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owl1 'The Owl' is sheer comedy genius and one of those things you either 'get' or you don't.

It is possible that you've never caught The Owl on TV - each little episode is only 1 minute and 5 seconds long so if you blinked you might have missed him; if this is the case then BOY have you been missing out!

Allow me to 'educate' you - 'the owl' is a long-suffering 3D animated owl who lives underneath a pigeon colony, this is why he's long-suffering and has the 'look' of *sigh* that he does.

theOwlHe's pink and is one of my most favourite characters of all time; there's no dialogue and quite how so much expression and story can be created from almost nothing fascinates me.  If you want to go and see what I'm talking about then there are plenty of 'the owl' episodes on youtube - if I could figure out how to add one here for you I would, but for now you'll have to look him up yourself.

So, now you've fallen in love with him you have some choices:

This 5 inch owl for £3 (was £6.99) or, this 9 inch owl complete with 3 episodes of 'The Owl' on DVD for £4.36 (was £16.99), or BOTH for just £7.36.

owl2There are 3 different owls with various expressions - you can't choose which one to have, Amazon will surprise you - and when you press his tummy the theme tune plays.

If you're new to the world of 'The Owl' - welcome; if you're an old-owl-hand...ENJOY!

Thanks to lucerysmum over at HUKD!

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