Disney Princess Tattoos 42p Delivered @ Amazon

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 30 August, 2014 at 10:20 pm

Disney Princess Tattoos 42p Delivered @ AmazonWe've seen the Fairy and Pirate tattoos from Amazon before, but everything in my world is Disney Princesses right now (oh if my 19 year old Emo/Goth self could see me now!) and tonight I discovered and bought these 'Snow White' Tattoos for my daughter's 5th birthday. They are called Snow White, but they do also feature Jasmin, I suppose for those who don't like the animal-charming princess. Either way, at 42p delivered you can't argue too hard.

You get a sheet with 9 characters and two flowers on it, and since it lists card size as 5cm x 4cm, I'm under the impression that these are individually wrapped and 'various designs supplied' suggests its a bit hit and miss as to knowing what you'll get.

To use it you remove rhe clear sheet, and place the tattoo face down on skin, then wet the tattoo thoroughly with a sponge. After 20-30 seconds, gently remove the backing paper and allow the tattoo to dry.  To remove them you dab the tattoo with baby oil, then rub gently and repeatedly until removed.

Disney Colour Fun Books 99p Delivered @ The Works

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 30 August, 2014 at 9:30 pm

Disney Colour Fun Books 99p Delivered @ The WorksThe Works has a free delivery offer on at the moment, with no minimum spend, which means you can pick up one or fifty books, and pay nothing for delivery. With the promotion code C2LPNC, you get free delivery with no minimum spend, but if you are spending over £10 you can use code 20FD instead and you will get 20% off plus free delivery.

The Disney Colour Fun books include the Classics, with images from Jungle Book, Lion King and more. There's also Disney Fairies Colour Fun*, Disney Junior Colour Fun* with Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Mickey & Minnie and Jake and the Neverland Pirates, just to name a few.

There's also Disney Princess Colour Funand Disney Planes And Cars Colour Funfor those who love their Princesses or their Cars and Planes.

Remember that there's a lot more than just the books, so if you're looking to fill party bag.

P.S. That Disney Frozen book is £1.99, but still a good price for fans.

The Nut Job & Barbie And The Secret Door From £1

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 30 August, 2014 at 8:53 pm

The Nut Job & Barbie And The Secret Door From £1 The squirrels are getting ready for the winter in 'The Nut Job' as Surly and his fellow park pals they struggle to gather enough nuts for winter. Surly finds a storeroom full to the brim with nuts, and starts planning a nut store  heist... as you do.

Barbie and the Secret Door might be more your thing, especially as she joins a fairy and a mermaid to save the kingdom - that was released yesterday, and might be showing in a cinema near you now.

At the Odeon prices start from just £1 at selected cinemas but £2.50 seems to be the average.

Over at Cineworld prices start at £1.35 if you book online and you also may be eligible for that free Cravendale pack. This includes instructions on how to make your own Barry the Biscuit at home, a chance to win a milk shake making pack by uploading pictures of Barry the Biscuit and kid’s activities including spot the difference, stickers and crosswords. Not something you’d buy obviously but for free - well the kids will like it.

While at Vue Cinemas a ticket will cost you from £1.75.

Maleficent is rated as a PG, it is rather a dark movie though so may not be suitable for very young children. It’s obviously up to you, you know your own child best after all but I'm not sure it's for timid kids. I guess that’s the beauty of these films in general though, if you’ve paid less than £2 per head, you don’t mind as much if you have to leave early for whatever reason.

10% Off Name Tags @ My Nametags

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 30 August, 2014 at 7:34 pm

10% Off Name Tags @ My NametagsIf you're still to get name tags sorted for this school year, have a look at My Nametags, who are offering 10% off a set of tags for PlayPennies readers, with the code below.  (If you're ordering more than once, there's also the code NOSHIP14 for free delivery, but unfortunately they don't work together.)

Click here to personalise and choose your name tags from My Nametags*

  • Voucher: 10% off a set of name tags
  • Expires: 7 September 2014
  • Voucher Code: PLAYPEN

These are really lovely looking name tags. I love the huge variety of personalisation options that you have, and the super easy user friendly interface. It's really quick and easy to design your labels, and you can choose between stick on and iron on.

There are 56 for £11.95, and then there's a £1 delivery fee, but with the 10% discount you will take £1.20 off, making one set of labels £11.75

For this and other voucher codes from My Nametags, see our voucher section.

10% Off Name Tags @ My Nametags

Postnatal Exercise Shorts £5 Was £22 @ JoJo Maman Bebe

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Deals on 30 August, 2014 at 5:15 pm

Postnatal Exercise Shorts £5 Was £22 @ JoJo Maman Bebe

Now don't get me wrong here - I am not suggesting, with this post, that postnatal exercise should be uppermost in your minds if you've recently had a baby or indeed are expecting one any time soon, but at £5 (reduced from £22) for these black postnatal exercise shorts, I'd be snapping up a pair pretty sharp-ish regardless of whether you're in a hurry to get back to exercise or not.

I was back to exercising fairly soon after my third baby was born - I don't remember doing any exercise after the other two though, mind - and I really struggled to figure out what on earth to wear. Obviously my 'normal' workout gear just didn't fit over my postnatal lumps and bumps for a good few months after I gave birth, and yet buying new exercise clothes just for that postnatal period wasn't appealing or affordable. So I really wish I'd know about these!

According to the product description, neoprene shorts can help retain body heat, and improve blood circulation and water loss during and after exercise - maximising the effort put in. They have a low under tummy seam and a high waist to help support your post-baby body all the way up to the rib cage.

Heck - I'm tempted to buy a pair of these anyway, and it's almost a year since my little one was born!

Free standard delivery is available to all UK addresses, too!

Celebaby: Jennifer Aniston On The Pressure To Have A Baby

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Celebaby on 30 August, 2014 at 3:00 pm

Celebaby: Jennifer Aniston On The Pressure To Have A Baby

It's one thing to be a celebrity mum. faced with the prospect of bringing up your children under the glare of the world's media. But what happens when you're a celebrity of a certain age who doesn't have children? According to Jennier Aniston, that's not a fun part to play.

In a recent interview with Carson Daly for the Today Show in the US, Jennifer lifted the lid on what it's like to live with pressure to procreate.

Today.com reports:

"It's always such an issue of, 'Are you married yet? Do you have your babies yet?' It's constant," she told the show.

"I don't have this checklist of things that have to be done and if they're not checked I've failed some part of my feminism or being a woman or my value as a woman because I haven't birthed a child."

"I've birthed a lot of things and I feel I've mothered many things. I don't think it's fair to put that pressure on people."

How about you? Did you feel a lot of pressure from friends or family to get busy having babies?

School Drawing Sets £9.95 @ Dotcomgiftshop (£12.90 Delivered)

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Deals on 30 August, 2014 at 2:00 pm

School Drawing Sets £9.95 @ Dotcomgiftshop (£12.90 Delivered)

If you've yet to complete your Back To School shopping, it might be worth checking out the school drawing sets (otherwise known as filled pencil cases) at Dotcomgiftshop. They're £9.95 and there are four different designs available.

You can probably find filled pencil cases elsewhere online for less money but I've always been impressed by the quality of items I've bought in the past from Dotcomgiftshop.

Included in these sets are 12 coloured drawing pencils, one wooden pencil sharpener, one wooden ruler measuring in cm/inches, metal paper scissors and an eraser, a 60 page artists' pad, HB, 2B and 4B artists' pencils with erasers and a handy letter and number stencil. 

What I really like about these sets is that they're a bit different from the filled pencil cases you find in other shops - which should hopefully mean that the contents won't end up accidentally going home in someone else's school bag quite so quickly!

Delivery is £2.95 from Dotcomgiftshop, or free if you spend £50 or more.

School Uniform From £1.59 (£1.28 With Code) @ Argos

by Karen McGinn in Deals on 30 August, 2014 at 11:45 am

School Uniform From £1.59 (£1.28 With Code) @ Argos

Heidi already told you about the bargain 2 pack polo shirts from Argos this morning* but we’ve just noticed that there’s other things too. Jumpers at £1.59 and trousers, skirts and pinafores starting at £1.99, plus you can take another 20% off these prices using the code SCHOOL20 when ordering online for home delivery or quoting in store when you collect your items!

