Spend £15 And Get £5 Off Yankee Candles (With Code) @ Clintons Cards

by Nada in Deals on 27 January, 2015 at 12:15 pm

Spend £15 And Get £5 Off Yankee Candles (With Code) @ Clintons CardsYankee Candles are one of my pleasures in life, I know, I am sad but it's the truth. With a baby still in nappies, I don't want my house sticking of poop, so I like to light a Yankee, normally Pink Sands or Clean Cotton. They do the trick, the smell lasts beyond the time it's lit too. I am guessing I don't need to tell you how good they are, chances are you know yourself. Want £5 off when you spend £15 on them? Head over to Clintons Cards and use promo code SAVE5JW at the checkout to receive your discount. It works on anything not just Yankees.

Clean Cotton is one of Yankee Candles bestsellers, how do I know that? I watch QVC when Yankee Candles are on, yes sad again! Clean Cotton is currently Clintons Cards Fragrance of the Month, which means it's got 25% off. Buy any Clean Cotton item and not only will you be saving 25% off but you could get another discount of £5 if you spend £15.

For example: Buy the Clean Cotton Medium Jar* for £12.74 plus the Yankee Candle Clean Cotton Pk of 3 Car Fresheners* for £3.19. Use the promo code and get £5 off making your order total just £10.93.

Delivery is £3.49 which is a bit of a bummer but still works out a good deal.

Little Tikes Cozy Shopping Cart £23.86 Delivered @ Amazon

by Nada in Deals on 27 January, 2015 at 11:38 am

Little Tikes Cozy Shopping Cart £23.86 Delivered @ Amazon

This has to be one of the cutest things ever! The Little Tikes Cozy Shopping Cart is just £23.86 including FREE Super Saver delivery at Amazon.  If you have a second or third birthday present to buy then you really need to consider this. This normally sells at around £30, so to get it this cheap including delivery is a great deal.

The Little Tikes Cozy Shopping Cart is a shrunk down version of the popular classic ride-one toy. This has like a shopping trolley attachment on it and is very adorable indeed. Your child cannot ride in the front seat but can pop a wee teddy or doll in there for a ride.

This sort of thing is ideal for roleplay and I'd be tempted to take it to my local shop (Aldi) which is just two minutes away. Let your child push your shopping about and enjoy some playtime as you get your chores done.

They can of course just use it in the house to play shops. Whatever they do with it they will love it. It'll be fab for those warmer months where your tot can get out in the garden with it.

Thanks to smanderson @ HUKD

Glitch! Ladies Dalmation Onesie FREE (Originally £34) @ 24 Studio (£4.99 p&p)

by Karen McGinn in Deals on 27 January, 2015 at 11:02 am

 Glitch! Ladies Dalmation Onesie FREE (Originally £34) @ 24 Studio (£4.99 p&p)


These will go quickly as originally £34, they’re reduced to just £7 but going into the basket for FREE.

Only size L and XL left on this one now and stock, as you would expect, is going very quickly.

Post and packing is £4.99 on each order but as you can order unlimited quantities, stock depending of course, it’s not too bad.

Some people are reporting it’s gone through completely free but just be aware you will be invoiced for the £4.99 p&p charge if your order is despatched.

Thanks to varchiba @ HUKD!

Reduced Onesies From £3 @ Asda George

by Nada in Deals on 27 January, 2015 at 10:56 am

Reduced Onesies From £3 @ Asda George

It's still pretty bitterly cold outside just now so make sure the kids are wrapped up warm in bed. One way to do that is to buy them a onesie. They keep the heat in so much better than two piece pyjamas. Asda George have reduced many of their onesies and whilst there are no obviously girly ones there's nothing to say that a little lady couldn't wear Spider-Man or Batman. Onesies start from just £3, so go take a look.

If your little one is a superhero fan then you are in luck, you might be interested in these: Spider-man* now £5, Batman* now £5, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles* now £4 and Ultimate Spider-man* now £4. There's a cool Tranformers Onesie* too for a fiver but I am pretty sure that doesn't fall under the superhero category.

There's lots of nice ones and are well worth the money. I especially like the micro-fleece ones as I find them to be soft for my sons' delicate skin and it is that bit warmer. Check out this Skull Onesie* for just £4.

