Shell Jacket £12.99 @ H&M

Shell Jacket £12.99 @ H&M

Shell Jacket DebenhamsI'm not saying that we'll get the usual wet summer. Hopefully, that lovely Easter holidays we just had is a taste of things to come. But there's Spring and Autumn, and a lightweight water proof jacket is still a must in this country's climate. This shell jacket was originally £24.99 at H&M. It has been reduced to £17.99 in the sale, and by using the code 1304, you can get another £5 off. Taking the total to £12.99.

Delivery on the site is £3.90. So the total delivered is £16.89. It is available in sizes up to 7 to 8 years, and comes in pink, with fun spots, or blue with sort of outer space spotty design.

The shell jacket has a detachable hood, with a zip and velcro fastening at the front. Side pockets have a zip, and the jacket has a reflective piping at the top and reflective detail at the back. The lining is jersey. The website says that it is "functional windproof and water-repellent fabric with lapped seams".

The jackets look fairly well made and comfortable. I think they'll keep young ones warm and dry on wet and windy days. Oh dear I think I'm tempting fate here though! Really I'm hoping that this will be a bad buy because son won't get more than couple of days use out of it before he grows out of it! Could we really have a summer as good as that though? Touch wood we will.

Thanks for the code to dzieju at HUKD!


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