50 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

by Luschka van Onselen in Misc on 22 October, 2014 at 2:00 pm

50 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

I find it really interesting that most Halloween Costumes in the UK are ghoulish and monstery - whereas my American friends come up with all sorts of creative, non-scary, non-mythical ideas for Halloween costumes. I much prefer that, I think, because I don't think the kids need extra things added to their night terrors!

Well, I found this collection of 'easy' DIY Halloween costumes, and while it's clear that some people have a very different idea of what 'easy' is - but at the same time, there are some fab costumes here: I love the jelly beans costume. Even I can blow up balloons and stick them in a bin bag!

A lot of these simply require a bit of creative gluing. Or is that attitude a sure why to get a #fail?

Should Kids Be Taught To Brush Their Teeth At School?

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Misc on 22 October, 2014 at 1:42 pm
Should Kids Be Taught To Brush Their Teeth At School?

Image credit: Flickr/Josh Kenzer

The UK's health watchdog NICE has today issued guidelines recommending that schools should teach children how to brush their teeth.

According to the Daily Mail, "shocking levels of decay" are affecting children, with tots "as young as three" facing the prospect of having all 20 of their baby teeth removed due to rotting.

The idea is that teaching staff at nurseries and primary schools should hold supervised sessions of teeth cleaning "at least once a day".

According to the Director of the Centre for Public Health at NICE, Professor Mike Kelly, many children "are being condemned to a life with rotten teeth, gum disease and poor health" because of a misunderstanding about how important it is to look after children's milk teeth and gums. He added that many children "eat too much sugar" and aren't brushing regularly with fluoride toothpaste. He also stressed the importance of giving children the best start in life.

Unsurprisingly, teaching unions and critics have hit back at the guidelinesasserting that it is the job of parents - not teachers - to take care of children's teeth.

Most worryingly, the guidelines state that some children are not issued with a toothbrush at home and are not taught how to brush their teeth.

What do you make of the NICE guidelines? Would you welcome the introduction of tooth-brushing sessions at your child's school or nursery, or do you think it's something we should not be tasking teachers with? And how do you encourage your children to brush their teeth? We'd love to hear about it if you've worked out some clever way to get your kids to take care of their pearly whites...

Barbie Junior Play Kitchen Set £16.99 (Was £39) @ Home Bargains

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Deals on 22 October, 2014 at 11:57 am

Barbie Junior Play Kitchen Set £16.99  (Was £39) @ Home Bargains

I can still remember exactly how I felt when I woke up on Christmas morning, aged 7, to discover that Santa had brought me an A La Carte Kitchen. They might not make those anymore but you can recreate a little of that magic with this Barbie Junior Play Kitchen set - it's just £16.99 at Home Bargains right now, reduced from the RRP of £39.00.

Included in this set is everything little Barbie fans will need to cook up a (pretend) storm, including toy cooking utensils. It measures 29.7" high incase you need to work out where it might fit, and it is suitable for little ones aged three and over.

I'm definitely going to investigate one of these for my little lady, although she's a bit too young for this particular toy kitchen. She's recently taking to obsessively opening and closing the doors on my desk - suffice it to say that's where we've found all manner of missing items in our house of late, including the car keys and the TV remote control - so I think she really needs a little toy kitchen to fiddle about with instead.

Home delivery will cost you £3.49.

Leapfrog Read With Me Scout £17.99 (Was £29.99) @ Amazon

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Deals on 22 October, 2014 at 11:40 am

Leapfrog Read With Me Scout £17.99 (Was £29.99) @ Amazon

Amazon has dropped the price of the Leapfrog Read With Me Scout toy. Normally £29.99, it's £17.99 right now but Amazon do have a cheeky habit of cranking the price back up as soon as lots of interest is shown in an item, so don't dither if you want to snap one up at this price.

Suitable for children aged between 2 and 5 years old, Read With Me Scout is a cute and cuddly puppy dog toy that can read. Yes, really. He comes with 5 fully illustrated board books and can read them all and even ask more than 70 questions to help little ones with their reading comprehension.

I've yet to clap eyes on Scout myself but I've heard so many people rave about this little toy, and it certainly strikes me as a lovely fun way to get little ones engaged with reading. I can imagine Scout becoming a firm favourite cuddly playmate, too.

