Where To Buy School Playsuits in UK

Where To Buy School Playsuits

Wondering where to buy School Playsuits in the UK? They are a practical alternative to those traditional Gingham School Dresses. Last year, they came and they went in a quick flash - leaving it near impossible to get one. Don't make the same mistake this year, snap one up now.

We are keeping our eye on who is stocking them, what's on offer and for how much...


  • Gingham Playsuit* from £8.50-£11.50 (Available in Red, Blue, Navy, Yellow & Green)


Asda George


Marks and Spencer


John Lewis



Keep your eye on this post for updates on where to buy those School Playsuits.

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  • Sarah H.

    sounder who would LOVE these :ok_hand_tone2::blush: xx

  • Kate H.

    perfect for the gymnasts so they don't flash their pants!

  • Nicola B.

    Will definitely be buying these this year!

  • Kelly C.

    Makes going to the toilet a bit tricky though!? :/ Asda are selling the gingham shorts :relaxed:

  • Amy E.

    Really good but our 3yr old struggled with getting it off for toilet trips xx

  • Hayley T.

    Thanks. I noticed someone was making these and wondered where you could get them from x

  • Aimee M.

    In fact, are they allowed them? X

  • Amanda W.

    Ive never even sae these before!

  • Sara C.

    Oh I actually love these!!! X

  • Jo L.

    Not great when your child has to get naked to use the toilet

  • Lindsey P.

    Lots of schools don't allow these. I'd check with your school's dress code before wasting your money

    • Kathryn M.

      Why wouldn't they allow them their basically shorts .which boys are allowed to wear?

    • Lindsey P.

      I think it's the undressing thing. People were getting them last year and being told they weren't allowed by the schools (there were posts on the mum groups last summer) Obviously all schools are different and some are stricter with uniform policies than others

    • Lindsey P.

      When my daughter was in primary school the girls were not allowed to wear shorts (she's 17 now so things might have changed)

    • Lauren J.

      I wasnt aware they probably werent allowed last year and our school accepted however my cousin who is a teacher said her school wouldn't allow for the fact of undressing and having to put them on the toilet floors :mask: its a hygiene thing even tho i said they gave girls more modesty during the summer months. X

  • Sarah T.

    They r nice. I just worry if Evie could undo it in time to go to the toilet at school lol :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

  • Julie J.

    Look great till they need the loo

  • Sarah T.

    They look nice thou. May have to try her in one

  • Teri S.

    Wow girls will love them :heart_eyes:

    • Lisa K.

      Yeah they are nice. Would they be allowed to wear them x

  • Laura E.

    Just looked know where has them especially in yellow! I'm going to put it to school to see if the girls can wear blue summer dresses x

    • Loubylou

      Marks n Spencer have yellow

  • Katie B.

    I just can help but think of the whole playsuit on the floor in the loo when they need a wee :mask:

  • Shelley B.

    Such a good idea I would love ruby to wear a playsuit but she will only wear dresses or skirts X

  • Dianne D.

    Not keen on them lol prefer dresses xx

  • Natasha M.

    These are soooo cute! Unfortunately if given a choice Evie will only wear a dress, even a skirt's asking too much sometimes :joy: xx

  • Ashleigh B.

    I wanted them last year but they all sold out very quick! Better wen they doing cart wheels and handstands at school lol x

  • Vicki L.

    Nah, she'd hate them! They'd have to get naked to go to the loo and I doubt the school would allow them to be honest xx

  • Sarah H.

    Nightmare for going to the loo have to take whole thing off plus my daughter always gets wedgys in this type of material lol x

  • Angela L.

    Thanks luv!! Seen these last year n thought they'd be perfect for wee z xxx

  • Fiona P.

    Marks n Spencer's do yellow play suit for £9 for Cristelle? x

  • Kaye L.

    Just noticed its a playsuit will have to Order one xx

  • Sarah S.

    Yeah I think they'd be great for them suppose it saves me sticking shorts under Summer's dress xx

  • Kay W.

    Nice for school when it eventually gets warm

  • Sarah S.

