Update: ASDA Baby & Toddler Event Now Live

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 23 August, 2014 at 12:20 pm

Update: ASDA Baby & Toddler Event Now LiveAs promised yesterday, here's a quick update with links of things you  can find at the ASDA Baby & Toddler event. A recap for those who haven't been following: the sale is currently on online but if you're wanting to find it instore you'll have to wait till Monday. Click on each of the links below to be taken to these hot items that we think may go fast.

Johnson's Baby Essentials -  normally £20, now reduced to £10, this set included  Baby Lotion, Baby Oil, Baby Gold Shampoo, Cotton Buds, Baby Bath, Baby Top-to-Toe Wash, Baby Bedtime Bath, and Baby Gentle Cleansing Wipes, so if that's what you're in the market for, it's a good price.

The Tommee Tippee Bottle Set Colour My World Feeding Bottles *set with pink, purple and green bottles is £10, and there's another set with just blue and green bottles*, for the same.

The Red Kite Cotton Tail Travel Cot Playmatis reduced to £12 from £15 and the weaning spoons are £2.

I don't know what the Bento style lunch boxes* were priced at before, but they're currently £5, which could be great for parent or child lunch boxes!

There are loads of items in the sale and as it's just started stock levels are still good.

Tassimo Coffee Maker £35 Delivered @ Costa Tassimo

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 23 August, 2014 at 11:51 am

Tassimo Coffee Maker £35 Delivered @ Costa Tassimo

The Tassimo T4 Machine is on offer for £35 delivered. You also get 2 x £10 vouchers in the box to use in six weeks and four months, on minimum £25 spends, so you'll be able to stockpile till the next offer on pods comes around.

Click here to order your Tassimo

  • Discount: 75% off the price of a Tassimo machine
  • Voucher Code: COSTATASSIMO

I bought one of these with the last Tassimo offer, and I have absolutely loved it! I must admit I was mortified with the amount of plastic we generated in the first week, but I found a recycling centre locally, so I'm feeling a bit better about that.  It's definitely worth getting if you like your coffee special.

For this and other Tassimo Voucher Codes, visit our voucher page.

8 Baby Face Cloths £1.96 Delivered @ Toys R Us

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 23 August, 2014 at 11:34 am

8 Baby Face Cloths £1.96 Delivered @ Toys R UsToys R Us have a free delivery offer on this weekend, which is a brilliant saving if you're looking to buy from them. Often even their sales aren't great because of that delivery charge, so this is a bonus indeed. One of the items we spotted is a set of 8 wash cloths for £1.96 available in either pink or blue, and delivered free. Bargain.

As a mum who cloth nappied both her children, I must say that once you've used cloth wipes for a while, it's really hard going back to disposables. Even if you only use cloth wipes for wet nappies and the abundance of daily opportunities for wiping faces and hands,  you'll save yourself a fortune on wet wipes over the baby years, and 8 or 16 extra bits of cloth aren't going to add massively to your wash pile, whether you use cloth nappies or not.

You will however, save yourself a fortune in wipes, and a lot of chemical exposure on little skins too.

These cloths are supposed to be really soft, and one reviewer actually complains that they're a bit too fluffy. No pleasing everyone, I suppose. They have lovely designs and are nice, gentle colours too. Overall the reviewers love them, and at under 25p each you can't really complain about much!

Thanks to MissSaver at HUKD

Kids Toys On Sale And Free Delivery @ TK Maxx

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 23 August, 2014 at 10:29 am

Kids Toys On Sale And Free Delivery @ TK MaxxTK Maxx has some great prices on kids toys at the moment and with free delivery this weekend it's a great time to start thinking of - ahem - gifting occasions. But if you can get gifts they'll love at prices you love, why not.

We love the Bosch Coffee Percolator* for £6. The kids toy replica coffee maker has child friendly functions and a real water filling option, so you can actually wet you lips on all those pretend coffees you'll have to drink. These are around £12 on eBay so a great saving, especially considering the free delivery.

We're also loving the Fancy Dress sale*! There are 4 Disney Princess dresses to choose from- Jasmin is out of stock - but each of these is currently only available in one size option, so check to see if it fits your needs before adding to the basket. If they're the size you need £7.99 is just great. Stock does look limited on these though, so act quick if you want one.

Have you found anything you like?

