Little Angels Potty 98p @ Asda

Asda are offering their Little Angels Potties for 98p. There's free click and collect to any Asda store, or £2.95 for home delivery.

Potty training in our house has just not gone well. We had a nappy free week around Easter, when Her Toddlerness decided no, this wasn't for her. She'd finished the stickers and liked the wall chart, and was quite happy to go back into nappies. We've not had a successful day out of nappies since. We've tried everything in the book, and had all the advice we can stomach, so now we've decided to just leave her be and hope she's out of nappies by the time she goes to school!

If you don't have the same issues, and think you're ready for the next big leap, this potty won't set you back much. And will save you a fortune in nappies if your little one is in fact, ready.

The age range for this one is apparently 12 months and up. It suits both boys and girls and comes in pearly white. It is safe and sturdy for up to 40kg and has an easy grip handle and a comfortable back hold shape. They say it's non-threatening, which I can only imagine means it doesn't sing and dance and scare the proverbial **** out of little ones!

Thanks to goonertillidie at HUKD

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