeping it soft, smooth and moisturised.

Many parents use this product on their baby - if you're one of them, enjoy your £1 off.

Transformers Prime Voyager Beast Hunter Predaking Figure £11.49 Was £22.99 @ Argos

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Deals on 9 July, 2014 at 8:26 pm

Transformers Prime Voyager Beast Hunter Predaking Figure £11.49 Was £22.99 @ Argos

I loathe Transformers, but my kids, alas, never seem to tire of them. If that sounds like your house too, then check out the Transformers Prime Voyager Beast Hunter Predaking figure because it's half price at Argos right now, reduced from £22.99 to just £11.49.

It pains me to say that I've just spent considerably more on this toy - it's currently £17.99 at Amazon which is still more than the Argos price with delivery included, and the next best price I could find was £23.00. So you should definitely snap it up from Argos if you're tempted by this badass Beast Hunter.

It does require two AA batteries though, so don't forget to pop those in your basket, too.

Delivery from Argos is £3.95 or you can use the free Click & Collect service and just pick it up from your nearest branch of Argos.

Apparently Predaking is the leader of the Predakons and the first ever Cybertronian who can change from robot mode into a full-size dragon. Bet that comes in handy.

Sound & Music Children's Market £9.99 Delivered @ eBay/vinsaniuk

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 9 July, 2014 at 8:12 pm

Sound & Music Children's Market £9.99 Delivered @ eBay/vinsaniuk

eBay seller Vinsaniuk is selling this Sound and Music Children's Market for £9.99 with delivery included.

Let your child be the marketer, in with this Play at Home Market Stall, it comes with all sorts of food accessories allowing your child to sell and take payment through the cash register provided. It releases real sound and music, making it feel like a real Market Stall. This toy helps encourage your child’s imaginative, social skills, critical thinking skills as well as communicative skills. 

The cash register has 14 tunes and it comes with working scales. There's a shopping basket that comes with 6 different fruits and vegetables and money in 3 denominations. There's also a credit card -bad people, bad! ;) - and in the groceries you'll get a tin, bottle, cereal box, and a milk packet.

The market is W50 x D36 x H61 cm so won't take up too much room, and it will require 2x AA batteries, so pick those up in the meantime, as they don't come included. Oh, and it requires a little assembly too.

Little ones that love role play are sure to love this set.

Thanks to ularla at HUKD

5 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Alive After Kids

by Lucy Sweet in Features on 9 July, 2014 at 4:30 pm

5 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Alive After KidsEveryone knows that having children AND a relationship is tricky. But they’re not mutually exclusive. Here’s how to stay together and keep that eternal flame from being stubbed out in the ashtray of life…

1. Something’s changed, (but hang on in there)

When you have a kid, things change. Compared to your perfect, clear-eyed, peachy skinned baby, your partner starts to resemble a badly shaved ape. Instead of toast and milk and that warm, dewy baby smell, he reeks like an old sleeping bag doused in Lynx. And he’s always wanting to TOUCH you. EWWWWWW! This period is a tricky transition for all mothers. Your boobs have become massive engorged milky honkers that are about as sexy as Ann Widdecombe’s jowls. Your crotch may as well have cobwebs and a ‘condemned’ sign on it. But still, ape man is always getting in your way, feeling you up and trying to talk to you and stuff. Sigh. But keep at it and try to be nice to him.

One day, out of the blue, you will remember you’re a person who needs sex, attention and conversation, rather than just a ravaged reproductive vessel with a pelvic floor like a haunted trap door. And on that day, you’ll be glad you didn’t chuck him out with the used nappy sacks.

 2. Talk crap and have fun

Personally, before I had a child, all me and my husbands’ texts and emails were full of affection and regard for each other’s wellbeing. Now they just say ‘get milk and bread.’ Thrilling conversations are often replaced with tedious logistics and before you know it the only thing you’ve said to your other half all day is ‘can you empty the bin, the car seat’s broken, have you put that money in, I think we’ve run out of Sudocrem, where’s the remote, Goodnight’.

But one thing that keeps a relationship going is the ability to talk absolute drivel about stupid stuff. Like a 30 minute argument about whether Katie Hopkins is a real woman or a fibreglass robot. Or bitching about people’s eyebrows on TOWIE. Or quoting Zoolander. Or straddling the sofa and re-enacting the Bound 2 video, pretending to be Kim and Kanye naked on a motorbike. (Nope? Is that just me? Okaaaay.)