Girl’s Disney Frozen Pyjamas From £5.99 Delivered @ TKMaxx

by Karen McGinn in Deals on 23 August, 2014 at 9:53 am

Girl’s Disney Frozen Pyjamas From £5.99 Delivered @ TKMaxx

TKMaxx are offering free delivery with no minimum spend this weekend and I noticed they have a few pairs of girl’s Frozen pyjamas starting from £5.99.

They have the Pink Frozen Pyjamas Set in 18 months, 1 and 2 years,  the Pink & Black Frozen Pyjamas in 5, 7 and, 9 years,  the Red and White Frozen Pyjamas Set in age 9 years and the Girl's Frozen Top & PJ's in 5 years.

 It is rather hit and miss with the sizes as you can see but hopefully there’s one pair in the size you’re looking for. At this price, especially with that free delivery, they're a bit of a bargain, one to pick up now and out away for Christmas perhaps?

The free delivery from TKMaxx is running until midnight on Monday but I don't think these pyjamas will last until then. If you're not in the market for Frozen merchandise, check out some of the other items they have. There's a whole clearance section with up to 80% off here*. I'm a huge fan of TKMaxx but sometimes find the stores a little off putting as they can be packed and the items tend to get looked at and discarded everywhere! I'm going to make myself a coffee and have a good old browse. What about you?

Purely Simple Infant Starter Kit £2.96 & Microwave Steriliser £4.96 Delivered @ Babies R Us

by Karen McGinn in Deals on 23 August, 2014 at 8:22 am

Purely Simple Infant Starter Kit £2.96 & Microwave Steriliser £4.96 Delivered @ Babies R Us

The starter kit is £2.96 and the steriliser is just £4.96. If you choose to buy both together it’ll cost £7.92 and that's delivered.

I’m always a bit wary of RRP’s on stores own brands as let’s face it they can pluck a figure out of thin air and we have nothing to compare it to but this does look decent, especially if you’re on a budget, as a lot of new parents are.

In the starter kit you get 2 x 150ml bottles with slow flow teat, 2 x 260 bottles with slow flow teat, 1 x 0-6 month soother and 1 x bottle and teat brush. I’ve paid more for a bottle brush before, so if your baby gets on with these bottles, you’re onto a winner. There aren’t any reviews on them unfortunately but I’d probably give them a go at the price.

The steriliser holds up to four Babies R Us bottles and sterilises in four to eight minutes, depending on your microwave. Also includes the teat tongs too. Again no reviews on this one, so we’re going by what we see really.

You can reserve these for free by checking Babies R Us stock levels near you or opt for the free home delivery Heidi told you about yesterday*. If you are spending over £30, check out the Babies R Us voucher here first, you could shave another £5 off your total.

Glitch! Any 2 Kid's Beach Towels for £12 Only £4 At Checkout @ Tesco (Expired)

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 22 August, 2014 at 9:58 pm

Glitch! Any 2 Kid's Beach Towels for £12 Only £4 At Checkout @ Tesco (Expired)Tesco has an offer on beach towels at the moment with £12 for any two towels. However, if you put two towels in your basket head to the checkout, it takes £4 off, giving you both for £4. I've just tried it on two Hello Kitty towels and it's worked for me. It's definitely also working on the 1 Direction towels and St George's Cross.

Not much to say here - there are a few different towels in the offer, and even if you don't put one of the £4 towels in your basket, it takes £4 off at the checkout.

I expect these will all be out of stock in no time though!

Thanks to fluffykitty79 and lisasolo1 at HUKD

Single Duvet Sets £5 @ Tesco

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 22 August, 2014 at 9:33 pm

Single Duvet Sets £5 @ Tesco Sales on single duvets seem to have done the rounds the last few weeks, and now it's Tesco's turn to drop the prices on kids single bed duvet sets. They are down from £9  or £7.50 to £5, and you can order online right now while they are still in stock and collect them in store tomorrow. Many of these also qualify for clubcard boost, so you can get them for even less.

These aren't 'character' duvets, but more unusual ones, with images like cute pets, owls, sharks and a zebra. There are bunnies, giraffes and graffiti sets as well as puppy dogs. All very cute and great for the non-character driven.

The duvet sets from Tesco are polyester and cotton and they come with a matching pillow case.

