Junior Pink Slide £19.97 @ Tesco Direct

3 November 2010


While not exactly the weather for outdoor fun and games, it is the perfect time to buy outdoor toys as they are all coming down in price. Tesco Direct are selling this adorable pink slide for £19.97, a nice and tasty saving of £40 off the original price of £59.97.

This is an ideal starter slide for little ones as it isn’t too high and lets them get used to the idea of climbing up and zooming down a slide. It is bright pink with a cute little purple base and purple stairs.

According to the description on Tesco Direct, this slide is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Now, I know that my place would never house a slide, but perhaps you have a big fat empty room that could happily hold a slide in its embrace? If you do, then that is a fabulous place to pop this bundle of entertainment in winter.

We had one of these for years and we were gutted to have to sell it when we moved. It provided our little one with hours of fun.

Thanks to ramnee at HUKD

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