Where To Buy School Playsuits in UK

Where To Buy School Playsuits in UK

Wondering where to buy School Playsuits in the UK? They are a practical alternative to those traditional Gingham School Dresses. Last year, they came and they went in a quick flash - leaving it near impossible to get one. Don't make the same mistake this year, snap one up now.

We are keeping our eye on who is stocking them, what's on offer and for how much...



Asda George


Marks and Spencer


John Lewis



Keep your eye on this post for updates on where to buy those School Playsuits.

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Reply to
  • Sarah H.

    sounder who would LOVE these :ok_hand_tone2::blush: xx

    • Kate H.

      perfect for the gymnasts so they don't flash their pants!

      • Nicola B.

        Will definitely be buying these this year!

        • Kelly C.

          Makes going to the toilet a bit tricky though!? :/ Asda are selling the gingham shorts :relaxed:

          • Amy E.

            It does , our youngest really struggled x

          • Amy E.

            Really good but our 3yr old struggled with getting it off for toilet trips xx

            • Hayley T.

              Thanks. I noticed someone was making these and wondered where you could get them from x

              • Jo L.

                Not great when your child has to get naked to use the toilet

                • Lindsey P.

                  Lots of schools don't allow these. I'd check with your school's dress code before wasting your money

                  • Kathryn M.

                    Why wouldn't they allow them their basically shorts .which boys are allowed to wear?

                    • Lindsey P.

                      I think it's the undressing thing. People were getting them last year and being told they weren't allowed by the schools (there were posts on the mum groups last summer) Obviously all schools are different and some are stricter with uniform policies than others

                      • Lindsey P.

                        When my daughter was in primary school the girls were not allowed to wear shorts (she's 17 now so things might have changed)

                        • Lauren J.

                          I wasnt aware they probably werent allowed last year and our school accepted however my cousin who is a teacher said her school wouldn't allow for the fact of undressing and having to put them on the toilet floors :mask: its a hygiene thing even tho i said they gave girls more modesty during the summer months. X

                        • Julie J.

                          Look great till they need the loo

                          • Teri S.

                            Wow girls will love them :heart_eyes:

                            • Lisa K.

                              Yeah they are nice. Would they be allowed to wear them x

                              • Teri S.

                                Ohhh I dunno

                              • Dianne D.

                                Not keen on them lol prefer dresses xx

                                • Sarah H.

                                  Nightmare for going to the loo have to take whole thing off plus my daughter always gets wedgys in this type of material lol x

                                  • Lauren J.

                                    We went a size up last year but think may need to go two sizes as she still got wedges ! X

                                  • Fiona P.

                                    Marks n Spencer's do yellow play suit for £9 for Cristelle? x

                                    • Kerry G.

                                      :thinking::thinking: can't imagine loo visits being a great success lol

                                      • Laura H.

                                        That's the one she's got! It's from Marks and Spencer :smiley: I might order her another one and I've seen one on asda website that's like her grey pinafore but shorts instead. She will love that! X

                                        • Sarah R.

                                          True but stop knicker flashing cartwheels

                                          • Rebekah S.

                                            They don't have purple :weary:

                                            • Ceri R.

                                              I love these but MM would struggle so much with going to the loo. Thats why she doesn't have any playsuits to wear at home.

                                              • Sarah P.

                                                Stupid idea. Pain in the backside to get off for the loo and rides up there butts :rolling_eyes:

                                                • Nicky A.

                                                  Love them......but not very practical!