Natural History Museum Velociraptor Fossil Find Kit £3.05 @ Argos

Natural History Excavation Kit There is something immensely satisfying about these kits. I've seen kids who don't normally concentrate on anything for more than five minutes sit patiently for hours slowly scraping away at the plaster to get to the bones. This is an excellent price for one of these fossil kits. Argos has the Natural History Museum Velociraptor Fossil Find Kit available for £3.05 with free delivery.

What you get in the little box is a brick shaped block of slightly crumbly plaster. Also a few little tools. The object is to scrape away at the block and carefully pick out the bones. You can then put them together to form a little dinosaur skeleton. Just like the real paleontologists pick out the bones of long extinct dinosaurs from rocks. Almost.

We've bought these before although I remember paying more like £6 for it. I enjoyed scraping away to find the bones as much as son did. There's something very therapeutic about this. However, I have found that the skeleton doesn't always stick together that well. Either some super glue is required, or you need to explain to the child that it is meant more as a model than a toy.

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD!

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  • Gina
    My kids love these things (keep them entertained and quiet!). So I ordered 3--a couple extra for the emergency birthday gift stash. Thank you!
  • Lynley O.
    Now that's a brilliant idea! My son loves them too, and his cousin. They were a perfect distraction on the rainy day we had one caravan holiday. I think they're great for any kid who has an interest in these things. I'd have spent hours with something like this when I was a kid!

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