Kids Toy Specialbuys @ Aldi

Kids Toy Specialbuys @ Aldi

Kids Toy Specialbuys are coming to Aldi next Sunday 8th April, and you can pre-order online now! There are some amazing bargain buys including Teepees, a Dolls House, Play Kitchen, Colour-In Playhouses and lots more! A few are online exclusives and won't be in stores, so you'll need to be quick to grab them!

  1. Click here for Toy Specialbuys @ Aldi*

Here's a few of our favourites:

Aldi have recently changed their home delivery policy so that it's now only free on orders of £20 or more, with charges from £2.99 for smaller orders.

Most of these items (except the online exclusives) will be in Aldi stores from Sunday 8th April, subject to availability.

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  • Kay H.

    wooden food looks good xx

  • Naomi H.

    colour in houses look good! X

  • Jo E.

    ... they have the wooden birthday cake :birthday: xx

  • Ali H.

    Haha! I love tee pees but no room. His tent isn't even up any more :joy:

  • Julie N.

    Best go and have a look.x

  • Sarah B.

    Love that teepee thanks I'll have a look for the cakes too thank u xx

  • Janet S.

    We need to go back lol xc

  • Katy A.

    Our local Aldi has got this one. So tempted...but want to hang out for the big version like Jess’s! I really hope they bring it back xx

  • Dan C.

    *cough* the teepee with bunting *cough*

  • Dan C.

    We bought it for Ellis it’s too cool.

  • Radhika T.

    Aww thanks hun....will try and get it online tonight. X

  • Dan C.

    I liked Joshua’s so have been looking for one for ages!

  • Becky R.

    Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out. X

  • Katy W.

    I neeeed the shark puppet!

  • Steph A.

    A few of my friends kids have got this kitchen they rate it but they do sell out fast. Yeah still doing kids I’m there this Thursday and Friday xx

  • Lynsey L.

    Tippee is amazing we got one the last time it’s huge and so much fun my little girl loves it xx

  • Steph A.

    Yep Thursday Friday Saturday xx

  • Katy B.

    Oh that’s actually really nice!

  • Sarah S.

    We were but got an Ikea one the other day. Darn it! X

  • Claire H.

    Love the dolls house...accessories sold separately. From Aldi too?

  • Dan C.

    Ain’t got time for that....

  • Katie G.

    Our teepee is from Aldi :heart_eyes:

  • Cheryl H.

    I think he'll love it xxx

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