Morrisons Now Do A Big Daddy Breakfast!

Morrisons Now Do A Big Daddy Breakfast!

Oh man, I am absolutely starving reading this! Morrisons have introduced one heck of a Cooked Breakfast to their Cafe Menu. The name says it all... the Big Daddy Breakfast will keep you going all day long, with it's enormous portion of sausage, egg, bacon and the rest. Priced at £6, we think it's a right good treat.

The Big Daddy Breakfast from Morrisons consists of 19 pieces! I am NOT joking... three rashers of British Bacon, three British Pork Sausages, three Hash Browns, two half slices of Fried Bread, two Fried Eggs, two Half Tomatoes, two Black Puddings, Baked Beans and Sliced Mushrooms.

This has my name all over it... especially the morning after that Girls Night Out.

Think you could manage this bad boy?

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Reply to
  • Kelly B.

    - never mind the salad bar :joy::pig_nose:

    • Stephen M.

      What's for the main course? :joy: xxx

      • Kelly S.

        Ha ha Alan said we need to keep that in mind lol xx

        • Chloe G.

          Cheap ain’t it for that amount xx

          • Kelly S.

            I know that's not bad for all that when u think of weatherspoons one lol x

            • Rosie F.

              Just could eat it apart from bacon

              • Louise D.

                Omg i want that right now!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                • Claire S.

                  Holy crap! £6 for 19 pieces :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xx

                  • Lisa P.

                    Could eat but egg and black pudding cx

                    • Ronald C.

                      If they swap the black pudding for Lorne sausage, mushrooms for tatties scones.

                      • Ryan H.

                        Apart from those fungus mushrooms and black pudding then defo:ok_hand:

                        • Holley J.

                          This breakfast isn't so great. The bacon and tomato are nice but the mushrooms are really greasy, the toast is wafer thin like blotting paper, the sausages are the cheapest meat ever full of grissle and the beans are also really cheap taste like sweets and powdery. Black pudding is like rubber. Whole thing is mass produced utter garbage that leaves you feeling sick and half of it on the plate inedible :(

                          • Gareth S.

                            Need to get rid of those baked beans though

                            • Gurjinder K.

                              I saw this they would never finish it lol!!

                              • Jennifer K.

                                Oh yes we need to go went the kids are at school

                                • Gareth S.

                                  I do like a Morrison's breakfast occasionally so will have to give this a go

                                  • Ben B.

                                    Grrrrrrr want it now !!!!!

                                    • Joan G.

                                      2 each of eggs ,toast,hash browns, tomatoes black pudding 3 sausages, 3bacon beans, mushrooms,makes 18

                                      • Dan A.

                                        Oooooooooooooooooo yummy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                                        • Jenny C.

                                          My 10 year old daughter would polish this off & still be hungry afterwards.