There are some excellent reviews of this on Amazon , with customers rating it an average of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Delivery is free from Amazon on this too, since you're spending more than £10.

Pirate Ship Playset £10 (Was £25) @ John Lewis

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Deals on 22 October, 2014 at 11:30 am

Pirate Ship Playset £10 (Was £25) @ John Lewis

Arr, me hearties, head to John Lewis if you've got a pirate fan in the house, because there's currently £15 off this cute Pirate Ship Playset. I can't say I'd have paid the normal price of £25 for this, but it's now reduced to just £10 which seems like a steal to me.

This is suitable for children aged over 12 months, and it's ideal for the bath. At least that's what the product description says, but there's some debate online as to whether it's actually a bath toy - customers who have purchased something very similar from John Lewis in the past seem to think the description must be a mistake, because theirs plays music and thus is obviously NOT safe for use in the bath.

Still, the little row boat and crocodile seem safe for the bath, as do the little pirates. I found toys like this were brilliant when my boys were little and going through a stage of hating having their hair washed in the bath - a fun toy full of fiddly bits and distractions like this took all the stress out of bath time.

Standard UK delivery is £3, or you can order one online using the link above but select the option to use their free Click & Collect option to pick one up from your local branch of John Lewis with no delivery charge.

With thanks to mobjw @HUKD. 

Disney Frozen Sisters Forever T-Shirt £2 (Was £4) @ Asda

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Deals on 22 October, 2014 at 11:00 am

Disney Frozen Sisters Forever T-Shirt £2 (Was £4) @ Asda

If you've got a little Disney Frozen fan who is perpetually dressed from head to toe in Frozen clothing, then the one thing you really, really need is yet another Frozen t-shirt, right? I mean c'mon, you can surely never have too many items of Frozen clothing. And right now this cute Sisters Forever t-shirt is just £2, reduced from £4. Move fast though - several sizes are already out of stock.

I can't vouch for the quality of this particular t-shirt - although it's 100% cotton which is a good start - but that's pretty amazing value, and it'll be super cute if you bag two for a pair of Frozen-loving sisters.

Might also be a handy item for popping in your present drawer or even in your emergency Christmas pressie stash. You know - for those times when you're caught on the hop by someone giving your child a present at Christmas whom you hadn't factored into your own Chrismas shopping.

Delivery is £2.95 or you can order one online but opt to collect it from your nearest branch of Asda for free. 

There's also this t-shirt and this one at the same price, with varying levels of stock left.

With thanks to wendone @HUKD

Leap Frog My Own Leaptop £9.38 With Code (£12.33 Delivered) @ Asda Direct

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Deals on 22 October, 2014 at 10:25 am

Leap Frog My Own Leaptop £9.38 With Code (£12.33 Delivered) @ Asda Direct

This is a pretty nice price for the Leapfrog 'My Own Leaptop' if you're thinking of treating a special little someone to one of these for Christmas. It's £14.00 at Asda right now which is already a few quid cheaper than elsewhere online right now, but when you add the voucher code LEAP33 at the basket checkout stage you'll get the price down to just £9.38.

Leapfrog toys always seem to be super popular with parents and kids alike, and this one is suitable for tots aged two years and older.

This has four different learning modes including letter sounds and names of animals plus games and singing, and it's billed as an age-appropriate way to help your tot get to grips with basic computer literacy skills. There's even an option to have the Leaptop spell you child's name.

I know my daughter would absolutely love having her own keypad to bash away on when she's watching me on mine, and something like this might even buy me a few extra minutes to catch up on emails before she starts trying to get her mitts on my laptop!

Delivery is £2.95 or you can order it online using the link above, but opt to pick it up from your nearest branch of Asda without paying any delivery charges. 

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Cutie Mark £12.50 (Was £25) @ Tesco Direct

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Deals on 22 October, 2014 at 10:00 am

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Cutie Mark £12.50 (Was £25) @ Tesco Direct

It's bargains galore on toys over at Tesco right now, but how do you like the sound of 50% off the My Little Pony Pinkie Pie light-up cuddly toy? Pop over to Tesco Direct, then, where you can grab one of these cuddly characters for just £12.50 instead of £25.

