Kids Character Shaped Pillowcases £2.99 @ Aldi

Character Shaped Pillowcases £2.99 @ Aldi

The Specialbuys at Aldi just keep getting better and better! Lisa told us about the awesome Kids Toys Specialbuys already but I am completely in love with these adorable character pillowcases!

I recently spotted some similar ones at another high street store and they were around the £8 mark, Aldi have knocked them out the park selling them at just £2.99 each!

They are such a fun idea with an almost 3D design to them. There are four options to choose from, all at £2.99 each. They are:

They are a brilliant addition to any little ones bedroom and are completely unique.

Aldi have recently changed their home delivery policy, there is now a £2.99 charge for orders under £20. Anything over £20 will still get FREE home delivery.

If these pillowcases sell out online then don't worry as they will be in Aldi stores from Sunday 8th April, subject to availability.

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  • Lana A.

    They’re from Aldi :thumbsup: xXx

  • Catherine E.

    we should get these for the kids holiday

  • Laura D.

    Get all 4 they're only £2.99 xxx

  • Bev B.

    Ok I'll tell him to find out who's on on Sunday xx

  • James A.

    TBH shark would score high with the boy. Mermaid looks like madam, who might pick unicorn depending what day you show it to her and the terrorist would chose any depending on mood. Tough call

  • Babsie D.

    feel free to get the unicorn

  • Hollie C.

    Can I have a unicorn one please? :kissing_heart: xxx

  • Sophie D.

    I've just been looking at them :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Georgie M.

    I was thinking more for the small one :thinking::joy:

  • Katie W.

    Fuming mate. Literally popped up on my feed then.

  • Karen G.

    Fabulous! I would get a mermaid & shark!!!

  • Karen G.

    Just saw they are ALDI! I will go in the day they are out if I can

  • Hayley D.

    I dunno but the mermaid and unicorn is needed z

  • Sian H.

    There good aren't they xx

  • Jodie A.

    Wow!!! He could wake up facing it everyday!

  • Jools I.

    So cool!! I must get a unicorn lol :unicorn:

  • Katie I.

    Aww I'll need to try get him one!! X

  • Kirsty R.

    Ordered!!!! :heart_eyes: thanks Hun

  • Helen C.

    Oh my!!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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