Haynes Combustion Engine £21.17 @ Amazon

16 September 2010

engine This working (well, kind of) Haynes Combustion Engine  model is a great construction and learning project and is currently available from Amazon for £21.17 instead of £29.99.

Don't think this is something just for boys, there's absolutely no good reason why girls shouldn't and won't want to know about how the internal combustion engine works.

My dad is an engineer and right from the start he made sure I knew my way around an engine and what was necessary for its basic maintenance - 'if you're going to drive a car then you should at least know the basics and how to 'fix' it' was his opinion.

It was a good one, I've never felt lost when my first cars didn't want to start, I can replace a set of spark plugs, change an oil filter and all the other things that save money if you do them yourself (I'm showing my age, try even finding the spark plugs in modern cars now!).

So the Haynes combustion engine - it comes with over 100 parts for you and your apprentice mechanic to put together, has an electric motor (very green!) and spark plugs that glow.

It requires 2 AA batteries and comes with its very own Haynes manual, which has made me feel very nostalgic - you have to be of a certain age and had old bangers for your first cars to feel the love for Haynes manuals!

Thanks to The Therapist over at HUKD

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