Christmas Goody Bag £3.35 @

Christmas Goody Bag £3.35 @

Christmas Goody Bag

These goody bags apparently normally sell at £20 each. Which is not, in my opinion, a particularly good deal. However has them on offer again. The site sells items for just the cost of the postage. In this instance that's £3.35.

There's two bags available, one for boys and one for girls. According to the website, your goody bag will be dispatched for Christmas by December 18th. The picture, shown here, is for illustrative purposes only as the contents vary.

I couldn't find anything on the website about what sort of things might be in the bag, or how many. Over at HUKD, Lucerysmum comments that she bought one last year and they got "a DVD, posters, clik-its, key rings, colouring books and pens." Sounds like it could be a fairly good stocking filler.

On the terms and conditions it does state that there's only one goodie bag per reader. In addition, the site will send another item if this one isn't available. They claim to only accept returns for damaged or faulty goods. Still it seems like a fairly good gamble to take for less than a fiver.

Thanks to Lucerysmum at HUKD!


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