Double Decker Spread / Crispy M&M Chocolate Spread @ Asda

Double Decker Spread / Crispy M&M Chocolate Spread @ Asda

This is the stuff that dreams are made of... Double Decker Spread! I am being serious. It's only £2 a jar just now at Asda and it's out of this world. So good I shovelled it into my mouth with a TABLESPOON! As if that wasn't good enough, Asda are also selling the new Crispy M&M Spread too.

Let me tell you a bit more about the Cadbury Double Decker Spread... it's like mushed up Double Decker Bars... so good on toast, fantastic on hot pancakes, but at it's best straight from jar to mouth.

It's a milk chocolate spread, with that nougat flavoured swirls and crunchy cereal.

I haven't tried the Crispy M&M Spread yet, but I guarantee you it'll be in my trolley on my next shop. Just like those yummy Crispy M&Ms this spread is chocolate and hazelnut flavoured with coloured crispy balls. Priced at £2.79.

Other Chocolate Spreads are reduced to £2 - Crunchie*, Nutella* and Cadbury Milk Chocolate*

These Spreads are available in store, as well as online for Grocery Delivery.


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  • Lisa B.

    these look good esp the m&m ones. Add them to the list with the birthday cake ice cream lol x

    • Daina C.

      The double decker one is amazing!

    • Lyndsey N.

      no I didn’t see them I have the crunchie one. I went to Tesco yday to buy my own Easter eggs:joy:

      • Chelsea D.

        . Double decker as well now. :yum::yum: xx

        • Sam C.

          Bought it today actually :speak_no_evil:

          • Jo W.

            I would just eat these out of the jar!!

            • Chanice M.

              :joy::joy::heart_eyes: these look incredible x

              • Jolene C.

                bloody heck oscar would love that

                • Carly W.

                  I want the double Decker! X

                  • Jade C.

                    Ye never see these things in the shops :sob: