Toddlers With Dummies: Why All The Fuss Over Harper Beckham?

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Misc on 25 October, 2014 at 12:36 pm

Toddlers With Dummies: Why All The Fuss Over Harper Beckham?

Certain tabloid newspapers seem to have lost their minds with incomprehension today over the startling discovery that Harper Beckham ‘still’ has a dummy. She’s three years old.

Frankly, I don’t understand why anyone (except perhaps David and Victoria) would care whether Harper has a dummy or not, but then the whole 'issue' of toddlers having dummies seems to be one of *those* topics that gets people - parents and non parents alike - all het up with opinionated fury.

And I can understand why - sort of. We’ve all seen kids walking around with dummies in their mouths well past the stage where that seems age-appropriate, and it’s certainly a bit disconcerting to have a conversation with a child whose words are completely obscured by a dummy dangling from between their (potentially misshapen) teeth. Indeed, I know people who vehemently believe that if a child can walk and talk then they’re way too old to have a dummy.

So they probably wouldn't be too impressed with my daughter. She's over a year old and she still has a dummy. Granted, we try to stick to a pretty strict rule of only using it when she's in her cot but now and again we find ourselves out and about around nap time or bed time, and when tiredness takes hold of her she 'needs' her dummy. I don't feel bad about that. Based on my experience with my older two children, who gave up their dummies of their own volition way before they were a year old, I sort of expected her to follow suit. It doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon and so, despite being a parent to three children, I find myself at a bit of a loss as to where to go from here on the dummy front. I wonder if Victoria Beckham might feel something similar.

But I don't get why we have such an aversion to dummies. Yes, yes, I know all the stuff about the possibility of speech delay and misshapen teeth but I've yet to meet a child who actually has those issues as a result of dummy use. And there are distinct advantages to dummy use too, including a connecting between a lower risk of cot death among babies who use dummies while they sleep.

Granted, that's different to the pictures in the papers of Harper Beckham being carried out of a toy store at the age of three, sucking on a dummy. But after what was clearly an afternoon of fun and quality time with her Mum, maybe the tot was tired and heading for a meltdown. She's three; that happens. Does it really warrant a national media freak out? I think not.

If only we cared about things like the fact that approximately 22,000 children die from poverty around the world every day, as much as we do about the child of a famous couple using a dummy. Never mind dummies not being age appropriate for children over a certain age; I think it's time the rest of us grew up.

Image credit: Flickr/clappstar

20% Discount @ Nandos For Emergency Services

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 25 October, 2014 at 12:36 pm

20% Discount @ Nandos For Emergency Services There's a 20% Discount available at Nandos for Emergency Service staff, including police, fire, military and NHS. This is an ongoing promotion, nationwide and can be used on your whole order.

I used to work for the NHS, and as it happens there was a Nandos on my walk from work to home. The 20% discount came in handy more than once!  Ah, the good old days. Sadly, working for a deals website isn't the kind of emergency service Nando's means when they offer their discount to the hard working men and women.

When ordering your meal, you have show the cashier your ID with the official NHS, Police, Fire or Military logo. If your ID is not a photo ID you may get asked to show additional photo ID, such as a driving licence. The discount is for the cardholder’s starter, main meal, drink and dessert only. If you order a sharing platter the discount is for the whole platter but in my experience if you order a take-away meal, it applies to the whole meal - don't quote me on that though!

This discount is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer, except the Nando's Card scheme where you can still collect Chillies and redeem rewards in the usual way.

Every Emergency services employee may not be able to use this card every time, but it is useful for those who can when they can, and hopefully it helps you save those pennies.

Provisional Driving Licence, Driving Theory Test & Renewal Fee Price Drops @ DVLA

by Luschka van Onselen in Misc on 25 October, 2014 at 10:55 am

Provisional Driving Licence, Driving Theory Test & Renewal Fee Price Drops @ DVLAIf you're due for a driving licence renewal, or even if you are about to do your driving test for the first time, or want to do practice tests, hold off till the 31st of October, and you'll have new lower rate to pay, so it may be worth holding on.

