Selected Pampers Easy-Ups £2.99 @ Boots

Pamper Nappytastic deals at Boots, wooo! I do love a good nappy deal, especially since I stock up in bulk whenever I discover one. Boots have a nice one going here with only £2.99 on selected packs of the Pampers Easy Up pants. These usually retail for around £6 so it’s a good saver. 

These Easy Up pants were the saviour of my daughter’s potty training days. In fact I bought so many of them that I had quite a pile left over when she finally got the hang of the potty thing. They are absolutely faboosh for those middle of the night sojourns to the loo. 

Instead of painstakingly undoing a nappy and then finding a new one and attaching it, all in the dark so nobody wakes up fully and/or decides it is play time, you pull them up and down just like normal underwear. Brilliant. I have absolutely no idea how our foremothers coped without such a simple and essential invention. Pamper2

So, if you’re approaching the potty training years with trepidation then fear no more. Pile in and get yourself a whack of these and heave a sigh of relief. 

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD!

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