 3. Do sex

When you have kids, sex is trickier to pull off than walking across those big ball things on Total Wipeout. In fact, sometimes you’d rather get punched in the vag by a row of boxing gloves under the blistering Argentinian sun while Richard Hammond makes ‘amusing’ comments. It’s nothing personal. It’s just that it’s a total faff and Masterchef is on and it’s Wednesday. (Only perverts have sex on a Wednesday, surely.) And you’re so tired. Dog tired. Tired to the bone. You’ve done all the housework and looked after the kids and worked a 12 hour shift and none of these things make you want to do it.

The bottom line is, you don’t want to satisfy any more needs – not even your own. All you want to do to is float on a cloud of nothingness, maybe with some crisps and an iPad. But try to do it when you can. It’s good for you. And when you do, you remember that it’s great and not at all like doing the dishes or being a contestant on Total Wipeout. (Just don’t ruin it by imagining that Richard Hammond is watching you. Buzz kill.)

 4. Go out, for God’s sake

Remember ‘out’? That part of the world that isn’t the kitchen, or the sofa, or your child’s room? Out is exciting and fun, and contains a myriad of things, like films, gigs, plays, restaurants and bars selling crazy drinks with umbrellas in them. Sometimes it’s better than the telly. So go out with your mate and look them in the eyeballs and talk. You might be surprised.

However, if it turns out that - post kids - you’re one of those couples who sit and stare at their phones all night, don’t be dismayed. You’re either a) doomed or b) just a bit rusty. In either case you should just stay out longer and drink loads. When you regain consciousness and realise you got off with someone else and spent a month’s wages in the casino, you’ll both definitely have something to talk about the morning after.

5. It’s OK to hate each other sometimes

Kids open the door to a whole host of seething, boiling resentments, because NOTHING IS EVER FAIR. From the moment a baby starts to grow in its mother’s womb, the woman is signed up to a life of biological and societal servitude. Children demand the moon on a stick from their mums and treat them like serfs.

After having children, women are often shunted into part time work – whether by choice or by necessity – so they end up having to run the home and do all the boring, grinding tedious chores, even if they had no plans to be housewives. (This is also true if you work full time). Men, however, seem to get through all of this unscathed, then crack open a beer and wonder why you’re so stressed. They don’t even have periods. So it’s OK to want to kill them with a potato masher.

As long as you remember to like them sometimes, too. Awwww.

Isn’t it romantic?

PVC Wipeable Tablecloths £4.95 @ Dotcomgiftshop (Was £24.95)

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Deals on 9 July, 2014 at 3:00 pm

PVC Wipeable Tablecloths £4.95 @ Dotcomgiftshop (Was £24.95)

I am practically hyperventilating about finding these PVC wipeable tablecloths at Dotcomgiftshop for just £4.95, reduced from £24.95. Squee!

I received a gorgeous oilcloth tablecloth a few years back as a housewarming present and I absolutely loved it - it breathed new life into my battered old kitchen table and was a real must-have for sharing meal-times with kids. Plus they could get the paints or colouring pens out and go to town at the kitchen table without me having to cover it in newspaper or go to similarly tedious lengths to protect the table.

Ever since it gave up the ghost, I have been making do without a table cloth, whilst secretly obsessing over them and constantly shopping around to find an affordable one online. It never happens though, so imagine my joy when I found these.

I was torn between the bright red vintage dolly wipeable table cloth (£4.95, down from £24.95) and this cute breakfast hen wipeable tablecloth (also £4.95) so I snapped up both - an absolute steal at less than a tenner, plus I get to keep one for every day use and one as a spare, in case they're not available at this price later on.

The Classic Cafe Red Gingham one is also gorgeous if you're going for that chic French feel, and I reckon the Vintage Party wipeable tablecloth would be a hit with fans of all things kitsch and cute.

Delivery is just £2.95 but free if you spend £50 or more.

Review: Green People Organic Pregnancy-Safe Sun Lotion

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Reviews on 9 July, 2014 at 1:00 pm

Review: Green People Organic Pregnancy-Safe Sun Lotion

Sun cream is one of those products that mums obsess over. When I was a kid it was tissues; everywhere you went, everyone's mother always, always had a handy supply of tissues at the ready. But now that we're more au fait with the perils of sun damage and the importance of keeping young skin sufficiently protected and covered up, sun cream is *that* product that every parent has oodles of.

Personally I have at least six bottles of the stuff sitting under my kitchen sink, and that's AFTER a recent cull to get rid of all the stuff that leaves my children's skin coated in a fine layer of sand as well as sun cream, or which my kids scream and run away from the very sight of.

And when the weather is as glorious as it has been of late, I don't ever leave home without a bottle of sun cream stashed in my nappy bag. I am forever slathering it on my children's skin, and even the baby has learned that there's little point in protesting when she sees me brandishing the baby sun care.

But, despite all this, how many of us actually pay the same level of attention to protecting our own skin from the sun? I know I am woefully forgetful when it comes to using sun cream myself, and yet I'm already at that point where I see the benefit of covering up and using sun protection - much as I love being outside in the sunshine, I really don't want any more sun on my delicate décolletage area - let's just say I'm past the point of wanting to be brown as a berry when the sun comes out, and much more inclined to want to avoid the ageing effects of the sun.

Review: Green People Organic Pregnancy-Safe Sun Lotion

All of which is to say that I was pretty grateful when Green People asked us to review their pregnancy-safe organic sun care range for adults. They sent us two samples; their organic SPF25 Scent-free sun lotion (£18.95 for 200ml) and their organic SPF15 sun lotion with tan accelerator (£18.95 for 200ml).

Yes, I balked a little at the price of these, although there are trial-sized versions of both products available which are a good few pennies cheaper - £3.60 for 10ml bottles of the sun lotion with tan accelerator, or £5.00 for the scent-free sun lotion.

Of course, if you're thinking of buying organic sun cream from Green People then chances are you've got more than just money-saving in mind - the organic scent-free sun lotion offers both UVA and UVB protection and contains organic aloe vera, edelweiss, green tea, rosemary extract and beeswax. It smells divine - really natural and lovely with no nasty 'sun cream' tang. It's water resistant but not pore-clogging and is moisture retaining for a longer lasting tan, and leaves your skin feeling wonderful and not at all sticky as can be the case with sun creams. It's very thick when you apply it but not cloying, and it's soothing and suitable for sensitive skin thanks to its scent-free properties.

Review: Green People Organic Pregnancy-Safe Sun Lotion

All of the above also applies to the sun lotion with tan accelerator. It also offers 3 layers of natural sun protection: UV filters, antioxidants as well as sun tan accelerator, although I can't really say that I tanned sufficiently to be able to test out the promise that it helps you achieve 25% more tan. Living in Northern Ireland, though, I could do with a bit of that. It contains organic aloe vera, edelweiss, inositol, green tea and avocado.

If you order direct from Green People you'll get free mainland UK delivery on your first order, too.

Pros: Green People sun lotions for adults are organic and contain naturally-derived ingredients. They're gentle but effective, and smell delicious. I looked forward to applying more lotion, as opposed to dreading it as can often be the case with certain sun lotion brands, even those which claim to be gentle or suitable for sensitive skin! Safe for use during pregnancy, too.

Cons: Not cheap, however as we've said many times when it comes to Green People products; a little really does go a long way, so if you can spare the cash to stretch to these products it'll be money well spent.

Overall verdict: I keep one of these in my bathroom for daily use (the one with lower SPF and tan accelerator) during the summer months, and the other one 'lives' in my nappy bag; truly a product I don't want to leave home without, these days.

Babystart Playpen £39.99 @ Argos

by Karen McGinn in Deals on 9 July, 2014 at 12:48 pm

Babystart Playpen £39.99 @ Argos

Half price from £79.99, this has previously been on sale for £49.99 and is currently at £39.99.

Playpens were always a bone of contention among my friends when our kids were younger, half loved them while half felt they were for lazy mothers, I kid you not. I had one and I don’t consider myself a lazy mother by any stretch of the imagination. My daughter would happily play away for 15 minutes with all her favourite toys while I grabbed a coffee or even had a quick tidy round.

You can use this as a play pen, a room divider or a multi panel safety gate if you wish. It measures H73, W321, D156cm and when folded for storage H73, W65, D13.5cm and is suitable from birth up to kids weighing around 20kg apparently. Or when they try to climb out really.

Two reviews on this one both give five stars with one remarking :

The product fits the bill very nicely. This is my daughters second playpen. The first was covered with a black mesh, which was good when the Boy could barely walk, but now that he can climb, the bars do not enable him to get a grip with his feet.

You can collect for free from an Argos near you or opt for home delivery but that will cost you £3.95.

Thanks to mummytoharry2013 @ HUKD!

Chad Valley 3-in-1 Food Bar Playset £3.49 @ Argos

by Nada in Deals on 9 July, 2014 at 12:46 pm

Chad Valley 3-in-1 Food Bar Playset £3.49 @ Argos


What a chore it is to get my children to eat anything remotely healthy. I wonder if I had perhaps introduced them to toys likes this that maybe they would be more willing to try.

Argos are selling this Chad Valley 3-in-1 food bar playset for £3.49. It was previously £14.99, so that is one big saving. Delivery isn’t included but I still say it’s a good shout even with the £3.95 charge. You can of course reserve, pay and collect from your local Argos store for free.

This role play set contains pretend food that is all healthy and very seasonal too. You can have your child feed you salad and pasta all day long.

There’s a boiling compartment for your little angel to cook the penne or spaghetti included. With a bit of luck this will train them to do it in real life as they get older. It also has little portion boxes, that I guess might educate your child in eating healthy amounts.

It includes all the pretend food, cooking utensils, condiments and serving tools. Everything you need for your own healthy food bar. I know that children as young as nursery age are now encouraged to learn about healthy eating. This would be a nice way to start that.

Suitable from three years old.

John Lewis Roma Doll's Stroller £10 @ John Lewis

by Nada in Deals on 9 July, 2014 at 12:45 pm

John Lewis Roma Doll's Stroller £10 @ John Lewis

When I was little I used to wedge my younger brother into my doll’s buggy and parade him up and down the street. He didn’t seem to mind, but to be fair I probably would have made him sit in it even if he did.

John Lewis have this very true to life Roma doll’s stroller for only £10. From what I can deduct by reading the reviews, this is a hit with the little budding parents that own it.

It’s suitable for 3 years plus and is available in pink and blue. With it’s soft handles and fitted seat belts this is a very detailed replica to the real deal. Dolls as big as 50cm can fit in and the stroller can be folded up small. You just know that you will get half way along the high street before your young one decides they’re too tried to push and you end up carrying it. Well it is thankfully lightweight which is fine for these occurrences.

It does require some assembly, but I don’t think there will be many parts to it.

Collect for free from your local John Lewis or Waitrose store. There is also an option to get it delivered to your home for £3.

VTech Pink InnoTab 3 £34.99 Delivered @ Amazon

by Nada in Deals on 9 July, 2014 at 12:09 pm

VTech Pink InnoTab 3 £34.99 Delivered @ Amazon Amazon are selling the ever popular VTech InnoTab 3 for £34.99 delivered. Only the pink is available at this price. Compared to other retailers this is great. For example, it is now £42.00 in Debenhams Blue Cross event.

If you are looking for a child friendly tablet, chances are you will have come across the VTech InnoTab 3. These seem to be a very popular choice with parents. I have a handful of friends that have bought it for their children and rave about it.

It is recommended for age three to nine, so it’s a far cry from a baby toy. With this you have a 4.3 inch colour touchscreen and is capable of recording videos and taking photos as it has a rotatable 2 megapixel camera.There is an interactive ebook reader to encourage your children to read and even has a dictionary for those words they don’t quite know the meaning of yet.

It comes with 15 pre-loaded apps but more can be purchased, if required, from the Learning Lodge. Apparently you can also download some favourite children's T.V shows from the Learning Lodge too. This would make it something to amuse the children on long car journeys.  I am always on the hunt that keeps them quiet in the car.

The batteries it requires are 4 x AA. These are included with the InnoTab 3. However, if batteries drive you nuts then a charger can be purchased separately.