    It's just if the toilet floor is clean or not... wouldn't want it dropping onto the floor ewww xx

  • Kerry G.

    :thinking::thinking: can't imagine loo visits being a great success lol

  • Stephanie M.

    I know it's a good wee price isn't it! I was thinking about getting Chloe a few for nursery but they are too big lol xx

  • Laura H.

    That's the one she's got! It's from Marks and Spencer :smiley: I might order her another one and I've seen one on asda website that's like her grey pinafore but shorts instead. She will love that! X

  • Laura B.

    Ahh that's a shame. They are so cute and practical. X

  • Sarah R.

    True but stop knicker flashing cartwheels

  • Rebekah S.

    They don't have purple :weary:

  • Jodie S.

    They are on line to buy on Asda website... just bought evie a couple x

  • Lauren J.

    Marks and Spencer have them in at the moment too x

  • Ceri R.

    I love these but MM would struggle so much with going to the loo. Thats why she doesn't have any playsuits to wear at home.

  • Kirsty O.

    I know might have to invest in some !

  • Sarah P.

    Stupid idea. Pain in the backside to get off for the loo and rides up there butts :rolling_eyes:

  • Nicky A.

    Love them......but not very practical!

  • Kate H.

    Fab I'll have a look be perfect for school xx no pants showing :joy:

  • Hanna W.

    thought it would be a nice change to dresses. oh well! x

  • Siobhan D.

    I don't understand why you would want these? Nightmare to go to the loo. Surely shorts and tshirt makes more sense?

  • Lisa P.

    Not sure the daughter would approve :information_desk_person: x

  • Kim G.

    Aah i see what you mean.. i was thinking shorts to go under a dress but i like these too. Cheers. Xx

  • Ceri R.

    I love the idea and would mean I wouldnt have to get her shorts underneath. Maybe when she is a bit older

  • Helen M.

    I wonder if boys are allows to wear these too. Nice summer option for small boys :thinking:

  • Karen J.

    I bought aliyah one last summer will be getting another for this summer xx

  • Sophie A.

    Yea :) will have to have a look x

  • Tricia M.

    They look good but what about going to the toilet. They'd have to get undressed and then they'd be on the toilet floor. :confused:

  • Leanne M.

    Lacey needs this style :rolling_eyes::see_no_evil::joy:

  • Danielle H.

    Seen these going to get amberly the blue one for school x x x

  • Donna F.

    Marley would love these but she would be a nightmare since she waits until the very last minute to pee.....lol x

  • Jenny W.

    Ooh love the look of these! So much more practical than normal dresses x

  • Tina M.

    My girl dident like hers as she said going to the toilet was a nightmare as she was allways in a hurry

    • Vger G.

      My daughters almost 6 & she still does i think playsuits are so cute but she can never get them off in time to go to the toilet xxx

  • Charlotte W.

    Haha I just see them. Millie would wear one of them lol x

  • Lisa W.

    Seen them but girls didn't like them thanks though

  • Dani E.

    more ladylike :joy::joy::joy: but nightmare for toilet I'd imagine?

  • Louise E.

    They are nice but tough for the little ones to go to toilet maybe?

  • Rose H.

    They are a little different but I like them. Xx

  • Rachel A.

    She'd never get that off in time to wee :joy:

  • Lauren S.

    Yh but don't think she'll manage going to the toilet lol x

  • Ami B.

    Oh I see thankyou these are ace! Xxx

  • Nikki J.

    How cute are these for ivy xx

  • Emma H.

    :thinking::thinking::thinking: going to try and get some if we see a summer x

  • Stacey W.

    Thanks hun. I tried asda earlier and there sold out :-(

  • Sam W.

    Probably, im just not sure!

  • Natalie G.

    Yes! Absolutely ridiculous. Can just imagine kids sitting in their vests with their whole uniform lying on the dirty toilet floor. :neutral_face:

  • Leanne B.

    Will show grace these, she might like them :grin:

  • Emma M.

    I love these but I'm worried ameliarose would struggle to get it on and off when she needed a wee xx

  • Jade D.

