Candy Cane Vodka - Check Out The Latest Release From Smirnoff

Candy Cane Vodka - Check Out The Latest Release From Smirnoff

One of the best bits of Christmas is the Candy Canes, having a few festive drinks is also nice. Those clever people at Smirnoff have come up with a culmination of the two - Peppermint Stripe Vodka.

The Smirnoff Peppermint Stripe Vodka is only £10 at Asda which is rather cheap and an awesome present for friends and family. It's a full size bottle (70cl) so a tenner is a decent price.

The bottle is striped to look like a Christmas Candy Cane, which just makes this cooler in our eyes.

Candy Cane Vodka! Who doesn't need that in their life? Think of the cocktails you could make with it or whack a capful in your Hot Chocolate on a frosty day.

This will be available in store as well as on Asda Groceries online.

It's a limited edition, so we don't expect to see this on the shelves for long.


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  • Rhiannon C.

    Omg I would be permantly drunk if love this. :heart_eyes:

    • Sam O.

      Be lush what would you drink it with though xxxxx

      • Judith B.

        Hmmm not sure but can't really say till I've tried it Xx

        • Natasha A.

          Have to try that! Hehehe :smiley:

          • Lee-Ann D.

            Oh that sounds awesome, definitely need to try that at Christmas! X

            • Rebecca W.

              I'd probably drink it straight xxx

              • Elaine D.

                Sounds good......:thumbsup::blush:x

                • Kayley C.

                  oohhh that sounds nice xx

                  • Rebecca R.

                    Ooooo might have to try this c

                    • Lisa T.

                      Omg I need this, sounds lush. Xxx

                      • Nicole M.

                        That actually sounds nice xx

                        • Kellie F.

                          Research done I see :joy::joy::joy:x

                          • Lisa T.

                            Hell yea, birthday present for myself I think lol. Xx

                            • Nicola G.

                              Sure it would be rude not to give it a go :ok_hand:

                              • Elaine C.

                                I will go to Asda tomorrow

                                • Sydnee E.

                                  Errrrrrr ma gerrrrddddddd. Want this !!!!!!

                                  • Leanne S.

                                    I'm not sure I would like it xx

                                    • Pamela R.

                                      Another evening sorted :wink: x

                                      • Charelle M.

                                        Ohhh more reasons to festive drink

                                        • Keara S.

                                          This sounds awful! :joy::see_no_evil: