Drinksbag - The Handbag of Dreams £49.99 @ Next

Drinksbag - The Handbag of Dreams £49.99 @ Next

Festivals and concerts are a bit of a nightmare when it comes to drinking. You are not allowed to bring in your own booze - you have to stomach the eye-watering £7, sometimes £8 a drink prices. Not on my watch! Get yourself a Drinksbag to solve such woes. Next are selling them for just £49.99.

What the heck is a Drinksbag, you ask? It's the stuff of dreams, I am telling you! A pretty handbag, that conceals and dispenses alcoholic beverages.

It works with an insulated lining and a secret opening, Simply put in a boxed wine bag or cocktail pouch - so long as they have a tap on they are fine.

Now, I am not saying take it along to the next wedding you are invited to - that would be naughty, but some of you are little devils that refuse to pay £££'s for bog standard booze.

There's a divider inside that can separate your beverage from your nibbles and glasses too which is rather nifty.

With 7 colours to choose from, you can have one for every occasion!

Want to buy one with Wine? Next have Drinkbag & Wine Packages for £57-£59 each!

Now where's my purse...

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  • Vicky R.

    we need this for the wedding :) x

    • Jess W.

      :joy::joy::ok_hand_tone1::ok_hand_tone1: x

      • Holly N.

        you guys actually seen this :joy:

        • Raman G.

          think this would get us in too much trouble

        • Alison S.

          I feel like you could use one of these!!

          • Anne S.

            Nooooo !! Don't know what you mean. Xx

            • Alison S.

              An upgrade from your carrier bag! Xx

              • Anne S.

                More sophisticated!! Lol! X

              • Marc C.

                this would suit you lol x

                • Dani W.

                  we could have done with one of these at mtv crashes lol

                  • Edenne D.

                    Fuck!! YES! That would of been perfect :ok_hand:

                  • Aimee B.

                    this has your name all over it!!xx

                    • Rebecca W.

                      This just came up on my newsfeed and I was about to tag her too :joy::joy::joy:

                      • Beverly L.


                      • Lesley S.

                        for rewind next year

                        • Madeline H.

                          Can't believe I don't own this!!

                          • Wendy T.

                            Will have to get us both one of these amie love it xxxxxx

                            • Sam W.

                              :joy::joy::joy:this is awesome

                              • Lorraine D.

                                I should say so ,could do with it this weekend lol xxxx

                                • Danielle G.

                                  I need it :joy::joy::joy::joy: x

                                  • Karen G.

                                    Probably more discreet than decanting wine into a kids drink bottle! :wine_glass:

                                    • Kathryn L.

                                      The upgrade from the hip flask xxx

                                      • Anna C.

                                        We need one of these!! Xx

                                        • Jenny R.

                                          Oooo I need one or two lol

                                          • Kate L.

                                            I wonder if it comes in pink ????? :joy::thumbsup:x

                                            • Nina F.

                                              It does!!! hahaha... it has a secret lining to hide the vodka in! ask santa for it ;)

                                              • Kate L.

                                                I was joking ! But does it really come in pink lol :joy: this is top of my list for santa :santa: thanks neen :kissing_heart:x

                                              • Claire G.

                                                I need this bag in my life :joy:

                                                • Kerin M.

                                                  That'll get me through work :smirk: