Freemans Promotional Code: 20% Off

Freemans Promotional Code: 20% Off

Use this Freemans promotional code to get 20% off everything. There are two exceptions though - you can't use it on sale items and electricals. The code is valid to use until midnight on Sunday.

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  • Discount: 20%
  • Promotional code: L8CP
  • Expires: 25th March, 2012

To use this code, you'll have to go through checkout. You'll find the box for any offer codes on the fourth page of the checkout process.

The website has a number of new arrivals in its maternity department, and there are some gorgeous items in there. Like the Maternity Tunic pictured above. Now that looks like a top you can continue wearing long after the baby is born.

Can I let you into a little secret? Now, this is JUST between you and me right. I still wear all the maternity tops I bought when I was pregnant with my son seven years ago. The good thing is that sort of maternity style is still in fashion. Plus I invested in a few tops - not too many but I spent some decent money on the tops I did buy. And they've lasted well.

Thanks to djmetsandy at HUKD!


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