VTech Sort And Soar Rocket Half Price @ Sainsburys

18 November 2010

vtechRocketShapeSorter Sainsbury's are letting this VTech Sort and Soar Rocket shape sorter go for half price - £12.49 instead of £24.99!

I do like half price deals; I especially like half price deals on great toys like this Vtech Sort and Soar rocket shape sorter rather than knocking down the price of old tat that just didn't sell.

My ex-husband was very anti-sale anything purely on the basis that he didn't want to have the things that no one else wanted.

However, I think if our youngest was still of the age where this Vtech Sort and Soar Rocket shape sorter would be of interest to him, he might change his tune.

Shape sorters are fab! They keep youngster amused for ages - just putting all the shapes in...you taking them out...them putting everything back in...you taking them all out again and repeating ad infinitum.

But whilst they're having fun, they're also learning pattern recognition, problem solving and developing their fine motor skills.

The Vtech Sort and Soar Rocket shape sorter will delight your child with lights, sounds and fun phrases, and there are six teaching activities to help vary learning too.

It also has a blast-off feature which drops pieces out to start playing again once all shapes are inside, or when the button on the top of the rocket is pressed - no more parental taking out of shapes, HURRAH! (unless you like that, in which case, BOO!)

The Vtech Sort and Soar Rocket shape sorter is suitable for children aged 9 months, or over, and comes with the 4AA batteries it needs too!

Happy Shape Sorting!

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