Apparently these sell out of stock quicker than you can sing the My Little Pony theme tune so you'll want to gallop (sorry) on over to Tesco now if you want to nab one.

These My Little Pony soft toys are pink, cute and cuddly and they sing and light up when you squeeze their tummy. What else is there to say?! They're not suitable for children under three years of age, however.

Standard delivery costs £3.00 or you can order one online by clicking the link above, but opt to use the free click and collect service to pick yours up from your nearest branch of Tesco. Simples!

With thanks to boff20 @HUKD.

Avengers Assemble Back Pack Gift Set £3.50 @ Tesco Direct

by Nada in Deals on 22 October, 2014 at 9:40 am

Avengers Assemble Back Pack Gift Set £3.50 @ Tesco Direct

The Avengers Assemble Back Pack Gift Set is now only £3.50, from Tesco Direct. It had previously been £7 and even at that it's reasonable. I can't say I have seen this anywhere else. An ideal gift for any Marvel fan.

With this Marvel Avengers Assemble Back Pack Gift Set you get a back pack style wash bag to hold your toiletries in. No kidding my other half would love this for himself! You also get a huge 400ml bottle of Avengers Bath & Shower Gel and a 200ml bottle of 2 in 1 Avengers Shampoo and Conditioner.

This is certainly one way to get the kids to clean themselves. My eldest son is a right soap-dodger at times, and trust me if it wasn't for toiletry sets like this, he'd be a right smelly toe rag. I am not sure what superheroes smell like so I am unsure of the scent, however, I am sure it will be completely inoffensive.

You can click and collect the Marvel Avengers Assemble Back Pack Toiletry Gift Set from your local Tesco store for FREE or pay £3 for delivery.

Thanks to vickywelshie @ HUKD

Christmas Duvets For Kids £10 @ ASDA

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 22 October, 2014 at 9:30 am

Christmas Duvets For Kids £10 @ ASDAASDA have a range of Christmas Duvets available for kids, and they're just £10, so stocks on these go fast, fast, fast! Store collection is free, or you can have them home delivered for £2.95.

There's a Christmas Pug duvet, and a gorgeous Christmas Pin Up, which is also available in double and king for a little bit more (£12/£14).  The Snow Scene Duvet* for a cot is just £9, and Little Miss Duvet Set* is £10 too.

I guess since you're only using these for a few weeks of the year, you wouldn't want to spend a fortune on them, so these are ideal.

You could also go for something a little less Christmas and a little more Winter, like the Ski Scene Duvet Coveror the Photographic Polar Bear Duvet Set*.

Of course there's always good old Elsa and Anna to fall back on, but they're up to £18.

A nice way to build up to Christmas, methinks?

Thanks to MissBint at HUKD

Perfect Halloween Pregnancy Announcement

by Luschka van Onselen in Misc on 21 October, 2014 at 10:08 pm

The PlayPennies team spotted this cute Halloween pregnancy announcement today, and we spent ages chatting about it, and comparing stories on how we sprung the news.

This video shows mum-to-be Leslie welcoming her other half home wearing her pregnancy announcement. It made us all well up a little!

Perfect Halloween Pregnancy Announcement

How did you tell your partner about your pending arrival?  Join the conversation on our Facebook Page!

Vtech Sofia's Tablet £13.22 @ Amazon

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 21 October, 2014 at 9:28 pm

Vtech Sofia's Tablet £13.22 @ AmazonAmazon have a great price on the VTech Sofia Tablet, reduced to £13.22 instead of £22.99. It qualifies for free delivery, so a nice little saving.  The Tablet is £22.99 at Argos and £23 at Boots.

This little tablet is a good gift for little people. It is just the right size for their hands, and teaches a range of areas, like language, vocabulary, phonics, music and more.

There are character buttons to hear responses, and pattern & memory activities that help develop logical thinking. The QWERTY keyboard promotes typing skills and the classical style melodies and magical sounds add to the enjoyment. 

The design is durable and there's volume control and automatic shut-off for long lasting play. 

The manufacturers description says these are good for kids from 24 months, but it doesn't say how long it's likely to keep a child's attention. Hopefully you'll get a good few years of play out of it!

