The Suncream To Avoid

The Suncream To Avoid

Last year, we told you about the Which? study on Sun Creams. There were two that were found to be inadequate for sun protection. One of them was an absolute shocker - Boots Soltan Protect and Moisturise SPF 30. I am glad to say that this year it passed, and we can only assume that Boots took note of Which's findings and improved the formula.

You can read last year's findings here.

Unfortunately, there is one Sun Cream that has made the Which? 'Don't Buy' list for the third year running, and that's the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Protective Sun Lotion SPF 30 180ml*.

Which? have found that this Hawaiian Tropic Sun Cream provided significantly less protection than claimed. This Cream is obviously tested before it hits the shelves to international standard, however, Which? reckon you are putting your skin at risk of burning when you use it.

Check out these three top scoring (according to Which?) Sun Creams, all under £5: Aldi's Lacura Suncare Moisturising Sun Spray SPF30* £2.79, Tesco Soleil Light Sun Lotion SPF30 200ml* only £3.50 and Morrisons M Sun Care Protect & Nourish Sun Spray SPF30* on special offer at £3.21 (normally £3.50).

You can find the Which Sun Cream Test here*.

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  • Jade O.

    We have got kids Soltan spf 30 & sensitive Soltan spf 30. Both really good:thumbsup_tone2: I've got Hawaiian Tropics but it's the shimmer spf 25 x

  • Hannah Y.

    ... they are recommending the Aldi one x

  • Sheena V.

    This seems like a good place to ask - can anyone recommend a good sun cream for sensitive skin? My little girls skin breaks down if you look at it the wrong way :unamused: I know I can get special ones for eczema etc online but was wondering if anyone had came across one that's easier to get (i.e from a shop!) Thanks x

    • Nicola S.

      The Aldi one worked for my friend when all others inc prescription one still upset her eczema i know everyone is different but might be worth a try

    • Meshelle W.

      My son gets uvistat prescribed but if we run out we can buy it off the shelf in boots

    • Laura M.

      Sunsense is great for my two with very sensitive skin. You can get it on Amazon really easily.

    • Alicia R.

      Sudocrem sun mouse. I found this works better than the one prescribed by gp.

    • Nathan P.

      Lloyd's pharmacy do a sensitive one

    • Katey S.

      Aldi works for my son, the sensitive kids, factor 50. My son is the same with his skin but I wouldnt use any other sun cream on him now, worth a try! Hope you find something suitable

    • Amy B.

      my son has shockin skin bless him creams and steriods everyday we use the wilko sensitive skin factor 50 tried all kinds but this dosent bother him at all its only £3 too! xx

    • Lauren R.

      Forever Living do an Aloe spf 30 suncream or spray which is great for sensitive skin. You have a 60 day money back guarantee in case it's not right for your daughters skin too. Feel free to pm me with questions. I'm in North Kent in case you're local to me for delivery.

    • Amy R.

      We get sunsense ultra fro the GP. It's fab

    • Liz E.

      My son has severe eczema and reacts with most sun creams. About 3 years ago we tried boots soltan kids 50+ and it's fab. Never used anything else since and it doesn't make him sore or make his eczema flare up. X

    • Sue G.

      My son had a severe allergic reaction to Nivea baby sensitive factor 50, swollen face eyes the lot. He has been fine with piz buin allergy factor 30.

    • Nicole C.

      Ultrasun is great - cab get it in waitrose and qvc (that I know of). My son doesn't have eczema but he reacts badly to a lot of creams. It rubs in super fast and can be used once a day if necessary. Lasts for 5 years in the cupboard too. Would highly recommend as it's suitable for sensitive skin

    • Danielle H.

      Ultrasun sof30 family or spf50 is amazing it is a once a day application so although pricey it offers amazing protection doesn't stain clothing. Ocado has a pretty good offer at the mo 150ml + 50ml free and if you have never shopped there before you can use a code for discount. Otherwise the cheapest place will always be QVC. If you want a high store shop I know John Lewis stock it and I imagine larger boots stores would.

    • Josephine C.

      I use aldi one I have son who really bad with eczema find this is ok on his skin worth a try on little part skin.. What I did

    • Jemma N.

      my little boy has sore skin we get sunsense from the gp but you can buy it from the pharmacy or if your wanting to buy it from a shop John Lewis sell it. It's not the cheapest but it's worth it. Scratch sleeves has a fb page and recently did a post about sun lotions for sore skin might be some other options to try x

    • Mikhaila S.