They are machine washable and safe to tumble dry, with 'little or no ironing required'.

Honestly, at this price, it's worth having spares in the cupboard!

Thanks to jullie7 at HUKD


Frozen Backpack £5.70 Free C&C @ The Entertainer

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 22 August, 2014 at 8:16 pm

Frozen Backpack £5.70 Free C&C @ The Entertainer

The Entertainer are selling a Disney Frozen backpack for £6 reduced from £12, and with the code KUV6GUA you can get 5% off that, making it £5.70.

You can buy online and collect for free from The Entertainer, or you can have it delivered for £2.99.

You can only buy two of these bags per customer, but hopefully that'll satisfy the Frozen-lust of your back pack wielding small person.

This is a 12 litre Frozen Backpack with padded straps for more comfortable wearing, and a hanging loop on this rucksack meaning you can hang it on a peg or carry it in your hand - or probably hang it on a scooter handle if need be. You know  you'll be carrying it all at some point anyway.

The backpack has a lovely image of Anna, Elsa and Olaf on the front and is an ideal gift for any Disney Frozen fan.

Thanks to iolaxx at HUKD

Five Bonkers Things Babies Make You Do

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Features on 22 August, 2014 at 7:00 pm

Five Bonkers Things Babies Make You Do

Babies are brilliant - ah, those tiny kissable toes - but they also turn you bonkers. I’ve got three and I’m currently slap bang in the middle of the particular bonkers part of babyhood wherein I find myself resorting to desperate measures just to get my little darling to co-operate on daily basics like sleeping and eating. I bet you could add a few of your own to this list…

Click here to

ASDA's August Baby & Toddler Event Start Tomorrow Online

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 22 August, 2014 at 6:53 pm

ASDA's August Baby & Toddler Event Start Tomorrow OnlineYou've heard murmurings about it, I'm sure, but ASDA's August Baby And Toddler Event starts tomorrow online and Monday in store, and here are some of the fabulous offers you'll be able to find.

According to the press release we were sent earlier today, some of the offers we think you'll be excited about are:

  • Johnson's Baby Skincare Essentials Box for £10
  • Tommee Tippee Colour My World 6 Pack for £10
  • Fairy Non Bio Liquitabs for £5
  • Little Angels Washable Breast Pads £2
  • The 4-pack sleep suits are currently £7 and are listed in the sale, but with no new price yet,
  • and the Mamas & Papas Suitcase is currently listed at £10 and out of stock, but hopefully that'll be sorted by tomorrow and they'll be available for less.
  • Booster seat for £10

The sale starts in store on Monday, but if you want to be sure you get to pick up a bargain, you may want to place your orders online first thing. Make sure you check back here as we update the offers in the morning!

3 For 2 On Buzzing Brains Toys @ Kiddicare

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Deals on 22 August, 2014 at 4:56 pm

3 For 2 On Buzzing Brains Toys @ Kiddicare

Buzzing Brains toys are a big hit with babies at a couple of mum and toddler groups I go to. They're great value, decent quality and educational too! And right now at Kiddicare there's a 3 for 2 deal running on selected Buzzing Brains toys.

If you need a touch of shopping inspiration then what about this Amazing Water Wand? There's 50% off it so it's £2.49 right now, reduced from £4.99, and looks like just the thing to help bath time go with a splash!

Or this Buzzing Brains steering wheel toy is bound to be a hit with little back seat drivers - my lads had a toy like this and they absolutely loved it! Normally £19.99, it's now £13.99 and is included in the 3 for 2 deal.

Finally, I've got my eye on this cute classic wooden Buzzing Brains shape sorter? It's just £12.99, suitable for tots aged 12 months and over, and is also part of the 3 for 2 deal running right now at Kiddicare.

As usual, delivery is free from Kiddicare when you spend £29.99 or more.

Free Delivery On Everything This Weekend @ Toys R Us

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Deals on 22 August, 2014 at 4:17 pm

Free Delivery On Everything This Weekend @ Toys R Us

I know it's only August but this might be the weekend to start your Christmas shopping (don't tell me you've already started, please...) because there's free delivery on everything at Toys R Us!

Delivery will be free on anything you buy up until midnight on the 25th August 2014, but do note that the offer is limited to standard delivery services, with next day, named day and Saturday deliveries being excluded. It's also valid on anything you buy from Babies R Us!