You can Click and Collect your onesie order from you local Asda for FREE or pay £2.95 to have it delivered.

Hello Kitty Pretend Play Electronic Magic Oven £8.99 @ Argos

by Nada in Deals on 27 January, 2015 at 10:26 am

Hello Kitty Pretend Play Electronic Magic Oven £8.99 @ Argos

Play kitchens can be ever so bulky so if your child doesn't have the luxury of a huge room or a playroom then you may be looking for something of a more manageable size. The Hello Kitty Pretend Play Electronic Magic Oven is a play kitchen that can be used on a tabletop. Get it from Argos just now for only £8.99, reduced from £19.99.

The Hello Kitty Pretend Play Electronic Magic Oven is a play kitchen with a difference. Put the popcorn in the oven and it'll pop, the cupcakes and they will sparkle and the bread will rise. Kids will have so much fun with this and actually I would too. Who says the children should have all the fun?

With the kitchen you get a serving tray, rolling pin, spatula and mixing bowl. Also, in with that lot you will find a box of flour, box of sugar, block of butter and two eggs. For £8.99, that's a lot of extras included. What isn't included are the batteries so be sure to buy some AA batteries as this play kitchen requires four.

You can reserve and collect the Hello Kitty Play Kitchen for FREE from your local Argos.

Character Tops From £2 @ Asda George

by Nada in Deals on 27 January, 2015 at 9:34 am

Character Tops From £2 @ Asda George

Kids love clothes that features their favourite characters on, if you go to the likes of Debenhams or Marks and Spencer, you pay through the nose. Head over to Asda George and you will find tops with the likes of Peppa Pig and Sofia the First reduced to just £2 and £3. Let's face it they were a good deal even at full price where they ranged from £5-£6.

The Peppa Pig top is only £2 and  available in sizes 9-12 months through to 3-4 years old. It features a lovely big motif of Peppa herself on the front and will please any PP fan.

The Doc McStuffins top* is mostly pink in colour with stripy sleeves and a pic of the Doc on the front. This is reduced from £5 to just £2 with plenty of sizes still in stock.

There's three Disney Frozen Tops to choose from: Anna top*, Elsa Top*, and Sisters Forever Top*. Sizes are limited on all three designs which you can understand due to the popularity of Frozen.

Thanks to mobjw @ HUKD

Save £2.95 on the delivery fee and collect your order for FREE from your local Asda store.

Should Adults Visiting Without Children Be Banned From Theme Parks/Attractions?

by Nada in Misc on 26 January, 2015 at 9:55 pm

 Should Adults Visiting Without Children Be Banned From Theme Parks/Attractions?

I was reading about a man with learning difficulties, who with his carer were refused entry to Legoland Discovery Centre due to child protection laws. I was really taken aback by this. Not because he has learning difficulties but because I never knew such rules existed in the United Kingdom. I decided to dig a bit further and found more and more cases like this.

I read about a man who was into Falconry and was refused entry to a park where he wished to birdwatch. Does an adult visiting a visitors attraction have to be assumed as a risk to children?

So let's address the issue of adults with lowered mental ages, why shouldn't they be allowed into such attractions? I cannot help but feel like this is outrageous especially when the person is accompanied with a carer.

I can see what the obvious attraction to a place where children are abundant would appeal to a paedophile but does that mean we tar all single adults with that brush? What about swimming pools, leisure centres, etc?

Do you think our children need to protected to the point of banning adults without children into such attractions, including those who have learning difficulties? Let us know what you think about this over at our Facebook.

Snuggle Pets J-Animals Junior £9.99 @ Argos

by Nada in Deals on 26 January, 2015 at 9:18 pm

Snuggle Pets J-Animals Junior £9.99 @ Argos

Snuggle Pets products are never off the adverts on the kid's channels. Head over to Argos and get the Snuggle Pets J-Animals Junior is now only £9.99. These come in three different designs, but you cannot select which one you want, so you are best just telling the stock picker which one you want, which may involve sending them back to the warehouse. These were originally £24.99.

These might look right rather plump cuddly toys, and I guess you could use them for that but these can also fold out as a onesie with a hood.

I must admit these look very cuddly, snugly and cosy. I do love wearing a onesie but at 30 years old I do feel a bit daft in one. Choose from Dog, Zebra or Giraffe.