Thanks to nic0000 at HUKD

Get A £10 Gift Card For £5 When You Spend £25 @ Build A Bear

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 21 October, 2014 at 8:47 pm

Get A £10 Gift Card For £5 When You Spend £25 @ Build A BearBuild A Bear are offering an essentially half price gift card when you spend £25 in store or online.

Once you've popped your items into the basket, and signed in - or continued without signing in - and you'll receive the following message:

Cubgratulations™! Your order qualifies you to get a £10.00 gift card for only £5.00! Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself – it’s up to you! Just click “Add to basket” below to add this special gift card offer to your order. Limit 1 discounted card per order.

You can't add it to the same order - i.e. you can't take £5 off of that spend - but you can keep it for the next time you shop at Build a Bear, essentially saving yourself £5. You can of course also gift it to someone. Either way, it's yours to do with as you please, but you only get one per order.

It's worth noting too, that you can make up your £25 out of anything - including sale items!

Thanks for the heads up Matzi2000 at HUKD

Free Printable Disney Stickers @ Disney Rewards

by Luschka van Onselen in Freebies on 21 October, 2014 at 8:14 pm

Free Printable Disney Stickers @ Disney RewardsDisney Rewards have these free printables that can be downloaded and printed off as much as you  like. As one clever cookie suggested, you can print it onto sticky paper and have DIY room decor, or stickers for the kids for one of the million things kids like stickers for.

The freebie consists of 2 A4 pages, featuring some of the most loved Disney characters, including Tinkerbell, Simba, Grumpy the Dwarf, and I think Dopey the Dwarf too. There's also the majority of the Mickey Mouse Club House crew and a few others too.

I love the idea of printing these on sticky paper, but regular paper will do fine too. Print them off and stick them on a straw or lollipop stick for stick puppets too. Lots of rainy day fun, and you don't even have to be crafty.

Thanks to n15hu at HUKD

Roadsterz 6v Electric Ride-On Quad HALF PRICE (Was £70) @ Halfords With Free Delivery

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Deals on 21 October, 2014 at 4:15 pm

Roadsterz 6v Electric Ride-On Quad HALF PRICE (Was £70) @ Halfords With Free Delivery

Hands up who'd like a quad bike for Christmas? Sadly this one is a tad too little for me, but I know a few little people who would love it. The Roadsterz 6v Electric Ride-On Quad has been reduced from £70 to just £35 at Halfords right now. Delivery is free too, since you're spending more than £30.

Also try entering the voucher code B15BK04 at the basket checkout stage and you should get the price down even further to £31.50.

Available in pink or green, this super cool quad comes with a rechargeable battery (the charger is also included) which keeps it powered for 60-90 minutes, and it can reach top speeds of 3km/ph. Prettty nifty.

Suitable for a maximum weight of 30kg, these quad bikes have a foot-operated accelerator, chunky wheels and easy grip handles, and they take 8-10 hours to charge. So pretty much the same as kids, then.

Best of all, this comes with free delivery as standard when you spend £30 or more at Halfords. Or if you prefer, you can order one online using the link above and opt to collect it at your nearest branch of Halfords, also with no additional charge.

With thanks to nano parker @ HUKD.

Atomic Kitten's Natasha Hamilton Gives Birth At Home In A Birthing Pool

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Celebaby on 21 October, 2014 at 3:00 pm

Atomic Kitten's Natasha Hamilton Gives Birth At Home In A Birthing Pool

It seems that Natasha Hamilton - formerly a singer with girl band Atomic Kitten - is the latest celebrity mum to discover the joys of a water birth.

The singer recently gave birth to a baby girl, a sister to big brothers Harry and Josh. Little Ella Rose was born at home in a birthing pool, according to OK! magazine who ran an exclusive interview with Natasha and her boyfriend, Ritchie Neville, of boy band 5ive.

Ritchie told the magazine that his daughter's birth was the best night of his life and a moment that he will treasure forever. All together now: Ahhh.

Baby Ella was born in an inflatable birthing pool in the couple's living room, and Natasha says both parents shed a few tears when their little girl arrived.

I planned for a water birth with my first baby but he clearly had other ideas and was well on his way into the world before we had time to fill the pool. But I've only ever heard fabulous things about water births and I'll admit to being a teeny bit sad that I never did get to experience one. Still, not sad enough to warrant doing it all over again, I hasten to add.

