Koo-di Pop-up Bassinette £8.99 @ Sainsburys In-store

Koo Di Pop Up Bassinette It isn't often I post an in-store only bargain. In fact it has been so long I can't remember the last time! The problem with in-store bargains is that they're hard to verify just how many stores are actually running the offer. But sometimes one comes along that is just SO good I have to let our PlayPennies parents know about it just in case you get the opportunity to snap one up. This is the Koo-di Pop-Up Bassineette, which has been spotted in-store at Sainsbury's in Ipswich for £8.99. It is still £29.99 on the website.

The reason I'm raving about this is that these pop-up bassinettes are the PERFECT travel cot when you have very young babies. If you're giving birth any time soon and plan to go on holiday, or even just spend a few weekends at the grandparents, then take a look in Sainsburys and see if you can snap one of these up.

I travelled for a couple of months through Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand when my son was two months old, with a pop-up bassinette. It was just brilliant. These things fold down really small. People would laugh when I pulled it out, incredulous that it was going to turn into a bassinette. They quickly stopped laughing when I pulled it out of the case and the whole thing popped into shape.

I don't really know how many Sainsbury's stores this might be in. If our army of PlayPennies parents are out and about today grocery shopping, please do a quick check on  your local Sainsbury's shelves and let us know here!

Thanks to hobbernob at HUKD!

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  • BirthAffinity
    Was £8 in my local bishops Stortford store on Monday - box was damaged so they only charged me £7 :-D Incidentally, shelf label still says £29.99, but lower price comes up when it goes through the till xx

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