Back To School: Everything You Need Checklist

Back To School: Everything You Need

Where would we be without lists? The Summer Holidays are hectic and costly for many of us too. There's holidays, entertainment for the kids, childcare and not forgetting new School stuff to shell out for. Thankfully, you have us on your side to compile as full list of all those 'Back to School' items you need

School Uniform For Boys:

  • Two Pairs of School Trousers
  • Pair of School Shorts
  • Four School Polo Shirts or Shirts
  • A Belt (if required)
  • Two Jumpers, Tank Tops or Cardigans - one with a logo on and one plain for spare.
  • Pair of School Shoes
  • Pack of Socks (5-7 Pairs)
  • Lightweight Waterproof Jacket (foldable)
  • Winter Coat
  • Summer Cap
  • Hat and Gloves Set (for colder weather)

School Uniform For Girls:

  • Two School Pinafores, Playsuits or Skirts
  • A Pair of Trousers
  • Four School Blouses or Polo Shirts
  • Two Jumpers or Cardigans
  • Two Pairs of Tights
  • Pack of 5-7 Pairs of Socks
  • Pair of School Shoes
  • Lightweight Waterproof Jacket (foldable)
  • Jacket/Coat (for colder weather)

Additional Clothing for Boys and Girls:

  • A Pair of Gym Shoes or Trainers
  • Gym Kit of T-Shirt and Shorts
  • Swimming Costume or Trunks
  • Gym Bag
  • Swimming Bag

School Equipment for Boys and Girls:


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  • Louise T.

    Roll on Wednesday!!!!

  • Nikita W.

    I love checklists lol

  • Anne C.

    may help with what you need for school xx

  • Joy B.

    - oooo a list! :smiley:xx

    • Lucy J.

      Hitting print right now!! Xx

  • Lisa K.

    All done apart from pencils and a ruler

  • Karen R.

    Only 2 pairs of trousers and 1 pair of shorts? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

    • Sarah M.

      I have 4 pairs of trousers and 2 lots of shorts lol

  • Marie D.

    now this is something else!! Let's laminate it and use it year after year :joy::joy:

    • Katherine C.

      Loving it!!

  • Nadine R.

    I love lists!!!!! Lol

  • Elaine M.

    Think it should be 5 polo top or shirts lol xx

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