3-Tier Sponge Wedding Cake Just £54 @ Marks and Spencer

3-Tier Sponge Wedding Cake Just £54 @ Marks and Spencer

I have spent the afternoon looking around for a cake maker for my sister's wedding, I couldn't believe some of the prices for a simple 3-tier sponge cake! Most suppliers quoted us £300+!

I hadn't thought about looking on the high street for one. If you are struggling to find a wedding cake at a reasonable price then you must check out this beauty from Marks and Spencer!

You can get yourself a stunning 3 tier wedding cake for just £54 at M&S! You can create your own cake and choose from either a fruit cake, classic sponge cake or chocolate sponge. Or go for a combination of all three!

You then decide which size cake you would like and how many tiers. Remember if you are ordering fruit cake it is heavier than sponge, so this will need to go on the bottom tier if you are having sponge too. You'll also need to order pillars and dowels to stack your cake and a cutting bar if you need extra slices.

Prices start from just £8 for a small tier which serves 8-10 portions, from £16 for a medium tier which serves 16 portions, from £30 for a large tier which serves 30-44 portions and from £44 for an extra large tier which serves 44-64 portions.

So if you were to go for a small sponge tier, medium sponge tier and a large sponge tier that would cost just £54 and that is the same in chocolate sponge too. You can choose from either ivory or white dependent on your colour scheme. You could buy some decorative ribbon, flowers or cake toppers to add your own stamp on it.

This cake is ready to collect in 7 days too so you don't have to order months in advance!

An alternative option is this Asda Extra Special 3-Tier Occasion Fruit Cake* for just £35 at Asda Grocery.


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  • Nini N.

    I would be happy with that xx

    • Gemma W.

      That's a good price! Xxxxxxx

      • Steph M.

        I'm still liking the Colin and Connie one though :joy:xxxxxx

        • Kirk B.

          You can choose flavour and everything! Amazing reviews to x

          • Laura H.

            I had the chocolate and vanilla sponge cakes for my wedding in October. Would thoroughly recomend them. They were delicious.

            • Becky M.

              Been trying to looking for somewhere who sales just a plain cake :-) :thumbsup:

              • Karen R.

                Beautiful cake as well xx

                • Stacey H.

                  Was looking at these before x

                  • Sarah O.

                    M&S is the way forward, you can decorate it with ribbons and flowers :ribbon::hibiscus:

                    • Emma-Jayne H.

                      so if we did this nearer the time and got our own ribbon topper etc , it would be nice and less than £100 easily xxx

                      • Pamela M.

                        OMG that's amazing know where I'm getting my cake xx

                        • Judy Y.

                          I had an M&S cake for my wedding cake and it was delicious, one of the best cakes I've ever eaten ! :thumbsup_tone1:

                          • Natalie S.

                            Amazing cakes, we had one for our wedding and was delicious! And had 3 different flavours too!

                            • Bethany S.

                              Had a read, you need to buy a few things to hold it but looks good!xx

                              • Nicola W.

                                Just got cake for £72 :wink:

                                • Georgia S.

                                  I just see this it looks beautiful x

                                  • Clare M.

                                    Was just looking at these with mum today!x

                                    • Rachael K.

                                      Wow that's good thanks Sam xx

                                      • Yvonne B.

                                        Got cake ordered but this is so cute on that type of budget

                                        • Laura M.

                                          Ours is included in the package! :relaxed: This is a fab idea though!! xx