Chicco Quattro 4-in-1 Ride On £19.99 @ Argos

by Karen McGinn in Deals on 9 July, 2014 at 10:37 am

Chicco Quattro 4-in-1 Ride On £19.99 @ Argos

Argos have dropped the price on the Chicco Quattro 4-in-1 Car Ride On from £49.99 to £19.99 which is less than half price. Tamsin reviewed this when they were £24.99 and this is what she had to say :

When my daughter was this age they were hugely popular toys and they are so clever and versatile they are worth the price.

This toy starts out as a rocker for baby with a stable base and a safety bar so they don’t fall over or fall out. Then it can be converted into a push n go with a parent handle for walks. Then they can use it as a walker to steady their first steps and finally it can be used to zoom around the house as a basic ride on. It will last for years and the reviews are great.

Its a great ride-on and is really well built. I was surprised how easy it was to put together right out of the box. A few clicks and you're done. Very impressed.

Thanks to mummytoharry2013 @  HUKD!

Little Tikes Cozy Cottage Playhouse £58.50 (£48.50 with new customer code) @ Tesco Direct

by Nada in Deals on 9 July, 2014 at 10:10 am

Little Tikes Cozy Cottage Playhouse £58.50 (£48.50 with new customer code) @ Tesco Direct


Quick! I reckon this will sell very, very fast. Tesco Direct have the Little Tikes Cozy Cottage for £58.50 just now. If you are a new customer to Tesco Direct then make the most of the new customer ecoupon TDX-KYNK and get a another £10 off. An unbelievable price for this playhouse. This is cheap as it is around the £100 mark in other retailers.

This playhouse is styled to look quaint and enchanting for your little one. It’s suitable from the age of one and will fit in smaller gardens as it is compact, but not tiny. It has large windows, a sink and a stove, for all your child’s cooking requirements.

I have fond memories of playing in the playhouse at nursery. Everyone would fight to get in it. They are lovely toys for children and help bring out that little imagination of theirs.

It’s made of plastic so it will be weatherproof to a degree, which is great because you don’t want to be having to dismantle it every five minutes. On that note, it is self-assembly but I highly doubt it would be too complex.

You can collect for free from store or pay £3.00 and have it delivered to your front door.

You will find that Tesco Direct ecoupon and loads more in our voucher section.

Thanks to Beck05 @HUKD

Free Printable Annual Birthday Questions

by Karen McGinn in Misc on 9 July, 2014 at 9:45 am

Free Printable Annual Birthday Questions

I love the idea of memory books and recording your child's journey from birth to adulthood. Sometimes though these can be expensive, time consuming or just not practical or applicable to you and your child.

Then I came across this fab idea where you can print off Free Annual Birthday Questions and the idea is that you ask your child the same 20 questions from around age 2 or 3 until they're 18 and see how their answers change over the years. Quick, free and best of all a lovely keepsake for them to treasure forever.

Disney Minnie Mouse Clogs £3.99 @ Argos

by Karen McGinn in Deals on 9 July, 2014 at 8:50 am

Disney Minnie Mouse Clogs £3.99 @ Argos

Reduced from £5.99, they currently have 33% off and are now £3.99.

Available in sizes 6 to 12, you just need to choose the size you require from the drop down menu. There’s not a whole lot of info on these over at Argos but how much do we really need? They’re red and feature Disney’s favourite female mouse Minnie.

No reviews either to go on so it’s purely on picture and price here and experiences you’ve had in the past. I usually pick up a couple of these types of clogs for over the summer, my 7 year old hasn’t got time to mess around with laces to head out into the garden when the sun’s shining and they’re great for the beach or holidays too.

Stock looks good in all the postcodes I’ve tried and you can click the link above and reserve near you. Or opt for home delivery but that will set you back an extra £3.95.

Girl's Swimsuits £4 - £5 @ Tesco

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 8 July, 2014 at 10:00 pm

Girl's Swimsuits £4 - £5 @ Tesco

Tesco are getting ready for summer holidays and if you've just noticed your little one's a swimming costume short, you can pop over to Tesco right now to reserve either of these for collection. If you need to you can have it delivered, but that adds £3.95 to your total.  These are available in ages 18 months to 7 years.

The Doc McStuffins swimmers are machine washable and are made from 85% Polyester and 15% Elastane and the same goes for Disney Princess one too.