You’ll have to move quickly as stock will fly here folks! Available in ages 3 years right up to 10 years, simply choose the size you need from the drop down menu and reserve now!

Don't forget that code SCHOOL20 for 20% off too! Use it in the promotional box if you're ordering online for home delivery or mention in store when you're collecting your reserved items.

As always with Argos the reservation service is free, while home delivery will add £3.95 to your total.

Thomas & Friends/Peppa Pig Umbrella £3/£4.50 @ M&S

by Nada in Deals on 30 August, 2014 at 11:05 am

Thomas & Friends/Peppa Pig Umbrella £3/£4.50 @ M&S

The weather has changed dramatically in the last couple of weeks. I am sad to say, if you haven't already noticed, summer is on her way out. What's good about winter? Well lots of things, cosy woollen jumpers, waterproof wellies and uber-cool umbrellas. M&S has slashed the price on two styles of umbrella. Thomas & Friends, was £9 and now only £3. The Peppa Pig one was also £9 but is slightly dearer at £4.50.

Now, before you get too excited, let me break you the bad news, these are for children. They get all the cool stuff, huh? Both umbrellas come with plastic protectors on the end of each spoke to prevent any loss of eyes. The crook shaped handle is also plastic and is chunky in design to make it comfortable for little hands to hold.

I always think children's umbrellas are better made than adults ones, they NEVER blow inside out. I have had cheap ones, to Radley, even a Lulu Guinness one and they all broke from blowing inside out. Anyway, let's forget about my umbrella woes, these kiddies ones from M&S are so cute. The Thomas one is red and blue in colour with Thomas the Tank all over it. The Peppa Pig one not only features our favourite little oinker, but says "I Love Peppa" all over it.

M&S offer a free collection service from any of their stores, including Simply Food ones. If you'd prefer to have it delivered then it costs £3.50.

Back To School From 59p Delivered (With Code) Plus 20% Off With £10+ Spend @ The Works

by Nada in Deals on 30 August, 2014 at 9:57 am

Back To School From 59p Delivered (With Code) Plus 20% Off With £10+ Spend @ The Works

Still got those back to school bits to get? Cannot be bothered fighting the back to school brigade in the shops? Well, us lovely folk at Playpennies have the perfect solution. Get over to The Works site and grab stationery, drinks bottles, bags and more, from only 59p. That is not all, with the promotion code C2LPNC, you get free delivery, yee haa! Spend over £10 and you can use code 20FD instead and you will get 20% off plus free delivery. Please note, that your order must total over £10 after the 20% discount to get free P+P.

There's lots of bargains, like for just 59p you can get a clear geometry set, which is ideal for those starting secondary school. What about some self-adhesive jotter covering? Lord, I wish I had bought some of this, no joke. My eldest told me yesterday morning that he needed his jotter covered, all I had in the house was High School Musical wrapping paper. It did the job, but boy did he have a meltdown. Save yourself the same grief and just buy some.

For 99p, you can bag yourself some One Direction goodies, like the pink 1D drinks bottle. Kids always need one of these at school, for after gym or even in their packed lunch. There's also some colour themed filled pencil cases, here* and loads more for under a pound.

I found it hard to find my two eldest sons gym/swim bags for school. Everywhere local to me was sold out. Save yourself the hassle as you can get a Mickey Mouse one for only £2.99 delivered.

Still needing to buy that school bag? Save yourself some £££ and get it from The Works. For a non offensive plain black one, it's only £4.99, you can find it here*. They even cater for the fussy fashion conscious teen with jelly see through coloured bags in pink*, black*, blue* and purple*.

Remember use code C2LPNC for free delivery on an under £10 spend and 20FD for over and get 20% off and free P+P. Fill your boots, folks. There's lots of good buys at The Works and don't forget to tell us what bargains you found.