These are machine washable but I don't know if they are suitable for tumble drying. If it's made from fleecy material then it'll dry quickly without. From reading the reviews it looks like this would suit children aged 5-7 years old.

You can reserve and collect from your local Argos for FREE or pay £3.95 if you wish to have the Snuggle Pets J-Animals Junior delivered to your front door.

Constructive Eating Cutlery Set £14.95 Delivered @ Tesco Direct/£14.29 @ Prezzybox

by Karen McGinn in Deals on 26 January, 2015 at 8:46 pm

Constructive Eating Cutlery Set £14.95 Delivered @ Tesco Direct/£14.29 @ Prezzybox

How many of us have made encouraging noises in an attempt to get our little darlings to eat our latest offering? Well, this may no longer be required with the super cool Constructive Eating Cutlery Set.

I think this is by far the coolest cutlery set I’ve came across and only wish they’d had it when my daughter was younger. In fact never mind that, wish they did an adult version!

While we can’t promise little ones will now eat everything on their plates, broccoli will always be a hard sell, this is certainly not going to hurt!

It costs £11.95 and home delivery only which will add £3 to your total, making it £14.95 delivered. Head to Prezzybox direct, use code SMSAVER13 for 13% off and it's £14.29 delivered.

It’s not the cheapest cutlery set we’ve ever blogged but the coolest? I think so!

You'll find that voucher for Prezzybox, along with lots of others, over in our voucher section.

Thanks to Andersonsmummy @ HUKD!

Extra 40% Off Sale Prices with code @ Ralph Lauren. Ends Tonight!

by Lisa Hayes in Deals on 26 January, 2015 at 8:15 pm

Extra 40% Off Sale Prices with code @ Ralph Lauren. Ends Tonight!

If you love the idea of a great quality designer brand like Ralph Lauren, but daren't look at the price tag then this is your chance!

The Ralph Lauren sale is ending soon, and there are massive reductions of up to 60% off. But there is also a voucher code that gets you another 40% off on top!

You need to be super quick though because it ends tonight.

Click here to visit the Ralph Lauren Sale and use the code RLPARTNER *

  • Discount: Additional 40% Off Sale Products
  • Expires: 26/01/15

If I am completely honest I would never even have though of looking at a site like Ralph Lauren as I am so money conscious, but I have been amazed at the prices you can get with this code. I looked at a Men's Shirt that was originally £110, and with this code it comes down to £26.40! A similar older boy's shirt comes out at £18! These are not anywhere near the cheapest items either, just a couple that caught my eye.

Prices for Baby and  Children's clothing start at an amazing £6, Women's from £8.40, and Men's from £10.20. Delivery does add on a fairly large chunk at £9.95, but is free when you spend £70. Returns are free too.

You could soon have the best dressed family in town! ;)

Thanks to sunnek @ HUKD.


Spiderman 3 Wheeled Scooter With Bag - £9.94 @ Amazon

by Lisa Hayes in Deals on 26 January, 2015 at 7:45 pm

Spiderman 3 Wheeled Scooter With Bag - £9.94 @ Amazon

If you are looking for a scooter for a beginner then this is a fab price! The 3 Wheeled Spiderman Scooter with matching bag has an RRP of £29.99, and Amazon were selling it as that price for months. Recently it has been going down in price and right now it is cheaper than it has ever been, at a super cheap £9.94!

It comes ready assembled and ready to use, with the bag attached to the handle bars. It is suitable for ages 3 and over, and as it is a sturdy 3 wheeler it is a good choice for beginners. All the dimensions are on the website if you need to compare it to any others you have been considering.

If you are a Prime customer this will be delivered for free, otherwise you need to pop on something else to bump your order over £10 to qualify for free delivery.

Australian Woman Helps Deliver Her Own Twins By C-Section

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Misc on 26 January, 2015 at 7:45 pm

Australian Woman Helps Deliver Her Own Twins By C-Section

If you've ever had a c-section, this story might cause your eyes to water. Heck, I might have even shed a tiny tear when I first read it, and I've no idea what it feels like to go through a c-section.

Forty-one year old Australian woman Gerri Wolfe gave birth to twins just before Christmas - her 10th and 11th children, no less - and helped to deliver them herself via c-section.