      My son has eczema and our pediatrician told us to use factor 30 not 50 as anything over 30 the skin can not breath. It blocks any sun to the skin and has been causing rickets across the country as kids need some sunlight for vitamin D. We only use factor 30 and it's made a massive difference. Even my husbands sensitive 'heat rash' prone skin is fine now we've reduced to factor 30. I use Boots soltan sensitive on the whole family.

    • Jennifer K.

      I've used sun sense toddler milk and sun sense ultra. A few of the larger chemists stock it although smaller places will order for the next day. It's always good to have a bottle at home when you need to.

    • Gareth C.

      Our 2 year old broke out into blotches with everything until I picked up some Lacura from Aldi as a last resort. I thought it would be no good as it was the cheapest but it's the only one she can use. The fact it's one of the best available is a massive bonus!

    • PlayPennies

      Brilliant question to ask! My sons all react to sun cream so I am taking note! Thanks for all the helpful replies, guys! :D

    • Alicia R.

      oh I didn't know that I got some last year. It was the best

    • Carla I.

      My son has uvistat prescribed by his GP. X

    • Becky G.

      Holland and barrat aloe pura sun cream. I have sensitive skin and swear by this lotion X

    • Vicky W.

      I use gives kids protect and senstive factor 50 say little boy has sensitive skin its great

    • Vicky W.


    • Laura G.

      My daughter is the same and since being tiny I have only been able to use M&S factor 50 kids on her. Its the only one that doesn't irritate he skin! Xx

    • Zoe H.

      Sunsense is available on prescription xx

    • Heleena M.

      My daughter reacts to all the sun creams we've tried so I get her the clear spray! Right now it's lidls but she's never reacted to any we've used!

    • Louise D.

      I have posted in response to your question as I sell sunscreen which contains aloe Vera, soothing for the skin @

    • Becx U.

      I use the Nivea sensitive and protect one in the white tube it's 50plus protection with 4 uva stars and my little miss can cope with it even with her sensitive skin xx

    • Lisa K.

      I'm only able to use the nivea trasparrent one on my son smells nice too :) but you can get it on prescription too

    • Sarah G.

      My gp prescribed sun sense. Works a dream with his eczema & now he can enjoy the sun. X

    • Tracey P.

      Green People

    • Laura W.

      some really useful comments in this thread

    • Sheena V.

      Went to Aldi today, will give it a try :smiley:

  • Petra D.

    These are for under £5 not from the whole price range....?

  • Fiona M.

    It's not that exact one but Hawaiian Tropic is one of the only brands I can use - I'm allergic to most of the others :rage:

  • Brooke P.

    worth a read as your going abroad. Shocked at boots! I used that all last year. I use the Aldi one on Samson, it's fab! X

  • Laura H.

    Stick with buying Aldi, morrisons or tesco's own brand & your safe ;)

  • Liz E.

    My son has severe eczema and reacts with most sun creams. About 3 years ago we tried boots soltan kids 50+ and it's fab. Never used anything else since and it doesn't make him sore or make his eczema flare up. X

  • Donna H.

    I don't think it's 10x protection in that sense. It's more to do with how long it takes to burn without cream I.e. I'm about 15 mins, and how much protection that then gives you. Factor 10 is seriously low protection

  • Samantha F.

    I got the Aldi sun lotion cos got rave reviews! X

  • Emma B.

    What about spf 50 & kids I can only use 50 factor

  • Karen M.

    Oh my goodness!

  • Karen M.

    Asda have good offers on suncreams at the moment they have a 2 for £6 range offer and a 2 for £9 range offer, am off to get some for our holiday next week x

  • Gemma M.

    It recently bought this from b&m for 10p says it all:joy::joy:

  • Louise D.

    Hi I have seen your post saying you are looking for a sun screen for sensitive skin. I am a forever living distributor and I sell water resistant sunscreen which contains soothing aloe Vera which protects the skin and can double up as an after sun lotion. You can see it on my website

  • Sonya H.

    I tend to use 50 the first few days, but 30 after that. It was interesting that Soltan wasn't very good last year as I'd always thought Boots would be good quality. Xx

  • Claire S.

    Thankfully not the one I use but close.

  • Leah K.

    It's the one I have for the kids

  • Lisa K.

    Which are the top ones?

  • Sonya H.

    Aldi, Tesco and Morrisons :blush:

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