Check out our vouchers section for these promotion codes and much more.

Girls' & Boys' White 2 Pack School Polo Shirts £1.59 (Possible £1.28 With Code) @ Argos

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Deals on 30 August, 2014 at 9:56 am

Girls' & Boys' White 2 Pack School Polo Shirts £1.59 (Possible £1.28 With Code) @ Argos

My kids go back to school this week, so my friends and I are all in a frenzy of trying to get everything sorted so that the dreaded first school run will go smoothly. But if, like lots of us, it turns out that you're not quite as prepared as you thought you were, then check out this two-pack of girls' school polo shirts for just £1.59 at Argos! Plus if you quote code SCHOOL20 when collecting in store or ordering for home delivery, you could get these for as low as £1.28!

These polo shirts have a pretty 'scallop edge' knitted collar, short sleeves and a front placket opening.

They have stock left in various sizes from 3-4 years to 9-10 years but I'd buy them now if you need these, as they're bound to be out of stock pretty sharpish.

Delivery from Argos is £3.95 or if you can get to a local branch of Argos to pick yours up in person, you can use their free click and collect service and save yourself the delivery fee.

With thanks to kellz212 @HUKD.

Babystart Safety Gate £10 @ Argos

by Nada in Deals on 30 August, 2014 at 8:10 am

Babystart Safety Gate £10 @ Argos

Baby gates are one of these essential baby items that we feel like we HAVE to purchase. They are normally pretty expensive especially when you want one for the top of the stairs, one for the bottom, for the kitchen and so on. Argos are selling one at £10, now it's not reduced but I am sure you will agree that this is miles cheaper than others on the market.  If you do require multiple gates then these Babystart ones are certainly worth a look at.

These Babystart safety gates have a double locking system, and have a screw fit fixture. They are described as easy to fit and to remove. The gate can be opened with one hand, and have a two way opening.

Argos seem to sell Babystart products at very reasonable prices. When it comes to safety items, no parent wants to skimp and end up with an accident. These gates may not be made by Lindam (the famous child safety brand), and they are no way as expensive, but seems to do the job perfectly according to online reviews. That's good enough for me. I for one will be stocking up because I need one of these on every door.

Why not reserve and collect one of these free from your local Argos store? If you would rather just have them delivered to your front door then it costs £3.95.

Thanks to Miss Saver @ HUKD

Johnson's 12 Pk Box Of Baby Wipes £4 Delivered When You Join Amazon Family (Free Trial) @ Amazon

by Nada in Deals on 30 August, 2014 at 7:43 am

Johnson's 12 Pk Box Of Baby Wipes £4 Delivered When You Join Amazon Family (Free Trial) @ Amazon

If you have small children, then I urge you go get your butt over to Amazon, where they are offering a box of Johnson's extra sensitive wipes for only £4 DELIVERED! WOW! I have never ever seen them this cheap before.

To get a 12 packet box of Johnson's extra sensitive wipes for only £4, you MUST sign up to the Amazon Family three month FREE trial first. Then use the link above to add the wipes to your basket. Once you have done this they will appear as £8, this will change to only £4 once you enter the promotion code 50PCFAMILY at the checkout.

Please note that you can cancel Amazon Family at any time after signing up. If you are just signing up for the £4 wipes then order them and cancel afterwards or wait until you receive them. However, should you wish to make the most of the other perks that come with Amazon Family, like 20% off nappies then use your free trial right up to the end. You can even get free next day delivery. Whoop! We are all for that, are we not? If you do not cancel after the three months then you will be charged £79 for a years membership.

These extra sensitive baby wipes are made of 97% water and no more tears cleaning ingredients. I get on great with these wipes, but I know that like anything else we all prefer different brands etc. For me this is a no brainer, these even work out much cheaper than ever popular, Aldi's Mamia wipes

I have ordered my box, make sure you get yours too as they are limiting this offer to 3500 customers only, so DO NOT hang about.

Why not go over to our vouchers section and check out promotion codes like 50PCFAMILY and so much more.

