Bakugan Scooter £13.32 @ Sainsburys

4 November 2010

bakuganScooter It amuses me that this Bakugan scooter actually costs less than a set of Bakugan Battle Brawlers!

"Baku what?"


"Baku WHAT?!"

"BA K U G A N!!"

That's how the first coversation between me and my youngest went when first introduced me to the world of Bakugan.  I thought he was saying 'battle gun' but no, it's 'back-oo-garn'.

Here's a quick Bakugan 101 for you, so you can impress your child with your Bakugan knowledge later!

Bakugan is animated series that originated in Japan (where else!) and tells the adventures of seven children known as the Battle Brawlers who find six metallic cards that have fallen from the sky (these are the Bakugan that have come to earth...sort of).

The Bakugan are creatures who live on a parallel world called Vestroia, it's peace and balance is maintained by two oppossing cores: the Silent Core - the source of negative energy and the Infinity Core - the source of positive engery,

You can see what's coming right? Naga, a powerful Bakugan, decides to absorb these energy cores but absorbes too much negativity and goes BAD!

And so the usual epic struggle and battles between good Bakugan and bad Bakugan begins!

There won't be any Bakugan battles with the Bakugan scooter though, just lots of happy scooting.

There's no much I can tell you about it - it's a scooter and we all know they come with at least two wheels a set of upright handle bars and a horizontal foot plate to stand on!

I can tell you that it should be £19.99 but Sainsburys have whipped a third off and brought the price down to £13.32; lovely.

Happy Bakugan scooting!

Thanks to Leese over at HUKD

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