Smirnoff Peppermint Twist Vodka Now £9 @ Asda

Smirnoff Peppermint Twist Vodka Now £9 @ Asda

Nada told us about this Smirnoff Peppermint Twist Vodka when it first hit the shelves in October, but now Asda have rolled back the price so that it's just £9 for a 70cl bottle!

This would make a perfect festive drink with it's candy cane striped bottle and it's minty flavour, plus it even has a scratch and sniff label for a whiff of cool peppermint!

Asda even recommend you put it in hot chocolate for Christmas, so this might be one that I save for after the kids have had their regular hot chocolate on Christmas Eve, just to help me through the last minute prep once they have gone to bed!

For Smirnoff Peppermint Hot Chocolate just add 50ml of the Peppermint Twist Smirnoff to your 200ml mug of Hot Chocolate, and add whipped cream and a peppermint stick to serve. Sounds delicious!

Thanks to emribena

Please drink reponsibly


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  • Alan F.

    Tell me is that really a drink of vodka and peppermint,I've never heard of it and I like vodka ?

    • Campbell C.

      It's a vodka liquor I boughtbit thinking it was full strength it's about 20%

      • Campbell C.

        It's a vodka liquor I bought it thinking it was full strength it's about 20%

        • Alan F.

          Campbell Claire thank you for telling me ,merry Christmas to you.

        • Adam R.

          Omg omg omg omg I need this !!

          • Sarah M.

            Looks nice Kieran has tried this and likes it

            • Sarah D.

              I need this in my life!!!

              • Connor S.

                Yeah will have a look in Asda tomorrow

                • Gareth T.

                  Could def do with 1 of them!! :cold_sweat:

                  • Samantha A.

                    OMG i neeeed a bottle of this 2 try :open_mouth: xx

                    • Elisabeth H.

                      Ohhhhhhh this looks good!!! Xx

                      • Caroline E.

                        Sounds sickly :see_no_evil::mask::mask:

                        • Seonaid M.

                          Ha ha I've got a 1lt and a half that needs drunk first

                          • Charmayne R.

                            Need to go get some me thinks!! Not sure how it would be in hot chic though. Only one way to find out :joy: x

                            • Natalie M.

                              I need this in my life :joy::joy: xxxx

                              • Kayleigh R.

                                Dying for a hot chocolate :joy:

                                • KKirstyy K.

                                  :heart_eyes:for our tea Fridays :joy:

                                  • Laura K.

                                    Ooh might need to get some xx

                                    • Laura S.

                                      Asked mum for this!! Bottle supposed to be scratch and sniff!!! X

                                      • Hayley F.

                                        Will make us some saturday! Xx

                                        • Lynsey G.

                                          That's what I keep looking for and they not had :see_no_evil: