Peppa Pig Wipe-Clean Game Book £2.79 @ Amazon

12 November 2010

Peppa Pig Wipe Clean Book We have this one! My son was given it as a present when he was a toddler, and the pen is still working. It's a nice book, with lots of activities. Or just scribble space if that's what your child prefers. Amazon has the Peppa Pig Wipe-Clean Game Book on sale for £2.79. The price is normally £3.99. Delivery is free with super save delivery.

The pages on this book are a little bit thicker than a normal paperback, and are covered in a glossy coating. The black pen sits in its own little container on the cover. Don't try to open it from the front! Open the book up - the container is designed to be opened and closed so you can always keep the pen with the book.

There are lots of games and drawing spaces in the book. I have to say that the black pen doesn't wipe off entirely though, but it can be removed enough to re-use each page. One word of warning though. Do make sure that your child knows that it is the book that is wipeable and that this isn't a special pen that you can use on anything and wipe off! I still have a few black marks on the white veneer of the bookcase that I've not been able to remove.

Thanks to clgay at HUKD!

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  • Lynley O.
    After writing this I got my son's book out and he immediately wanted to play with it. Probably been at least a year since he last used it, but the pen still worked! I think the reason that some of the pen didn't wipe off the page was that we left it on there too long before wiping. I have to admit I haven't tried wiping the pages with a damp cloth or anything!

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