Disney Princess Ride-On @ Asda

Disney Princess Ride-On @ Asda

DisneyRideOnWe’ve only heard for sure that the Disney Princess Ride-On has been seen at Asda for £8.51. However, if you’re buying for a boy, it is also worth going to have a look. The store sells Cars Ride-Ons too, and there’s a good chance that this might be reduced in price as well. The same car sells for £15 at Asda Direct, which is still half price (according to the site). For less than a tenner this would also make a great present even if your children are too big for one now. Might be worth ‘stockpiling’ if you spot it for this price the next time you go shopping!

Little_MermaidThe car comes with bumper stickers and pictures of all your favourite Disney princesses including, The Little Mermaid Ariel and Cinderella. It isn’t clear what age range this is, but one reviewer on the website comments that it is really only suitable for children up to two years old.

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