    Headmaster won't let them wear them :rolling_eyes: I asked last term when I saw them xx

  • Sarah D.

    Ha ha yeah seen these good idea xxx

  • Jackie T.

    Wrong shade of purple :unamused:

  • Donna P.

    Sophie don't want them this year she wants a dress with a zip not buttons lol

  • Sarah T.

    Showed roo them the other week she hated it cos they were shorts n not a dress :rolling_eyes: I love them!!! Xxxx

  • Sinead R.

    Wish I had seen this earlier, as I got her 2 more dresses today whilst I was in Sainsbury's, but wish I had seen these or similar beforehand as I think she would like this better!!! Thinking though, weeing in a hurry may prove slightly testing?!?! Lol!!! :joy: she would love this though! :thumbsup:

  • Jo S.

    I bought layla these in asda! Lol

  • Rachel C.

    I have just brought maddi two of these x

  • Karen R.

    Have people actually checked with the schools to make sure they can wear them?? I'm a teacher and I know the schools I have worked at would probably say no to these!

    • Melanie D.

      Exactly what I was thinking..I bet they wouldn't be allowed at our school.

    • Sharlet L.

      Can i ask why wouldn't they be allowed? Just curious x

    • Karen R.

      Because every school has a uniform policy and this most definitely isn't part of one. That's not to say that all schools would say no, but I would totally check before paying out for one x

    • Sandy W.

      School uniform isn't a legal requirement in primary schools, so although some schools may not like them, there's nothing stopping the children from wearing them

    • Karen R.

      My daughter's school doesn't even allow summer dresses! I've been doing quite a lot of research on school uniforms (because I'm making a case for summer dresses) and they are within their rights to say no to items outside of their uniform policy.

    • Barbara K.

      As an ex TA I can honestly say this outfit is totally impractical for little girls dashing to the toilet, very difficult to get out of in a hurry.

  • Daryl H.

    Just said she's not a fan!! I've ordered some more dresses tho :) x

  • Steph W.

    Yep. Only found them in stock in M&S xx

  • Cadey R.

    Got my daughter one, she loves it apart from when she needs the toilet and had to completely undress lol x

  • Rebecca M.

    I do love the look of these but alice would get v.frustrated having to take it off every time she needed the loo! Lol. X

  • Lindsey W.

    I like these. Jas is deffo having a couple c

  • Emma V.

    Aww they're lush! Better when they're doing those sodding hand stands and cartwheels x

  • Gaynia L.

    I will look into that gem ideal for our gym girls x

  • Gabby C.

    Emily prefers skorts to skirts, I bet she'd love these xx

  • Lesley G.

    Cheers doll! I have just ordered some little light shorts for under the one she has as she also needs them for the gala lol xxx

  • Daniella D.

    Oooo I might need to get izzy some payday!

  • Kirsty C.

    May need longer notice for toilet breaks tho :see_no_evil:x

  • Jo D.

    They don't have them in red and white strips tho :cry:

  • Sarah H.

    The amount of cartwheels she does these would be perfect :D!

  • Lisa B.

    I think they're great for the girls saves em flashin they're pants when they gotta sit with legs crossed xx

  • Nicolle M.

    Ohh yeah I forgot we said that about them. Those dresses are lovely. Wee change from the straight fronted ones xx

  • Cara W.

    They sell these in Asda. Thought about getting Macie one but then thought when going loo she has to strip

  • Tracy B.

    Ooh I wonder if she would like these

  • Emma S.

    Different aren't they.. they look quite nice only 4 quid lol x

  • Danielle L.

    :laughing::clap_tone2::hugging: no more unladylike poses for Lils!! Thank you xx

  • Susan P.

    It's a shame they wernt out before

  • Lynne C.

    Our Sarah has just said no way ! :joy:. I like them thought x

  • Adele B.

    Omg!! They're amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Joanne E.

    Thanks but I'd rather by from a shop where I can take them back incase the sizeing is wrong xx

  • Nicola M.

    X thought these where nice xx

  • Rebecca R.

