Next Sale Calendar 2018 & How To Book A VIP Slot

Next Sale Calendar 2018

Next Sale Calendar 2018

If you've ever wondered when the next sale starts at Next in 2018, you've come to the right place.

This Next Sales Calendar has all the 2018 dates, information, tips and tricks you'll ever need. Ever wondered how to grab a VIP slot for the Next Sale? Read on!

Tip : The Next Clearance updates around 4.30am each morning, (except on a Sunday) so set your alarm. When it updates the best bargains sell out fast. Remember you can refine your search so that you see the lowest prices first.

As regular Next shoppers know, they do not like issuing general voucher codes but that doesn't mean you still can't bag a bargain, even on New Season items, you just have to know how.

Next love their account holders. If you have an account, make sure your email address is up to date and that you've opted in to receive promotional emails. You can check your settings on your account here*

Typical offers include 25% off New Season Collections and invites to special events local to you, which include the chance to buy goods at discounted prices with bubbly and nibbles thrown in. Shopping and champers is my kind of night!

Next Sale Calendar 2018 & How To Book A VIP Slot

Next Sale Calendar 2018

Spring Sale : Saturday 24th March 2018

Summer Sale : This started on the 15th of July 2017, the 2018 date has been confirmed as Saturday July the 7th.

Autumn Sale : This started on the 23rd September 2017, so I'm bookmarking September 22nd this year.

Boxing Day Sale : Wednesday 26th December 2018

The Spring and Autumn sales are good and there's lots of bargains to be had but the two biggies are the Summer Sale in July and the Boxing Day Sale where's there's bargains galore in almost every department*

Next VIP Sale

How do I get a VIP Slot for the Next Sale? Here's how to give yourself the best possible chance.

  1. You must have a Next Account*
  2. Make sure your Next Credit Account has at least £250 credit available at the time of VIP selection (around a week before the sale is due to start.)
  3. Place and keep an order from the current season. Returns do not count.
  4. Have returned less than two thirds of the items you've ordered that season.
  5. Your email address must be up to date and set to receive sale and promotional emails. If it's not amend and update it by logging into your account.

Now getting a slot is ok but ideally you want the first slot available and that's where it really pays to be in the know. If you've ever spotted the diffusers, designer trainers and perfume sets on the sale preview and not managed to bag them when your time comes, that's because they've went on the first slot.

How To Get The First VIP Slot In The Next Sale

The golden rule here is do NOT wait for Next to email or text you with an invite. By that time all the savvy shoppers will have their slot already booked.

Use our sales calendar above and around 9am, 3-4 days before the sale starts, Next will release their VIP slots. You can check by clicking here* and logging in. Pick the earliest slot available and you'll get an email confirming that straight away.

Top Tips for the Next VIP Sale

Got your VIP slot and ready to shop? These top tips will make sure you bag those bargains. Even in the first VIP slot the best bargains go like lightning. Here's how to make sure you don't miss out.

1. Your VIP slot will have a "Next Sale Preview" link. USE THIS. Go through it thoroughly, marking everything you want and making a note of the Quickshop* account number. This is crucial, as this is how you will shop the second the countdown ends and your VIP slot begins.

You can always go back and browse later, your slot will be open for a few days, but those branded items sell out super fast. Follow this tip, use the Quickshop on your VIP slot and you won't miss out.

2. If you are browsing the sale and do not add any items to your bag within 20 minutes, you will lose your slot. You do not want this to happen after all your hard work getting there, so add something to your bag as soon as you log in!

3. Not sure if something you have your eye on will be included in the sale? Have a sneaky peek at the label in store a few days beforehand. Staff have told us that items going into the sale will be marked with "special codes" such as B14, G4 and P7. Ignore the letter, the number is the sale price.

4. Check out Next Unlimited*. This is a cracking service if you're a regular Next shopper. For £20 a year you get unlimited next day deliveries and you can even choose a specific timeslot. Yes, store collection is free but with each home delivery costing £3.99, Unlimited doesn't take long to pay for itself. You can add this to your account too if you have one.

Next Home And Furniture Sale

Lots of people ask if it's just clothing that's included in the Next Sales and the simple answer to that is "no". Clothing, especially branded clothing like Nike Air Max* and Monsoon*, is popular and included but pretty much every department will have at least 50% off some items and that includes Home and Furniture*. These items obviously have more money off than clothing so it's important you follow the tips above and don't miss out.

The Next Sale is one of few remaining sales that people will still queue for hours for but follow our guide and you can shop from the comfort of your sofa and grab what you want without setting your alarm for 4am!

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