You Can Now Buy Vegan, Dairy Free & Gluten Free Baileys Almande In The UK

You Can Now Buy Vegan, Dairy Free & Gluten Free Baileys Almande In The UK

If you are a vegan then you can now rejoice as one of the nation's favourite tipples, Baileys has just released a vegan friendly version called Baileys Almande!

Baileys Almande is made with almond milk making it dairy free and gluten free. It has just arrived in UK supermarkets and is selling like hotcakes, vegan ones of course!

First made in the US back in 2016, Baileys Almande has launched this month in major UK supermarkets including Asda, Waitrose and Ocado. “With veganism and dairy-free diets on the rise, we’re excited to be stocking Baileys Almande - a spin on a classic drink which gives our customers more options in the spirit aisle,” said Victoria Reeve, category planner for Asda Spirits.

It contains a blend of sweet almond oil, almond essence, cane sugar, purified water and a small amount of real vanilla.

Baileys Almande does set you back more than a regular bottle of Baileys would, a 70cl bottle of Baileys Almande costs £16 to purchase from Asda*, Waitrose* and Ocado*, although on the Ocado website it states that £16 is a promotional price which will increase to £20 per bottle.

So far it has had rave reviews and has been selling out like crazy, don't hang around if you want to try some for yourself!


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  • Emma W.

    have you seen these? Don’t you like those milks? Xx

    • Rachel F.

      Yes!! I saw it. Don’t drink cow milk anymore :blush:

      • Emma W.

        Just go easy putting it on your cereal in the morning before you do the school run

      • Lisa M.

        Dairy Free but would kill Me off as made with almond milk :joy: x

        • Jennie W.

          Yes! :grinning: still haven’t seen it in shops but I’ll keep an eye out! How many syns do you reckon? :joy:

          • Melissa G.

            Saw on another website someone said Asda x just save all your syns for a week

            • Verity T.

              Ooooooooooooo looks good xx

              • Hannah L.

                Looks lovely cannot wait to try :yum:xx

                • Eliza L.

                  I know seen it looks unreal Xx

                  • Iona C.

                    Mmm! Might need to splurge this weekend, thanks Sarah :heart_eyes:

                    • Liz H.

                      Bet it's loads less calories xx

                      • Leanne M.

                        If I get a chance in Inverness and find it do you want a bottle brought up?x

                        • Joanna B.

                          Oooooooooh!!!!!! This looks rather amazballs :heart_eyes:

                          • Jessica H.

                            I actually really like almond milk

                            • Chloe G.

                              Get some it’s better than the normal one

                              • Susannah S.

                                Thanks :slight_smile: I’m not vegan though xx

                                • Anya M.

                                  Oh thank you! Will have to try it x

                                  • Asher J.

                                    Lol missed the amond milk bit lol just saw dairy free alcohol and thought of you :joy::joy::joy:

                                    • Nicola B.

                                      Oh hope it’s in Coatbridge. Would love it for this weekend :sparkling_heart: Xxx

                                      • Charlie B.

                                        Gotta love a bit of baileys :grin:

                                        • Lin P.

                                          Got some, Kel bought me it for Christmas, its yummy. XX

                                          • Saraha H.

                                            Ooh you will have to bring me home a bottle when your coming over