Don't forget, too, that when you spend £30 or more and pop the voucher BIRTHDAY6 in the relevant box at the basket checkout stage, you'll get a discount of £5 off your order! You can check out this voucher code and others like it in our fabulous vouchers section.

And if you're stuck as to what to buy to make the most of the free delivery offer, then check out the Buy 2, Get 3rd free offer on all stationery right now. Just perfect for stocking up on your back to school stationery supplies. I do love a filled pencil case at this time of year, and with 2 kids to buy them for I can get a third one free to keep for a birthday pressie! This Transformers filled pencil case is only £6.99 and it's part of the three for the price of two deal. As is this Monster High filled pencil case. Bonus!

The free delivery offer is only available on orders placed online, on the Toys R Us mobile site or from their In-Store ordering kiosks.

Thanks to chuckiedoll @HUKD.

Toddler Boys' Clarks Shoes From £7.50 @ John Lewis

by Nada in Deals on 22 August, 2014 at 11:30 am

Toddler Boys' Clarks Shoes From £7.50 @ John Lewis

Wow! John Lewis can really slash prices on things and yet it's somewhere we think of as expensive. Check out these boys' Clarks shoes starting from only £7.50.  I was shocked too, so if you're on the look out for some quality footwear then you really need to hot foot it over to good old John Lewis.

Clarks shoes are the choice of many of us, when selecting our little precious ones first pair of shoes. They don't come cheap though. Well at John Lewis they certainly do, the Clarks Cruiser Crew shoes are only £12 a pair and were originally £26. They size three through to five (including half sizes), in an F or a G fitting .

I think the Clarks Casual Deck Shoes are ever so smart and are now only £13. These are leather shoes with a rubber sole and despite their name, look a bit more formal than the other styles. Available in size three and a half to four and a half, in a choice of F or G fitting.

The Clarks Little Chap canvas shoes are very casual and are only £7.50 now. Bizarrely, the size 2.5G is £8 but all other size are £7.50. These are fine for casual wear and play dates.

All of the Clarks shoes mentioned are available to collection from your local John Lewis or Waitrose store, free of charge. Delivery is an option at £3. I will point out that John Lewis do measure feet for free so it's maybe worth popping in.


Cloud B Gentle Giraffe Soothing Puppet £4.35 Delivered @ Amazon/Net_Price_Direct

by Nada in Deals on 22 August, 2014 at 10:44 am

Cloud B Gentle Giraffe Soothing Puppet £4.35 Delivered @ Amazon/Net_Price_Direct

Have you heard of Cloud B? They make beautiful toys to make your baby/child drift off to sleep. I am a huge fan and I have found an absolute bargain. Amazon seller, Net_Price_Direct are selling the Cloud B Gentle Giraffe Soothing Puppet for only £4.35 delivered. You can buy these direct from Cloud B for £24.57, so you can appreciate that is one heck of a bargain.

The Cloud B Gentle Giraffe Soothing Puppet is a soft toy with a difference. It has a removable gel pack hidden inside, which can be heated or cooled over and over again. When heated the Gentle Giraffe can be used to keep your child warm on cold nights. If your child has had a little accident then the pack can be cooled to sooth those bumps and bruises.

There's others to choose from like the Sleep Sheep or the Tranquil Ladybird. These are available from the same seller at greatly reduced prices as well as the Gentle Giraffe. Just click at the right hand side to find seller Net_Price_Direct to purchase these at these low prices.

These come packaged nicely and would make nice gifts for Christmas or birthdays. I know I will be buying one of each to tuck away for the festive season.

Chad Valley Bouncer £6.99 @ Argos

by Nada in Deals on 22 August, 2014 at 10:15 am

Chad Valley Bouncer £6.99 @ Argos

If you are after a no frills cheap baby bouncer then check out this Chad Valley one from Argos. It was £14.99, then £8.99 and now it's only £6.99. Argos have certainly been churning out the bargains lately.

The Chad Valley bouncer is suitable from birth up until your baby weighs 9kg or can sit up unaided. The seat cover is easily removed and can be machine washed at thirty degrees.

Okay, so this doesn't have a vibrating function or any fancy gadgets but neither did the Cosatto one I bought for my baby. I just lightly bounced it with my foot.  The bright design is stimulating for little peepers. If you have a moany little baby then honestly these are just the ticket to get them to dose off.