Thanks to mr_wacky_unis @ HUKD

"Unsafe" Loom Bands Charms From The Entertainer Recalled

by Luschka van Onselen in Misc on 29 August, 2014 at 9:54 pm

"Unsafe" Loom Bands Charms From The Entertainer Recalled

This summer will go down in history as the Summer of Frozen and/or Loom Bands, as I'm sure most parents across the country are all too well aware, but now it's come to light that some of the Loom Band charms that adorn the bracelets are actually being withdrawn because they contain overly high levels of pthalates of the banned variety.

What's the problem with the recalled loom band charms?

In order to make plastic flexible, a chemical called phthalates is added. Within the EU producers are legally allowed to add 0.1%  phthalates to plastic, but about seven phthalates have been banned under EU legislation for being potentially damaging due to their carcinogenic - that's cancer causing - properties.

While Phthalates can be found in cosmetics, pharmaceutical drugs, carpets and loads of other 'every day' things, it's about the levels, and if it's under the 0.1% limit, it's generally considered 'safe'. The problem here is that these were tested by the Birmingham Assay Office and found to have from 1% to 40% pthalates!

Tester Marion Wilson said: "Phthalates will get into your system through sucking and obviously a charm hanging off a bracelet is a very high risk item, a thing most likely to suck just as you're fiddling with it.

Is it all loom band charms?

"Unsafe" Loom Bands Charms From The Entertainer Recalled

Apparently it's not all loom band charms, but the Birmingham Trading Standards are investigating various samples across the city as well as liaising with colleagues in other local authorities.  The packets that have been identified so far had foreign writing on them and the CE stamp indicating they were within European safety law.

The primary seller for these is The Entertainer, who have now made it their priority to withdraw these from sale.

A spokesperson for RMS International, which supplies the loom bands, said:

"We would like to reassure the public that loom bands are entirely safe and this only involves a number of PVC loom charms. Any concerned consumers should return their product to the retailer from where they were purchased."

RMS International which supplies these loom band charms also sells to Tesco, Asda and Argos, however, these stores do not stock the PVC charms which are under investigation.

What do you think about these loom band charms making it onto our market in the first place? Join the discussion on our Facebook page!

Frozen Backpack & Lunch Box £9.50 Free C&C @ The Entertainer

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 29 August, 2014 at 8:49 pm

Frozen Backpack & Lunch Box £9.50 Free C&C @ The EntertainerThe Entertainer are selling the Frozen Backpack and the Frozen lunch bag for £9.50. Actually, the Lunch Bag is currently reduced to £4, and the backpack for £6, but if you use the code KUV6GUA you'll get 5% off your order, bringing the lunchbag to £3.80 and the backpack to £5.70, or £9.50 together.

Delivery is £4.99 which is pretty hefty, so if you can get this delivered to a store near you for free, that would be a much better idea.

If - like me - you've not actually started on any 'back to school' shopping yet, this is a great opportunity to get started! The Frozen lunchbag and backpack due is £9.50 and with free click and collect it's a great offer!

Remember to use the code above to get your 5% off!

Thanks to dai70 at HUKD for the heads up they're back in stock!

15'x10' Posters £3.96 Delivered & 70% Off Other Sizes Too @ Snapfish

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 29 August, 2014 at 8:13 pm

15'x10' Posters £3.96 Delivered & 70% Off Other Sizes Too @ SnapfishSnapfish have huge discounts on posters, panels and canvases at the moment with varying money off vouchers. The best offer is for 70% off posters. There's £1.99 for delivery, but the best deal is for the 15'x10' posters reduced to £1.97, or £3.96 delivered.

Click here to go to Snapfish*

  • Discount: 70% off
  • Coupon Code: WALL70

Go to Snapfish, upload the image you want printed, and place your order. In the checkout, enter the coupon code and your basket price will be updated.

These codes are great for getting some early Christmas presents sorted, or for grandparents presents too! I'm thinking of one of these for a nice 'first day of school' picture, that we can then add to frame.

For these and other snapfish coupon codes see our voucher pages

Stupid stuff you say to your kids...

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Features on 29 August, 2014 at 7:00 pm
Stupid stuff you say to your kids...