Yes, you read that right. The Daily Mail puts it like this:

She's the Australian woman who reached inside herself and delivered her own twins during a caesarean section.

Three days before Christmas, Gerri Wolfe, 41, gave birth to her 10th and 11th children, Matilda and Violet, in a very unusual procedure at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, New South Wales.

It was to be Mrs Wolfe's fifth experience having a caesarean - but she didn't want a traditional one.

Wolfe opted for what's known as a maternal assisted caesarean, prompted by the fact that her previous c-sections had been "very sterile, very surgical, very impersonal".

Wolfe says her maternal assisted caesarean, by contrast, was very personal. You'll have to click the link above to see the amazing pics but be warned - they're not for the faint of heart.

Personally I can't ever imagine wanting a maternal assisted caesarean delivery - I am much more inclined to want to leave such things in the capable hands of people who know what they're doing - but then I've never been through a c-section or indeed a difficult birth that left me feeling the need to 'reclaim' the experience, as Wolfe describes she did.

But I wonder, if more consultants could be persuaded to consider this, whether it's something that might help other mothers feel more connected to the experience of giving birth via c-section? I know plenty of people who have had wonderfully positive birth experiences - via c-section - but I also know just as many who felt that it was a clinical experience which they have no desire to repeat.

What do you think? Could you ever imagine wanting to opt for a maternal assisted caesarean, if such a thing were an option to you when giving birth?

Image credit: Flickr.com/Tammra McCauley

Marmite and Pot Noodle Flavoured Easter Eggs!?

by Lisa Hayes in Misc on 26 January, 2015 at 7:02 pm

Marmite and Pot Noodle Flavoured Easter Eggs!?

We know Marmite play on the 'Love It Or Hate It' theme, but who thought of making a Marmite flavoured Easter Egg? And what on earth will a Pot Noodle flavoured one taste like? We can't say we're desperate to find out...

Both products are made by Unilever, and will be in supermarkets from February. The Pot Noodle one will come with a Mug too, which will at least be useful if the egg ends up in the bin! Each will have a recommended price of £5.

So is this a genius marketing idea to get us talking about these products, or a sort of Heston Blumenthal taste experiment? Either way we can see a fair few of these being bought out of curiosity or for the comedy value of the recipients reaction.

So what do you think? Love it or hate it?  Let us know over on our Facebook Page.

French Couple Banned From Calling Their Baby 'Nutella' !

by Lisa Hayes in Misc on 26 January, 2015 at 7:00 pm

French Couple Banned From Calling Their Baby 'Nutella' !

It's been reported today that a judge in France has banned a couple from naming their baby daughter Nutella, with his reasoning being that it is "the trade name of a spread". That seems completely reasonable to most of us I would think, and it's got lots of people talking about banned names.

Baby names are a very personal subject, and I am not going to be all Katie Hopkins about it and start criticising anyone's choices, but here are some of the names that have been banned in other countries. I make no comment about the parents who wanted to use these names, and as I have no idea whether you can use them in the UK, please don't consider them as suggestions either!

On New Zealand's banned list of baby names is Queen Victoria, Lucifer and Mafia No Fear. A couple was going to call their child Anal and luckily for the little one that was vetoed. There was a girl who got to age 9 with the name Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii before the parents were made to change it.

For some reason you can't use the name Tom in Portugal, and there are 2 people in Venezuela called Superman!

And if you have a baby in Mexico don't even think of calling them Robocop, Terminator, Burger King, or Virgin as they have all been banned. As has Scrotum.

You can read the whole article from Sky News here.

(If you like the costume in the picture you can get it from Etsy here.)


Personalised Framed Love Hearts Watercolour with Card - £25 @ Amazon Local

by Lisa Hayes in Deals on 26 January, 2015 at 5:11 pm

Personalised Framed Love Hearts Watercolour with Card - £25 @ Amazon Local

If you are looking for a Valentines gift that is a bit different and more personal, then this might be the one for you. This beautiful Personalised Framed Love Hearts Watercolour and Card gift is less than half price at Amazon Local. It's made by Treasure On The Wall and is down from £54.98 to £25, and delivery is included.