At the moment your licence renewal will cost you £20. After next Monday, it will be down to £14. 

As part of the proposals, drivers who apply online for their first driving licence would see the fee drop from £50 to £34. Drivers who renew their licence after 10 years would see the fee drop from £20 to £14. All driver tachograph cards would fall from £38 to £32.

The new fees, representing price cuts of up to 32%, begin on 31 October.

Other fees being considered in the DVLA review include vehicle first registrations and duplicate registration, but there's no confirmed news on that at the moment.

I'm sure the price of something else will be going up soon, to counter the £18 million that drivers will be 'saving', but in the meantime, I've got £7 in my pocket when it comes to renewing my license next month.

Thanks to darren_scotland at HUKD

Free Halloween Spooktacular Activities TODAY @ ASDA

by Luschka van Onselen in Freebies on 25 October, 2014 at 10:28 am

Free Halloween Spooktacular Activities TODAY @ ASDA

If you're looking for something to do with the kids today, ASDA are hosting a free Halloween hunt, where kids will be given clue sheets to guide them around the store and masks with "Monster Vision" to help them spot the "mischievous Fang and Fangle" hidden in red reveal floor stickers.

This event is on in ASDAs around the country from 10am- 4pm today, and you can click on the link below to see where the participating ASDAs are:

Once they’ve found Fang and Fangle with their stolen party treats and completed the hunt, the kids will be given a membership card to show they’re a fully-fledged member of the Spook Squad!

Using a handheld smart device with the Zappar app, kids will be able to “zap” their augmented reality mask, which will transform them into either Sir Spook or George-ina. Kids can also use the “Spook Swap” function to switch between characters.

ASDA will be giving out stickers with zap codes, which can be used to create a Halloween hunt at home if you want to extend the fun into the holidays.

Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Palace £26.49 @ Argos

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 25 October, 2014 at 9:41 am

Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Palace £26.49 @ Argos

Argos are selling the Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Palace for £26.49, reduced from £52.99, which seems a great saving to me! It's currently still £41.99 at Smyths, and £42 at Very.

My children saw an advert on TV for (what I'm pretty sure was) this earlier today and they both shouted "I want that!" at the same time. After saying that we don't get things when we ask like that, I had a look at the price and lo and behold, here it is at half price at Argos. Perfect.

This interactive Disney Princess palace playset brings the princesses to life in a special way and features images from Disney films!

The playset comes with Snow White and Cinderella which is great for two children playing at the same time. When you place the princesses on the dance floor, it recognises that specific Princess and responds with her name, character phrases and a song from her movie.

It looks a cute little set, and at the price you can't really go wrong.

Thanks to pinderlota at HUKD

Crazy Bargains @ Claire's Accessories

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 24 October, 2014 at 9:59 pm

Crazy Bargains @ Claire's Accessories

There's never been a better time to stock up on stocking fillers, pass the parcel gifts, or other cheap and cheerful tidbits at Claire's Accessories. The clearance section has loads of items starting from 50p on sale, and when you get to the checkout there's an extra 30% of too. If you happen to fancy something from the full price section, you'll find 24% removed from your total on those at the checkout too, which makes for some pretty decent savings.

The extra 30% off is online only, so you won't find these prices in store.

Delivery is free if you order over £21, but otherwise is £1.99, which is the same price as click & collect.

Over on HUKD people are telling us that they've picked up things like 3 One Direction Mugs for £1.65 (£9 each reduced to £1.50 combined with the 3 for 2 offer and 30% off), or a One Direction bag reduced from £18 now £4 and an extra £1.20 off at checkout, making it £2.80.

If the boy bands aren't really your thing, there's also jewellery and accessories to choose from. At £5 a set they're okay, but at 3 sets for £7? Well, you can afford to treat someone! That's £5 each, with 3 for 2 makes it 3 sets for £10, minus 30% gives you a total of £7.

Thanks to babyblue at HUKD

Half Term Half Price Toys @ Argos

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 24 October, 2014 at 9:06 pm

Half Term Half Price Toys @ ArgosArgos has a half term, half price toy sale on at the moment, with some brilliant prices on sought after and loved toys.

There are great offers for older or more active kids, like the Sportspower 10ft trampoline* which was £199.99 but is now £99.99. If you buy a Sportswear trampoline there's also a special offer of £10 off trampoline kit, for things like stairs and so on.

For something with a somewhat more indoor focus, there's £12.49 off the Barbie Endless Curls Doll*, making it cost the same again.

Boardgames are reduced too, with for example My Monopoly* costing £10.99 instead of £21.99.  I think this is pretty genius actually, as My Monopoly  includes blank tiles and stickers so you can make it your own. You can print out the sitckers to personalise your tokens, properties, and even Chance and Community Chest cards.

If it's your thing - or you know someone whose it is - there's a giant Star Wars Darth Vader Action Figurecurrently reduced to £19.99 too.

Thanks to edandhen at HUKD for that last one!

Silver Cross Roamer Dolls Pram £22.49 @ Argos

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 24 October, 2014 at 8:07 pm

Silver Cross Roamer Dolls Pram £22.49 @ ArgosArgos are selling the Silver Cross Roamer Dolls Pram for £22.49 reduced from £44.99. Delivery is £3.95, or you can click and collect for free.

Little kids, whether they've ever used a pram or not, seem to love playing with prams. Like most things in life, they love mimicking adult activities, from cooking in a play kitchen to caring for the baby.

This classic dolls pram has a fully adjustable comfort grip handle, with a maximum height of 74cm, which should give the pram a good life span.  They do recommend that the set is suitable for children over four years of age. There's also a 'shopping basket' to store the baby doll's accessories, and when not in play, the pram folds flat for easy storage.

The pram also comes with a coordinated shoulder bag, perfect for little madams!

The Silver Cross Roamer Dolls Pram will fit dolls up to 50cm, but the set doesn't come with a puzzle included.

I'm pretty sure this will make someone's day, no matter the day!

Halloween Crafting - Spooky Milk Jug Ghosts! We love these.. try it out!

by PP Admin in Misc on 24 October, 2014 at 7:35 pm

Halloween Crafting - Spooky Milk Jug Ghosts! We love these.. try it out!

Want an idea for some budget Halloween décor? Check out our Spooky milk jug ghosts!

What you need:

  • Empty milk jugs
  • A sharpie
  • Lights

Here's one we made earlier! To light them up, we used some neon-ice cubes we had from a party. You can use anything the kids have available, any light-up toys or little torches, even a string of Christmas lights. We think it's a fab idea for some cheap decorations.

Give it a try yourself or check out our other crafty ideas and Halloween discounts here

Are You Spoiling Your Child... ENOUGH?

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Features on 24 October, 2014 at 7:00 pm
Are You Spoiling Your Child... ENOUGH?

Credit: Flickr/dr_zoidberg

No parent wants to raise a spoiled brat. We’ve all known enough of those to understand that the kind of parenting that panders to a child’s every whim can back-fire spectacularly. So, to avoid that, we say ‘no’ a lot - perhaps more often than we say yes - and we limit sugary snacks and implement healthy boundaries and basically bend over backwards in a bid to strike the perfect balance between making our children feel secure and loved, but ensuring that they don’t end up entitled, whiny, spoiled little so-and-so’s.

But here’s a thought: perhaps should we worry less about spoiling our kids, and consider focusing our attention on spoiling them a whole lot more. Stick with me, here. I know it sounds bonkers, but I read a blog this week about just that - why we should spoil our kids more often - and it got me thinking.

Will my kids grow up to thank me for being a measured parent who never spoiled them? Or if I go a little wild and relax all the boundaries from time to time, will they grow up with a heart stuffed full of the kind of memories that make kids light up a little more than before on the inside?

Click here to

Heads Up: 25% Off ALL Tu Clothing Starts Tuesday @ Sainsbury's

by Nada in Deals on 24 October, 2014 at 12:11 pm

Heads Up: 25% Off ALL Tu Clothing Starts Tuesday @ Sainsbury's

A little birdie has told us that Sainsbury's are launching 25% off ALL of their Tu clothing, starting on Tuesday 28th October. This will be instore only, so if you happen to have a big Sainsbury's store near you then you should be able to scoop up all of the bargains. As far as we know, there will be no restrictions at all, meaning that if your local store has any reductions on any of the Tu clothing lines then you should still get your additional 25% off. Obviously, this is not set in stone but this is certainly how it's been in the past.

George clothing by Asda used to be my ultimate favourite when it came to "supermarket fashion" that was until Tu came on the scene. More and more their clothing items are being shown in women's magazines, which to me just mimics how I feel about the range.

In my opinion, Tu children's clothing is only beaten by Morrison's Nutmeg and that's only just. Never have I bought ANYTHING for the kids from Tu and it not washed well. The pricing of the baby clothes are very reasonable, so you can definitely pick up a bargain once this 25% off kicks in. If we find out anymore with regards to this promotion, we will let you know!

Thanks to our little birdie Helen over on our Facebook page.

Tesco Baby Event - 20% off with this code - WORKS ON CLEARANCE! Be Quick!

by PP Admin in Deals on 24 October, 2014 at 12:11 pm

Tesco Baby Event - 20% off with this code - WORKS ON CLEARANCE! Be Quick!

Whether you're stockpiling for Christmas or picking up essentials for your little one, you might want to check this out.

Tesco Direct's baby event just went live- if you're quick you can get 20% off tons of items, including clearance! There's limited stock in the clearance section, so you will need to get your skates on.

To get your discount, just add your items to basket, hit checkout and add code TDX-GTRH at checkout.

This finishes Sunday 26/10/14

Click here to grab the deal!*

Doc McStuffins & Sofia The First See-Through Shoppers Bag £3 @ Very

by Nada in Deals on 24 October, 2014 at 11:47 am

Doc McStuffins & Sofia The First See-Through Shoppers Bag £3 @ Very

These Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First See-through shoppers would make fabulous stocking fillers for those fashion conscious little ones. These have been reduced from £10 (really?) down to just £3, which is much more reasonable at Very.

We found these Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins  shopper bags and thought they were just great for Christmas. You can fill them with books, or how about sweets? If it's just a little extra for their stocking then just leave it empty, because you know they will fill it with junk and drag it out everywhere they go.

The Sofia the First bag is bright pink with a Sofia motif on the front. The handle is a rather nice Sofia themed, lilac colour. The Doc McStuffins one is clear and see-through with a Doc motif on it. The handle on this one is a bright pink.

They are NOT suitable for under three years old. As I say with ANY deal that we blog from Very, make sure that you opt for pay by card unless you want to have a credit account of course.

Skip the £3.95 delivery charge and collect your order for FREE from your local Collect+ outlet.

Deal Of The Day: VTech Toot Toot Sale @ Amazon

by Nada in Deals on 24 October, 2014 at 11:09 am

Deal Of The Day: VTech Toot Toot Sale @ Amazon

Today,and just for today, Amazon have slashed the price of VTech Toot Toot sets. In my eyes, these are the VTech equivalent to Fisher Price Little People. Any of the VTech Toot Toot toys that are over the £10 price point benefit from Amazon's FREE Super Saver delivery. There's some that have been reduced to below £10, but just make sure you bump up your order to avoid that delivery charge.

If your child is Fireman daft then you need to check out the VTech Toot Toot Drivers Big Fire Engine*, it was £22.99 and is now only £13.79 with FREE delivery included.  The VTech Toot Toot Fire Station* would make a great addition to this at only £14.99.

The VTech Toot Toot Drivers Garage in pink* is one of their highest rating toys in the range. This was £42.99 and is now only £29.99 including FREE delivery.

If you plan on spending £60 or more then why not save yourself an extra £15 by signing up to Amazon Family 30 day FREE trial? You can then enter the voucher code BABYFAM15 at the checkout and get the £15 discount.


Half Price Toys For Half Term @ Argos

by Nada in Deals on 24 October, 2014 at 10:40 am

Half Price Toys For Half Term @ Argos

Why thank you Argos...half price toys for half term! We aren't going to ignore that. whilst there's lots of rubbish in it, there's a fair few gems too.