There's not much else to say about them, but if you are heading anywhere near a swimming pool this summer, check them out. Between the sheer delight on a little one's face when she gets her new costume - is it the anticipation of splashy fun or what? - and the actual fun of being in a pool it's worth the £4 or £5 for a new costume!

3D Flower Or Big Gingham Dungarees £5 DELIVERED @ Pumpkin Patch

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 8 July, 2014 at 8:54 pm

3D Flower Or Big Gingham Dungarees £5 DELIVERED @ Pumpkin PatchOh my goodness, my ovaries just leapt a little. I'm a mum of two girls and there's been a lot of cute in my life, but these little summery beauties are gorgeous, and at £5 each delivered? There's just nothing to complain about. They are so.very.cute! I'm bummed they don't go to a higher age! Use the code UKSUMGR to get your delivery free too.

Heidi wrote about the 3D Flower all in one back in May when it was reduced to £10, but here it is now for £5. It's 100% cotton, and available in three sizes from 0 - 12 months.

The big gingham dungarees are available in ages 0 - 6 months in two sizes. It is also 100% cotton, which I just love for children as it gives their little skins a chance to breathe, especially in warmer weather.

But then, did I mention, they are so cute!

There are loads of other outfits in the Pumpkin Patch sale, so have a browse around, I'm sure you'll find a bargain.

Carousel Keyboard and Stool £15 @ Tesco Direct

by Karen McGinn in Deals on 8 July, 2014 at 8:45 pm

Carousel Keyboard and Stool £15 @ Tesco Direct


This red keyboard and matching stool has been reduced from £30 to £15 at Tesco Direct.

For children these types of toys are a dream, parents may not always agree but it’s hard to argue with the fact little ones love them.

In vibrant red this keyboard with matching stool features both lights and sounds. The microphone will help build the budding performers confidence, while playing helps with hand-eye coordination.

It has excellent reviews on the Tesco Direct website, with the only complaint as far as I can tell is that it seems a little noisy. That may not be the product entirely at fault though!

You can click and collect this item for free to a local Tesco store or a home delivery charge of £3.00 will apply.

Thanks to varunax on HUKD!

PlayPennies Exclusive: 15% Off Name Labels @ Easy2Name

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 8 July, 2014 at 7:07 pm

PlayPennies Exclusive: 15% Off Name Labels @ Easy2NameEasy2Name are offering 15% off name labels for those of you busy getting kids clothes, bags, bottles and everything else ready in advance of school or preschool come September - even earlier for some of you, I know!

Click here to go to Easy2Name and place your order*

  • Discount: 15% Off
  • Expires: 8 August 2014
  • Promotional Code: PLAY15

You can use the code on any of the labels at Easy2Name, including the Back To School set, which is currently selling at £18.90 plus £1.50 delivery (£20.40 all in) use the code below for 15% off and you can get the whole set for £17.57 delivered.

The set includes 30 Stick on Labels, 10 Shoe Label covers, 30 Easytapes, a personalised shoe bag and a bag tag.

Of course you can go for any of the other options - like the standard sew on name tags are reduced from £11.95 - £10.16 with the discount code, for 100, which should last you a few years. Remember the £1.50 delivery too.

PlayPennies Exclusive: 15% Off Name Labels @ Easy2Name

Days Out Voucher @ Poundland

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Deals on 8 July, 2014 at 5:26 pm

Days Out Voucher @ Poundland

The schools have already broken up for the summer holidays in my neck of woods, and I am feverishly trying to think up ever more creative ways to entertain my kids.

So I was chuffed to bits when Luschka unearthed this Days Out voucher offer from Poundland.

It's super simple; until the 31st of July, every time you spend £5 or more in  single transaction on any products in participating Poundland stores, you'll be given a Days Out voucher which you then need to register on (You can only register one voucher per customer.) You can then download five vouchers which you can use to get discounted days out at over 1000 different attractions across the UK.

The voucher remains valid until the 31st August.

Days out featured in this offer include 3 for 2 at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, 2 for 1 at Wookey Hole Caves, One Child Free at Battersea Park Children's Zoo, 2 for 1 at Drayton Manor Park, and 20% off a Sightseeing Bus.

Phew! That's pretty much the summer holiday days out covered, then!