The Love Hearts can be personalised with your own words, thought and messages which are written on the art work. You can choose from a nine or sixteen heart layout, and from four different colour schemes, so you aren't just restricted to reds and pinks. With the different colour schemes this could work well as a gift for anyone, and is not restricted to Valentines either. You also get a card with the framed art, though this is a Valentine's Day card.

If you do want this to give on Valentines day then there is time left. Once you have created the collage you want online they e-mail it to you within 5 days, then when you approve it you can expect it in another 5 working days.

I think this would make a lovely gift, and will certainly last longer than roses. Gosh, I'm getting sentimental in my old age.

FREE Tickets to 'Game Of Thrones: The Exhibition' for Sky Subscribers

by Lisa Hayes in Freebies on 26 January, 2015 at 3:35 pm

FREE Tickets to 'Game Of Thrones: The Exhibition' for Sky Subscribers

Firstly, I am not suggesting that you take your young children to this - this is for the grown ups!

Sky are giving out Free Tickets to the upcoming Game Of Thrones: The Exhibition at the O2 in London for Sky Subscribers only, and booking opened today.

They already have an apology on their website as they are having technical difficulties due to the amount of people trying to get these tickets, but with the HUGE popularity of the show I am not at all surprised.

If it's something you are interested in then I would still give it a go before the tickets are all taken, and I don't think that will be too long!

It sound pretty fantastic to me, but then I am a fan. There is a 4D experience where you get to climb the Wall, you can see props and sets from the series, including the upcoming 5th season, and you can pledge allegiance to your favourite House as you enter. Wow. Wish so much that I could go!

The show is on from 9th - 12th and 15th - 17th February, and to request tickets you have to be a Sky subscriber and have created your online Sky ID. If you haven't got your ID yet then there's a link and instructions here.



Mega Bloks Lil Princess Buildable 3 Story Enchanted Castle £16.72 (Was £34.99)

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Deals on 26 January, 2015 at 2:29 pm

Mega Bloks Lil Princess Buildable 3 Story Enchanted Castle £16.72 (Was £34.99)

The Mega Bloks Lil Princess Buildable 3 Story Enchanted Castle (try saying that three times in quick succession...) is on special offer at Amazon right now, reduced from £34.99 to £16.72.

Unsurprisingly, given the appeal of Mega Bloks, the reviews on this are positively glowing. It's been rated 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 stars by Amazon customers. Here's what one happy chap has to say about his purchase:

"Great present for little hands - my Granddaughter loved it. Great value for money."
Can't say fairer than that! In this set, as well as the super-cute castle, you also get a Princess Ivy character and her pony, which makes it great for play dates and also hopefully ensures that there won't be sibling war if one child gets this for a birthday. There are also removable wings, plus various sparkling blocks and accessories included. The 2 dance floors also spin, so let's hope Princess Ivy sticks to water when she's dancing.
It's suitable for little ones aged one year and older, and delivery will be free because you're spending more than £10.


Chad Valley Submarine Rocker £7.99 @ Argos

by Nada in Deals on 26 January, 2015 at 1:21 pm

Chad Valley Submarine Rocker £7.99 @ Argos

The Chad Valley Submarine Rocker is an absolute bargain at Argos just now. Originally priced at £19.99, it was reduced to £9.99 then to just £7.99. To be honest it was worth the £19.99. What looks like a lump of plastic is actually so much more and will keep the kids entertained for hours.

Don't look past this Chad Valley Submarine Rocker because you think it's an outdoor toy only because it's not. We had something very similar if not the same when my two eldest sons were tots. They played with it in their room without any destruction.

This rocker is modeled to look like a submarine with it's porthole stickers on the side and rocking handles that look like nautical funnels. This will get their imaginations running wild.

You can of course stick it out into the garden for the kids to play on. At this price it's worth buying it for Spring/Summertime, after all it will soon come round.

The maximum weight this Chad Valley toy can take is 25kg per child.

You can reserve and collect the Chad Valley Submarine Rocker for FREE from your local Argos Store.

Playmobil Damaged Box Sale: Items From Just £1.50

by Nada in Deals on 26 January, 2015 at 12:54 pm

Playmobil Damaged Box Sale: Items From Just £1.50

If you like Playmobil then this will get you excited. There damaged box sale is on, which means you can pick up Playmobil sets at a fraction of their normal selling price. It's only the box that is damaged and the item inside is new and pristine. To order a Playmobil set you can do so by ringing 01268 490184, just tell them that you would like to place an order and give them your details. Delivery charge is £5.