Want to see what goodies we have found in the Argos half price toys for half term? The My First Baby Annabell Doll with closing eyes* was £14.99 and is now only £7.49. This is a good price for such a popular dolly. She is pretty basic but would make an ideal first doll for a little person.

For any construction toy fanatics, there's the Meccano Gears Of War Halvo Persuit Set* that was £20.99 but has had a huge reduction and is now only £8.99 with FREE delivery. It's suitable for kiddies aged eight years old and above. You get two figures with it as well as all of the Meccano pieces to make the Halvo Bay building.

This Fisher Price Penguin Soother* is a fantastic toy for a tot and it is now reduced to only £7.99, down from £16.99. My baby loves his.

Some items include FREE delivery but for thse that don't you can collect them for FREE from your local Argos store, or pay £3.95 for delivery.

Ditch Fines And Prosecution For Families Who Take Term Time Holidays, Says LGA

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Misc on 24 October, 2014 at 10:10 am

Ditch Fines And Prosecution For Families Who Take Term Time Holidays, Says LGA

The current ban on taking children out of school to go on holiday during term-time should be done away with, says the Local Government Association (LGA).

Their reasoning? The ban 'does not recognise the complexities of family life,' reports the BBC. Instead, the LGA says 'common sense' is needed.

Currently parents who take children out of school during term-time face a fine, which increases if not paid within 21 days, followed by the possibility of up to three months in prison.

The rules may vary a bit depending on where you live, but schools can no longer permit families to take children out of school at the head teacher's discretion under the 'special circumstances' rule, and instead may only grant term-time holidays under 'exceptional circumstances'. There has been particular controversy around this, with some disagreement over what constitutes an exceptional circumstance. Some schools have denied permission for a child to be taken out of school to attend a parents' wedding. The LGA thinks time off during term-time should be a possibility to be considered by head teachers on a case=by-case basis for weddings, funerals and even once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, which presumably includes family travel and holidays.

Local authorities are 'obliged' to fine parents and 'enforce legal proceedings' if parents ignore the rules and take children on holiday during term-time in what amounts to an unauthorised absence, reports the BBC.

Where previously taking your kids out of school to go on holiday during term-time might have meant saving a significant chunk of cash compared to the cost of going abroad during the school holidays, the unauthorised absence rule now means that you could face a fine of up to £60 per child. And that's not even the worse case scenario - parents have been ordered by the courts to pay £1000 for taking their children on holiday during the school term. And if you're fined but refuse to cough up, you could find yourself facing a three-month jail stint.

The chairman of the LGA's children and young people board said the system required 'flexibility' and should not mean that family holidays "are just for the rich or indeed children aren't able to take time off in light of family bereavement".

Critics of the current ruling also say that pressure should be placed on travel companies, holiday firms and airlines to adjust their fares in order to make term-time holidays more affordable.

What do you think? Do you agree with the LGA that the decision to permit a family to take their child out of school during term-time should rest with head teachers?

Do you agree that it's too heavy handed to dish out fines and prosecutions for parents who take their children on holiday at term time?

How much money have you saved by going on holiday during the school term?

We'd love to hear from you on our Facebook page - particularly if you've been fined for an unauthorised absence...

Image credit: Flickr/deeknow

Lego Movie Cloud Cuckoo Palace £13.49 @ Tesco Direct/John Lewis

by Nada in Deals on 24 October, 2014 at 10:10 am

Lego Movie Cloud Cuckoo Palace £13.49 @ Tesco Direct/John Lewis

I WANT  NEED this Lego Cloud Cuckoo Palace. We are massive Lego Movie Fans in this house and I reckon there will be a lot of requests for The Lego Movie, Lego sets this Christmas. Let me tell you that this is the cheapest I have seen this, at only £13.49 from Tesco Direct. It sells for £17.97 at Asda Direct and £17.99 at Smyths. You can also get it from John Lewis for £13.49, if that suits you better.

First things first, you get the BEST Lego Minifigures EVER with this set: Executron, Wyldstyle and Emmet. Plus you get Snail and my very favourite UNIKITTY! This Lego Cloud Cuckoo set has 197 pieces with it which makes it a really good buy.

