Orchard Toys Where's my Cupcake Game For £5.24 @ Sainsburys

Save a lovely £1.75 on the Orchard Toys Where's my Cupcake Game from Sainsburys. This fun and educational game is marked down from £6.99 to £5.24 and is just so cute!

Getting kids to play games with you and their friends is a vital part of the learning and growing up process. A game like this is great for co-ordination, learning to play fair and it helps to keep the little ones entertained. One of my earliest memories is playing board games on holidays with the family and I still love them.

This game is adorable. To play the cupcake game your kids will need to match and collect delicious and pretty cupcakes. The idea is to encourage and teach kids to say 'please' and 'thank-you' while having loads of fun. It also teaches them to share, no easy task when it comes to cupcakes but the more fun they’re having the easier and more naturally it’ll come to them.

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