    I know they are so cute xxxx

  • Suzanne L.

    Love these.. toilets could be an issue tho lol

  • Victoria G.

    Can you get anything like this for boys?

  • Katie R.

    Make sure your school allows pupils to wear these as ours doesn't

  • Doreen D.

    So cute but Kaydi hates them :joy::joy:

  • Kelly H.

    These are so not practical for the loo :joy::joy::joy:

  • Emma L.

    They are too baggy on her

  • Amy C.

    I got her one last year and she refused to wear it and hated them x

  • Claire M.

    We have them, toilet was a problem, as were handstands, cartwheels etc. And yes it was the right size. Disappointed tbh as I really wanted them to work. I've bought a thick band of elastic to sew in the middle see if that'll help!

  • Ellie Q.

    Not very practical for potty breaks had them before

  • Laura W.

    They good for doing cartwheels x

  • Siobhan H.

    Ooo will have a look xx thanks hun xx

  • Doreen C.

    Oh wow we need to get these x

  • Sapphire-Marie K.

    I've looked at these but don't think she'll be able to go to toilet. Xxxx

  • Kelly H.

    Like the thought of them but dresses are easier for the toilet. Might get them grey shorts x

  • Lizbeth M.

    Check your school's uniform policy on these before buying. Our school don't allow them because of toilet issues. Children got stuck in them or they got dropped to the floor and ended up dirty and wet as they went to the loo. They're cute, but not practical for school.

    • Maria A.

      I Was just thinking how unpractical for toilet!:see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

  • Emz D.

    Do you want your child to have to get virtually naked to have the toilet???

  • Becky S.

    I like these but I'm thinking next year when hannah can do buttons easily :joy:

  • Katie E.

    Chloe is always do handstands and cartwheels but hates people seeing her knickers

  • Charlie C.

    Not sure how I feel about these lol.

  • Kim-Georgina G.

    How do the kids go to the toilet without having to strip off every time they need to go? Also check the school allows them to wear these as many have said no.

  • Laurie M.

    Perfect for cartwheels!!xx

  • Andrea B.

    Yay finally found them, I've been trying to find where to buy pink ones from, so glad I've found them xxxx

  • Jacqueline M.

    I ordered a couple of these yesterday! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • Clairey P.

    Yeah she has been nagging me to get her one!

  • Natalie D.

    I will have a look! Thank you :)

  • Jennifer J.

    Will have to get my mam and dad to have a look.lol.xx

  • Kaye F.

    Thanks Hun,may get them some for new school.xxx

  • Amy G.

    Don't think they have purple :( x

  • Leona R.

    My daughters school won't even let girls wear shorts I'd doubt they let them wear these

    Plus imaging the amount of accidents the little ones mine included would have

  • Paula M.

    Thanks will have a look x

  • Denise B.

    Got these for my little one they are great :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Charmain H.

    Ruby would actually wear it coz it's not a dress lol xx

  • Laura S.

    Isla loves the playsuits for school..

  • Melissa M.

    Lol already seen em in asda, wasnt keen,,

  • Louise B.

    Means she can do her kart wheels lol xx

  • Ashley C.

    Asda dose them too, I have them for Erin. they are really pretty on xx

  • Katy W.

    Asda do them for £4 just as good xxx

  • Aisling D.

    Pain going the toilet tho xx

    • Sarah K.

      Sew poppers on it :joy::joy:x x

  • Fiona P.

    Ace, will have to order one!

  • Claudia-Maria F.

    Rox would love these! Just not sure how easy to go to toilet? Will check it out x

  • Lia D.

    I need that now for me xx

  • Loz E.

    will order Thursday thank you xx

  • Toniann P.

    Seen them in asda lucy hates having to strip to pee tho

  • Lisa D.

    These are good but what about when girls go toilet will they just let them go on the peed on floor :see_no_evil:

  • Brenda S.

    I payed 10 each fm m an s

  • Claire H.

    Yeah great if your school allows them.

  • Jayne H.

    Bea might like something like this for school!

  • Natalie F.