It's suitable for children aged seven to fourteen, and comes with instructions to make the Cloud Cuckoo Palace. This would be a great addition to any other The Lego Movie, Lego sets. Ideally, I'd love to build the whole city, just like Will Ferrell in the movie.

You can click and collect The Lego Movie Cloud Cuckoo Palace for FREE from your local Tesco store, or from John Lewis/ Waitrose if you wish to purchase it from there.

Baby & Toddler Shoe Sale @ Office

by Nada in Deals on 24 October, 2014 at 9:38 am

Baby & Toddler Shoe Sale @ Office

People use to always comment on my middle son's uber cool footwear and often ask how I was able to afford such luxuries as branded footwear. This was because I was a lone parent. Let me tell you that EVERY single pair of Converse, Puma and Adidas worn by my son was from Office shoe sales. You really can pick up a bargain, and they start at £5 a pair! A tip to avoid delivery charges is to order via the Office App, where deliver is ALWAYS FREE.

My little one is nearly eight months, but looking at this sale makes me want to stockpile the fashionable trainers. Here's my favourite bargains from the sale: These Converse Double Tongue Trainers* may come in pink but that does not mean these are for girls only. My eldest insists on lots of pink things because they are "cool". They were £29.99 and are now only £13.60.

If you have a little, trendy baby girl then you MUST buy these adorable Pink Adidas Crib Shoes* at only £11.20. Sizes are limited in these but you might get lucky. For toddlers, for £12.80, you can get the Adidas Racer Bahia trainers*. These look very smart indeed.

I say get yourself over to Office for a nosey at this tremendous baby and toddler shoe sale. Delivery is £3.50 on sale items.

Thanks to Alison G @ HUKD

Julia Donaldson's Night Monkey Day Monkey With CD £1 @ Poundworld

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 23 October, 2014 at 9:44 pm

Julia Donaldson's Night Monkey Day Monkey With CD £1 @ PoundworldIf you have Poundworld near you, head over that way as soon as you can to see if you can pick up Night Monkey Day Monkey by Julia Donaldson, complete with CD for just £1.

Night Monkey Day Monkey is a story about two monkeys who think they don't have much in common. But when they each spend time in the other's opposite worlds, they learn a lot. And they also learn to be the best of friends.

One of the finest rhyming picture book stories from Julia Donaldson, the author behind The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom and What The Ladybird Heard. Full of fun and food for thought, Night Monkey, Day Monkey is beautifully drawn by Lucy Richards, one of the most talented illustrators drawing today.

There are a few other titles in Poundworld too, including: One Mole Digging A Hole, Hippo Has A Hat, and One Ted Falls Out Of Bed, although these are books only and don't include the CD's.

Pop over and grab one if you can - and let us know which stores you find them in!

Thanks to tigersam at HUKD

£15 Off £20 Spend Free Delivery & Free Gift Using Code @ La Redoute

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 23 October, 2014 at 9:22 pm

£15 Off £20 Spend Free Delivery & Free Gift Using Code @ La RedouteThere's a brilliant offer at La Redoute at the moment where you can take £15 off a £20 spend, get your items delivered for free, and bag a free gift at the same time using the code below.

Click here to see what you can find at La Redoute*

  • Discount: Free Delivery, Free Gift & £15 off
  • Exclusions: It says full price items only but gave me a discount on the boxers anyway.
  • Minimum Spend: £20
  • Offer Code: 5015

I added a pair of boxer shorts for my other half to the basket, and they were reduced from £29 to £20.70.  In your basket there's a 'My Offer Code' box which is where you type the code. You're then given an opportunity to choose a free gift - it's a black glitter bag and purse - and £15 and delivery are taken from your order. In this case, a £29 set of boxer shorts is yours delivered for £5.30, and there's a nice little freebie thrown in too.

I decided boxers are boring, so added three girl's jersey dresses reduced to £7.50 each, and using the code above have bought all three, delivered for £7.50, and the free gift for myself.


Thanks to asc91 at HUKD