Safety First Swivel Bath Seat For £9.00 @ The Asda Baby Event

The Asda Baby Event is still on and I’ve found another cool deal. The Safety First Swivel Bath Seat is on sale for £9.00. It was £12.00 so you’re saving £3. It all helps and I’m in for anything that makes bath time easier.

The Safety First Swivel Bath Seat is a sit-up bath seat with 360 degree swivel rotation and a locking mechanism to secure it into the desired position. Four suction cups with patented release tabs ensure it remains secured to the base of the bath at all times.

The seat features an ergonomic shape to support your baby's back and sea horse toys to keep your baby entertained whilst being bathed. The unique and patented 360 degree swivel action allows the carer to gently turn the baby in the seat to access and wash those difficult to reach areas, making bath time much easier. Four independent suction pads on the base ensure stability and security when installed in the bath. This swivel chair should not be used before your child can sit unaided (approximately 6 months) or after your child is able to stand (approximately 12 months).

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  • Rhian1
    Actually it's no longer available. I got the Baby & Toddler flyer through the post and have just been online as it says you can purchase on 22nd online. Couldn't find it under any category on the Asda direct site. So I searched via their review section, where it received excellent write ups. If you click on the product there it tells you that it is no longer available. Can anyone shed any light on this. Has there been a recent product recall? It's a shame as it looks like an ideal solution to our current bathtime mania with our seven-month old son.

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