    Thank you I'll have a look xx

  • Liz M.

    Check with schools first. Our school don't allow them. Kids got stuck in them and when they go to the loo, they dangle on the dirty, wet floor.

    • Emma B.

      ours don't either there were far too many bathroom accidents last year x

    • Liz M.

      Emma Leigh Briggs Exactly. They're cute, but just not practical at all xx

  • Sahar M.

    Looks good but how practical is it?

    I mean toilet time?

  • Joanne P.

    Oohhh looks good.. would they be allowed at school? Xx

  • Leianne W.

    Asda are out of stock on green but marks has them xx

  • Lynsay K.

    I did like the idea of these but then mummy says wen they have to use the toilet the whole show comes down and prob lies in a pile of pee lol

  • Bryony S.

    Thanks...these are great...i bought her one afew months back when we first had good weather.....she loves it....will be getting more at £4.....xx

  • Linda S.

    Yea that's what would happen and they would need help to pull them back up again.

  • Kylia M.

    So true linda, great in theory not reality. Wee shorts and tops or something like them be good

  • Pamela C.

    Yeah was thinking for them doing cartwheels ! Chaz to big for summer dresses noo :-( xx

  • Kimberly H.

    ... Morrison’s for £3. Always found Morrison’s uniform one of the best too xx

  • Stacey F.

    Anyone know if Morrisons do Green ?

  • Tanya C.

    Not too keen on the play suits for school, pain in the bum for the loo, I do however need to nip to Asda and get a summer dress for school photo day that matches nursery and reception pictures :joy: xxx

  • Donna H.

    How are they supposed to get out of that

  • Sarah W.

    Daren’t buy them - what if she needs a wee!!

  • Nicola S.

    Asda do them too, brilliant for the wee cartwheelers!

  • Victoria C.

    Oh cool! Yeah I was thinking about if need the loo, bit of a faff around xx

  • Samantha K.

    She would never be able to go to toilet!! I love them though!!!

  • Zoey H.

    Exactly how they meant to use the loo? :see_no_evil:

  • Victoria P.

    Il have a look thanks Ava likes them x

  • Janice B.

    Can't think of anything less practical for wearing to school....

  • Emma L.

    Terrible idea for little ones and toilets.....

  • Karen P.

    Better to wear shorts under the dress version. They have to strip off and the collar/back ends on the toilet floor while they use the toilet

  • Stacy R.

    It's all good until they gotta pee and they're zipping a bathroom floor gunk collar back up :mask:

  • Jo Y.

    I love them bit worried she may struggle with loo lol x

  • Lauren H.

    Great thanks Hun il have a look xx

  • Danielle S.

    She already has the red one :thumbsup_tone1: loves it! Xx

  • Sam H.

    Seen these but didn't know whether to get them or not x x x

  • Jane F.

    they’re nice but not sure how practical they’d be for going to the loo xxx

  • Jane F.

    maybe worth a buy if u can get 1 for £3 if it’s not very practical then least it’s only £3 I’ve spent xxx

  • Debbie B.

    From a nursery staff view worst things to put children in !!! They really struggle to get out of them for the toilet x

  • Donna R.

    Will see if I can get some of these xx

  • Michelle D.

    Yeah I thunk the shorts version would be dead impractical!!! Thanks Mrs x

  • Gillian J.

    Better to have shorts and blouse. Easier for toilet time.

  • Brumbird

    They are lovely but sadly banned at my kids school. I do understand why, they're just not practical. 

  • Melissa S.

    Until they need the toilet :joy:

  • Anna S.

    These have been banned in our school (I think to do with children setting themselves) so worth checking with Your School first!

  • Sarah M.

    Haha! I really like them but can u imagine them trying to get them off for a wee

  • Rosie G.

    They don't do them in Lilly's colour xx

  • Andrea R.

    I won't put one on mine , they're lovely but I don't fancy her having to strip right down when she needs a wee

  • Claire H.

    Not so popular when they need the toilet

  • Candy M.

    We've been reminded that these are NOT part of the school uniform policy.

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