The Moomins Cook Book

moomins Certain things from my yesteryear instantly remind me of friends gone by or those I've lost touch with.

The classic Triumph Stag motor car reminds me of my late infant school friend Lisa; Button Moon and Fireman Sam remind me of  hot buttery toast after senior school with my friend Helen (Fireman Sam and Button Moon had cult status when I was 15) and the Moomins reminds of dinner after school at my junior school friend Charlotte's house.

Do you remember the Moomins?

They were strange Nordic hippo looking peaceful beings. There was Moomintroll - he was the baby, I think, and Moominmamma and Papa.

There was also this funny little goblin-looking character that always reminded me of what I thought Jack Frost would be like (until the Smirnoff Ice advert ruined that) called the Snork Maiden - I never got where he or she fitted in to the grand scheme of things.

Now if any of that is off track then feel free to correct my Moomin memory,  because I've just hauled all of that out of the 'almost 25 years ago' bit of my brain.

I don't really remember what the Moomins did, or what their purpose was, but the Moomin powers-that-be have decided that it's high time for a Moomin cookbook to bring Finnish cooking and recipes to the world.

I've got a cousin who lives in Finland and I really hope that some of the dishes he's described to me in the past are NOT in this book!

I have no idea if this will spark a Moomin revival but it's certainly made me nostalgic for things gone by.

What do you think?

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