We’ve all been there. Especially towards the end of the summer holidays or when you’re struggling to cope with early starts once the kids are back to school. One minute you’re exasperatedly trying to persuade your kids to do as you ask, and the next you’re uttering one of the ridiculous phrases that peppered your own childhood. It’s a parenting rite of passage that comes to us all. 

Here are five of the silliest things from my own childhood that I’ve heard myself say to my own kids this summer…

Click here to

Small Foot Company Pink Wooden Tea Set £16.06 Was £24.99 @ Amazon

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Deals on 29 August, 2014 at 4:09 pm

Small Foot Company Pink Wooden Tea Set £16.06 Was £24.99 @ Amazon

With a daughter about to have her first birthday, I am an absolute sucker for cute tea party sets and other suitable first birthday presents right now. So check out this utterly adorable wooden Small Foot Company tea set, on offer at Amazon right now for £16.06 instead of £24.99 - with free delivery, too!

I can't stress the importance of nabbing this RIGHT NOW if you're thinking of buying one though - at this price these are going to literally fly off the shelves and if you check back in half an hour I can pretty much guarantee that these will either be out of stock, or those cheeky dudes at Amazon will have popped the price back up, wise to the fact that they'll be flogging loads of them after we've told you about them!

The reviews are fab - check this out:

"My granddaughter aged 2 absolutely loves this and spends hours making us cups of tea with the teabags and offering cookies to go. A very sturdy construction and very pretty colours. Would absolutely recommend."

The only less-than-glowing review mentions the fact that it arrives in very basic packaging which the buyer didn't think was ideal for a birthday present - but frankly that wouldn't put me off at this price.

Get A Free Benefit Mini They're Real Push Up Liner For Your Old Eyeliner @ Boots

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Deals on 29 August, 2014 at 3:52 pm

Get A Free Benefit Mini They're Real Push Up Liner For Your Old Eyeliner @ Boots

If you're a fan of Benefit make-up (and frankly you'd be mad not to love it) then get to the Benefit counter at your nearest branch of Boots where you can swap ANY old eye liner for a free mini version of their brand new They're Real deluxe push-up eye liner - for two weeks only!

Given that I have a drawer full of old make-up, this seems like a particularly brilliant deal to me.

I can't find any info about this particular offer online at Boots but it's advertised on the Benefit Facebook page -  just pop to the Benefit counter at your local Boots branch with any old eyeliner and exchange for your shiny new freebie! Read about the Benefit They're Real push-up liner here.

Priced at £18.50 for the standard version, this liner certainly ain't cheap but then if you've ever sampled Benefit cosmetics you'll know that they're also particularly excellent quality. So getting a mini version of the new product in return for your manky old liner? Well that strikes me as pretty excellent.

With thanks to bap97 @ HUKD.

Beaba 3 In 1 Bottle Preparer £39.99 @ TK Maxx

by Nada in Deals on 29 August, 2014 at 11:28 am

Beaba 3 In 1 Bottle Preparer £39.99 @ TK Maxx

You will have seen the Tommee Tippee machine that makes baby bottles of milk to just the right temperature. You will also have seen how expensive they are. If you like the idea but not the price then check out this Beaba 3 in 1 bottle preparer for only £39.99, from TK Maxx. The RRP for this is £80.

This Beaba 3 in 1 bottle preparer makes bottles in ninety seconds flat. Bottles are made to thirty seven degrees, which is said to be the ideal temperature for a baby's bottle of milk. Not only does it prepare formula, but it warms bottles, food and sterilises. Why do I not have one of these? Seems like the machine to have.

It can be used using one hand, and has a self-cleaning function. Seriously, I need this in my life. It seems to be lots of things rolled into one, and that in itself could save lots of £££.

If you are in the Midlands then you may be lucky enough to be eligible for FREE collection of the Beaba 3 in 1 bottle preparer from your local TK Maxx, as they are trialling this. For the rest of the United Kingdom delivery is the only option at £3.99 or free when you spend £50 or more.

Thanks to Rachel on Facebook