Stock is aplenty of these across all of the United Kingdom. They are fine for having at Grandmas or for keeping at a friends. My local baby/toddler group has a few of these for little ones to play in.

You can collect the Chad Valley bouncer free from any Argos store or pay £3.95 to have it delivered to your door.



Millie 5 Drawer Chest Of Drawers £10 @ B&Q

by Nada in Deals on 22 August, 2014 at 9:46 am

Millie 5 Drawer Chest Of Drawers £10 @ B&Q

You will have to be quick if you want one of these. I have never seen a brand new chest of drawers for anywhere near as cheap. B&Q have over 75% off this large piece of furniture. It as £48 it's now only £10. TEN POUND!

The Millie 5 drawer chest of drawers is modern looking and features five generously sized drawers. This would look fine in a nursery, child's or teens bedroom. It's made of chipboard with a light acacia wood finish.

I am not wanting to babble on about these because they will selling as fast as lighting.  The height of these 89.5cm by a width of 74.7cm.

These chest of drawers are self assembly, so bear in mind that you may need a hand to build them. The Millie one drawer bedside table matches this perfectly and that too is only £10, after being £23.  For £10 these are certainly worth it, after all what can you get storage wise for a tenner? A couple of plastic boxes maybe.

You can collect the Millie 5 drawer chest of drawers for free from your local B&Q store or if you'd rather have it delivered then it's £5 (free when you spend over £50).

Big Paw Sale 30 - 50% Off @ Build A Bear

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 21 August, 2014 at 10:14 pm

Big Paw Sale 30 - 50% Off @ Build A BearBuild A Bear's Big Paw Sale sees 30 - 50% off selected items from the Build a Bear range right now.

There's everything from the standard bear to pink butterflies and toothy sharks. They're all around £12, but if you hit the clearance section, there are some from £4.

The clothes are listed at £12 for 2 sets and then there's accessories for £6 for 2. While Build A Bear is pretty much expensive all the time, these are not overly crazy prices, and useful if you have a fan and need to stock up on surprise bits and pieces for gift-occasions.

I know the sequin handbags for £3 would adorn one of our many bears - maybe the viking? - quite beautifully.

Deliveries from Build A Bear are £3.25, and it doesn't say specifically whether the offer is available in store as well, but it may be worth peeking in if this is on your birthday-Christmas-any time of year list!

My First Twin Dolls £7.50 @ John Lewis

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 21 August, 2014 at 9:56 pm

My First Twin Dolls £7.50 @ John LewisJohn Lewis are offering a set of My First Twin Dolls for £7.50 for the two dolls. Delivery from John Lewis is £3, but you can collect from either John Lewis or Waitrose for free. 

I really like this set from John Lewis. Apart from the fact that you're getting two dolls for £7.50 - the My First Doll from ELC is £10 each, and the Baby Born at John Lewis is over £16  - and could split them if you needed a couple of gifts on the cheap, it's great value for money.

One of the twins is dressed in a pretty pink spotted sleepsuit, while the other wears a "fetching" blue striped one.

They say they are suitable from 2 years.. I'll leave that up to your discretion, really. 

The reviews on these are fantastic. The dolls are apparently soft to touch and the kids love them.  I think they look like a brilliant value for money gift, myself!

Character Shorts and Tights 2 Piece Set Infants £3.99 @ Sports Direct

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 21 August, 2014 at 9:22 pm

Character Shorts and Tights 2 Piece Set Infants £3.99 @ Sports DirectSports Direct have this lovely Character Shorts and Tights set on offer for £3.99 down from £15.99. Delivery from SD is £3.99 so if you're having it delivered it's well worth having a look at the other items and grabbing a few of the other bargains too, like shorts for £3, demin dress for £6 and so on.

The Dora Shorts and Tights set is a "simple yet fashionable design". The shorts feature an elasticated waist so no fiddly buttons to contend with, perfect for a fashionable youngster and it's ideal for this time of year - shorts for warm days, and tights for chillier weather.

The shorts have two pockets and are 100% cotton, and the tights have a cute polka dot design. Obviously - and I'm not sure why they feel the need to say this - but both items are machine washable.

The set is available in three sizes in ages 2-3, 3-4 and 4-5 and seems to be in good stock too.