6299 GLASS CONSERVATORY 22.25 15.00
6312 CATS & KITTENS 5.25 5.50
6317 RACOON FAMILY 7.00 5.00

6347 GO-KART RACERS 11.25 7.50
7038 BISON 8.00 5.50
7079 2 COWS WITH CALF 7.75 5.50
7364 GIRAFFE WITH BABY 7.00 5.00
7378 SHERRIFF'S OFFICE 21.50 15.00
7535 3 YELLOW LION KNIGHTS 6.50 4.00
7723 TRACTOR EQUIPMENT 6.00 4.00
7892 2 BLACK COWS WITH CALF 7.75 5.00


4221 AMBULANCE 42.99 21.50

4763 KNIGHT WITH AMORY 2.99 1.50
4820 LADDER UNIT 49.99 25.00
4821 FIRE ENGINE 39.99 20.00
4866 FALCON KNIGHT'S CASTLE 89.99 45.00
4871 LION KNIGHT'S TROOP 14.99 7.50
4891 CHRISTMAS MARKET 22.99 11.50
4892 CHRISTMS ROOM 16.99 8.50
5119 BARN WITH SILO 99.99 50.00
5135 PIRATE SHIP 59.99 30.00
5142 PRINCESS CASTLE 149.99 75.00
5156 DARKSTERS EXPLORER 22.50 11.00
5182 POLICE STATION 69.99 35.00
5183 POLICE HELICOPTER 24.99 12.50
5215 FIRE FLYER 15.99 8.00
5225 HORSE CARE STATION 24.99 12.50
5246 WESTERN GOLDMINE 54.99 27.50
5258 RC FREIGHT TRAIN 119.99 60.00
5265 HOTEL 99.99 50.00
5276 ANIMAL ARK 59.99 20.00
5302 GRANDE MANSION 129.99 65.00
5432 CAMP SITE 49.99 25.00
5435 FAMILY CAMPING TRIP 12.99 5.00
5474 UNICORN JEWEL CASTLE 49.99 25.00
5479 ASIAN DRAGON CASTLE 99.99 50.00
5481 DRAGON BATTLE SHIP 34.99 17.50
5482 GIANT BATTLE DRAGON 29.99 15.00
5602 POP STAR STAGE 20.00
5605 ROCK BAND 4.00
6750 1-2-3 LARGE FARM 49.99 25.00
6754 1-2-3 LARGE ZOO 34.99 15.00
6759 1-2-3 TRUCK WITH GARAGE 19.99 10.00
6765 1-2-3 MY TAKE ALONG NOAH'S ARK 24.99 12.50
6772 1-2-3 FOREST ANIMAL PARK 19.99 10.00
6775 1-2-3 EXCAVATOR 8.99 4.50
6777 1-2-3 TAKE ALONG FIRE STATION 34.99 15.00
6778 1-2-3 TAKE ALONG BARN 19.99 10.00

Thanks to hydra234 @ HUKD

Up To 75% Off Women's Clothing: Items From £2 Delivered @ Punkyfish

by Nada in Deals on 26 January, 2015 at 12:26 pm

Up To 75% Off Women's Clothing: Items From £2 Delivered @ Punkyfish

Are you a mum who loves high fashion? You might like Punkyfish, a site that sells clothes along the lines of Primark and New Look. They have up to 75% off sale goods and also FREE delivery just now, so if you fancy a new top or something else you can bag one from just £2 delivered. It's not just clothes either, there's shoes and handbags bargains to be had also.

Let's start with bags. Who doesn't like a cheeky handbag shop? This Faux Leather Framed Top Handle Bag* was £20 but is now only £8 delivered. It's ideal for work or for with casual wear. All other sale bags can be found here*.

What can you get for £2 delivered? This Kate Moss Vest* which would look great with jeans, and a cardigan at this time of year. It's reduced from £10.

These Leather Look Ballerina Pumps* are just £3 delivered. I absolute love these Side Bow Mid Heel Shoes* for just £5, reduced from £15.

There's some hideous items to let's not lie BUT look properly and you can grab yourself a real good deal, especially with the FREE delivery!