Did you have a water birth and / or a home birth? We'd love to hear all about your experience if so - you can join the conversation on Twitter or on our Facebook page. Did the water play a part in pain relief, and did your partner take the plunge too, or stick to dry land?

Spend £10 On Amazon And Get £2 Free On Appstore For Android

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 21 October, 2014 at 11:26 am

Spend £10 On Amazon And Get £2 Free On Appstore For AndroidThis offer does pretty much what it says on the title: when you spend £10 on Amazon, they'll give you £2 to spend on the Appstore for Android. It may not sound huge, but it's technically a 20% 'freebie'.

Between 20-26 October 2014, spend £10 in a single order on item(s) dispatched from and sold by Amazon.co.uk and receive a £2 promotional code to spend in the Amazon Appstore. When you've placed your order, your credit will be applied to your account automatically and you'll receive a confirmation email.

Your credit will be valid until 10 December 2014.

It's worth noting that Amazon apps can only be used on an Android device. Apps downloaded from the Amazon Appstore are not available on iPhones, iPads, Blackberries, Windows Phones or any other non-Android device.

I normally just go for free apps, unless I know for sure it's something I'll use a lot, but there are a couple I've thought about and this sounds like a good excuse to go or it!

Thanks to Chanchi32 at HUKD

Massive Toy Sale Up To 50% Off @ Smyths

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 21 October, 2014 at 11:08 am

Massive Toy Sale Up To 50% Off @ SmythsThere's up to 50% off toys online at Smyths right now, with some great bargains to be had.

There are a lot of toys in the sale, but not all of them have a lot off. A few where the savings are great are:

The Disney Princess Carriage Toddler Bed* is £145, down from £199. Argos have it for £179, so this is definitely the best price I can find it at. Perfect for a little girl's room, this one.

There are also Leapfrog LeapPad Ultra's on sale for £59.99, reduced from over £80, which in itself was a whole lot better than the £119 Boots is selling it for! You can get those in Pink* or Green*.

I know it's an up to 50% off sale, but the majority of stuff seems to have up to 25% off, really.

Do let us know if you manage to grab a bargain though!

My Little Pony Twilight Sparkles Rainbow Kingdom £25.99 @ Amazon

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 21 October, 2014 at 10:41 am

My Little Pony Twilight Sparkles Rainbow Kingdom £25.99 @ AmazonAmazon are selling My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle's Rainbow Kingdom for £25.99, reduced from £39.99. It's currently selling at that price at Toys R Us, and £29.99 at Argos.

The reviews on this product are pretty divided between adults and children. The children seem to love it - no surprises there - while the adults don't think it's particularly well made, and that it falls apart too easily for their liking. What that says to me is that my kids will love it, and I'll buy some superglue with it!

The castle comes with a special edition Princess Twilight Sparkle figure. Little ones can dress her with shoes, skirt, tiara and a bracelet.

It also comes with secret keys that 'unlock surprises' and the pony can sit in the slide car and go down the castle's slide.

It's definitely one of those things that's for fans, and not their parents, but I know for certain my kids would love it!

Kids Karrimor Sierra Jackets Pink £6.99/£10.98 Delivered @ Sports Direct

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 21 October, 2014 at 10:05 am

Kids Karrimor Sierra Jackets Pink £6.99/£10.98 Delivered @ Sports DirectSports Direct are selling kids Karrimor Sierra Jackets in pink for £6.99, reduced from an apparent £34.99. There's a £3.99 delivery fee if you spend under £100, totaling £10.98, which is still a good price.

I have been trying to scale down my kids' wardrobe (because there's enough in there to fill a shop!), but when it came to rain wear, I realise that one just isn't enough. If it's not wet, or somewhere drying, it's on, so I almost feel like they need three winter coats and rain jackets, to have any chance to stay dry!

The Karrimor Sierra Jacket Infants will keep you warm and protected from any harsh weather elements thanks to Weathertite fabric that is breathable, waterproof and windproof. This kids waterproof jacket is also designed with a fold away hood and storm guard collar for added protection from the weather. 

Available in sizes from 2 - 6 years, there doesn't seem to be any limits on stock just now.

There's also a blue jacket available, but it's price changes by size, starting at £8.50 and going up to £11.50.