Head Girl’s Flower Print Backpack £6.99 @ Sainsbury’s

Head Girl’s Flower Print Backpack £6.99 @ Sainsbury’s

There’s a nice round £10 saving on the Head Girl’s Flower Print Backpack at Sainsbury’s right now. At £6.99, with free Click & Collect, it’s a bargain, and even adding £3.95 for standard delivery, it’s not too bad a price.

This is a rucksack styled backpack and the reviewers have used it for everything from school bags to sports bags to hand luggage or day bags whilst travelling.  It has a rating of 4.5 out of five, but that’s probably a bit skewed due to comments like the 2 star rating by Samanta, who says “bought it to go on holiday, very happy about that. many different pockets for everything, and it looks very feminine.”  That sounds like it should rate more than 2 stars, really!

A big pro that people list is that it has plenty of pockets making it useful for storing things like passports, money and so on.

Apparently it’s also very light-weight at 500g, making it an ideal backpack as it’s not too heavy to start off with.

And with its black and pink flowers, it’s feminine without being too girly, which a lot of the reviewers liked.

Thanks to lucreysmum at HUKD


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